Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer in Medium/Moyen 3 Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Guerlain Multi- Perfecting Concealer in Medium/Moyen 3.

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I've been looking for a concealer that doesn't only conceal my dark circles, but gives a 'lifted' look to my eyes as well (oh, age!); would be great too if it has skin care benefits so I will have the permission to skip using eye cream in the morning. Found all of these in my recent find from Guerlain called Multi-Perfecting Concealer; as the name implies, this concealer conceals, smooths, and lifts the look of under eyes for a glowing, youthful appearance!


This concealer promises to perfect the under eye area by smoothing out fine lines, concealing dark circles and small imperfections, and hydrating dry skin with a treatment complex.


 The product comes in a handy squeeze tube.

Locally, we have three shades for this product, but the selection is pretty odd: the first shade is very light, the second one doesn't seem to match a majority of Filipina skin tones, but can be a corrector, and then there's this one, Medium/Moyen 3, which is my match; thank goodness I found a match. If you're on the light medium, medium, and morena side, this is your shade match in this concealer range. However, this may appear dark on fairer Filipinas; in this case, try shade #1.

Medium/Moyen is a medium beige shade with a yellow undertone. The shade lightens up when applied on the under eyes; it has a really nice liquid-cream consistency that hydrates and yields good coverage at the same time. Pigmentation is medium to heavy and texture is quite easy to spread across the skin.


Bare under eye

One layer of the concealer

One layer was enough to effectively minimize the look of my dark circles without the unnatural look; this concealer also 'lifts' my eyes, making me appear less tired and more youthful, plus the formula doesn't cause flaking and dryness; however, if you have very dry under eyes, I would suggest using an eye cream to complement the treatment complex in the concealer. It stays the whole day with very minimal fading. It looks pretty natural too!

Aside from the under eyes, I use this to conceal spots on my skin as well. A little pricey, but a small dot goes a long way. I'd love to repurchase!


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  1. Guerlain is soooo pricey!!! When they held a sale here in our office last Christmas season, I wasn't able to buy because it's way over my budget. :( But I guess the price tag comes with the name and the quality of the product. I know a lot of people who raves about their products. Especially their highlighter. :) It's good that you were able to find a shade which matches your skin tone. And, true to the description, it really is multi-perfecting. Thanks for sharing with us the performance of this concealer! :)

  2. This is really something to check out as it gives you all the things you wanted in a concealer and I want it too as well especially that it has benefits.

  3. This tiny tube is overly priced :( I won't be able to try this in my lifetime haha... glad that you found your match with this medium shade!

  4. Whoa it's very pigmented (lately I've been searching for a concealer that matches my skintone so that I could skip foundation).

  5. Hmmmm how does this compare to MUFE's Full Cover concealer? I get a bit scared of concealers with tube type packagings because it's difficult to estimate just how much you need, and how much you will be getting! All these recent Guerlain posts are making me drool over the brand even more 😭 Can't wait for your thoughts on their other new releases :)

  6. Thank you for giving me insight about this product. I've been looking for a great concealer that has advantages and this one is a bomb! :)

  7. Good that you found a shade that match on your skintone Ms. Martha. How much it is? Sa tingin ko ay hindi ko kayang bilhin to. On budget mom here.

  8. Any other concealers you can recommend that doesn't hurt the wallet that much but also delivers? Tbh, I haven't tried concealers. HAHA! And I don't know where to start and what concealers to try first. Please help! :D

  9. This sure looks good and works great on you. Guerlain is great but pricey! I still would settle for more affordable concealers out there. But if I ever get the budget for a Guerlain tube, I would try it!

  10. Hi! I wear the dark shade in the Guerlain baby glow bb cream, do you think the concealer medium/mourn shade will be a good match? I'm a nc35ish and Dior 30 for reference, thanks from San Francisco!


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