Maybelline V-Face Contour Collection: Contouring's Not Dead!

I've been reading beauty forecasts lately saying that contour is dead and highlighting is the new contouring and I call BS on that; highlighting's purpose is to highlight and contouring's purpose is to contour; two very different schools of thought, friends. As a fan of contouring, I don't see how this makeup trend will be obsolete anytime soon; it's an instant slimming job for the face and it serves millions of round- faced girls like me!

Contouring's not dead; that's my stand and glad to know that Maybelline's with me on this one for they've released a collection that glorifies contouring called V-Face Contour: it's a contouring collection for dummies and delivers a chiseled look without the fuss!

V-Face Contour by Maybelline is a 3- piece collection featuring a sculpting and highlighting compact, blush and sculpting compact, and a contouring and highlighting stick.

The collection is comprised of the following products:

V-Face Blush Contour (P399.00)- Contour and add color to your cheeks with this powder trio
V-Face Contour Duo (P499.00)- Contour, highlight, and conquer with this complementing highlighting and sculpting duo.
V-Face Duo Stick (P499.00)- discover the wonders of cream contouring and achieve a slimmer nose line and defined jawline with this cream contouring and highlighting duo.

Each product features 2 shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

To the contouring virgins, here's a quick contouring cheat sheet for you!

I was also introduced to the popular Maybelline Micellar Water at the event. How was it? I purchased one after the event; will review it very soon.

Maybelline V-Contour is now available in all leading drugstores and department stores. Visit MAYBELLINE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this collection.

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16 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I'll copy the Contour Cheat Sheet Lol... looking forward to the Micellar Water review before I purchase :)

  2. Gusto ko tlaga I buy to.
    Need talaga ng contouring sa face ko kase I gained weight and I have double chin na.
    Gusto ko naman with the highlighter is parang naggoglow yung face pag nilagyan.

    I'm in a tight budget Ms.Martha,though gusto ko bilhin lahat which one sa tatlo yung ma's OK na bilhin ko muna.
    I have yung Maybelline Micellar Water,nakakaremive talaga sya agad ng dirt and makeup.
    Thank you!!

  3. OOOOOOOOHHHH That cheat sheet looks good! They should start selling those! =))) I like their new contouring releases because they're priced competitively without sacrificing quality. I even heard that the highlight shade from the duo stick is a color dupe for Becca's Opal! :) Want to get my hands on these babies soon, most likely the duo stick because I have oily skin. Will wait for the review on their Micellar water! :)

  4. Last week pala I went to Maybelline Watson SM Sucat, wala silang V Contour.Hindi daw lahat ng Maybelline Store meron

  5. Would you say this product is good for beginners? I'd like to try contouring but I'm super scared of Snickers-face.

  6. i love the duo stick and the micellar water. looking forward for the reviewsss soon! :)

  7. I am always fascinated with contouring and how it can transform every individual. Even if I don't have a pointed nose when contoured the right way, I'll have a pointed nose already with just make up, no surgery required. But I don't know how so I just had it when we are on a play as my co-actors do my make up for me. So I have too much praise for the contouring kings and queens :) With the highlight I think it is something like highlighting your cheekbones? Hihihi.

  8. Yay! Contouring isn't dead!.. It can't be dead when I've just learned how to do it. LOL

  9. I'm in love with your lipstick!

    Can you make a list of your top wine red or burgundy lipsticks? I'd love to see!


  10. I like the duo Stick, perfect for traveling. :)

  11. Gusto kong iuwi ung contouring cheat sheet na hawak mo. Don't know how to contour and highlight. Simpleng powder, blush on at lipstick lang ang alam ko.

  12. i super love your lipstick.

    i'm terrible at contouring, but i sincerely hope that i'll be able to do it correctly in the near future. lol

  13. Hi Ms. M, how is it? detailed review please. been wanting to buy this but i don't know if its good, or should I settle with BYS/ Sleek.

  14. everything is affordable which is ♥. btw..what's your lippie?

  15. I surely will get the V-Duo Contour Stick! Maybelline has always come up with a more affordable products which is perfect for us ladies who are working with a budget. Thanks for sharing this Miss M!

  16. Am still thinking if I'd get the contour powder or the stick (isa lang kasi kaya ng budget ko, hehe). Yung MUA sa Maybelline counter sa mall malapit samin, hindi helpful :( Alin po ba mas okay sa dalawa, Miss Martha?


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