Here are the newest, targeted skin care products for the face and body that will send you running to the mall to try them out.

Yllume, one of the best anti- acne and brightening skin care brands that I have tried, is now available in Mercury Drug stores; before, it was only available in select clinics, but now, on top of that, you can readily purchase it at Mercury Drug.

The brand was relaunched last week and Hossay Momand, founder and creator of Yllume, has graced the launched including a little angel who’s on his way. I had the pleasure of interviewing Hossay about the brand; she even recognized me and the review I did two years ago for the products (click HERE for my review on the range and to see my amazing results.). To refresh, Hossay suffered from severe hormonal acne to a point that the only thing on her face that wasn’t afflicted were her eyes; none of the “potent” anti- acne products worked for her so with her background in science and business, she researched for the untapped, best ingredients and found out about Colorless Carotenoids, compounds derived from Tomatoes. Together with Turmeric and other best antioxidants for the skin, she created Yllume.

I was really happy for the experience and for meeting Hossay; as you can see, Hossay has now AMAZING skin and she’s been only using Yllume; no doubt about that, the range worked so well for me too!

Yllume is good for pregnant women, except for the supplements; consult with a dermatologist or your physician before usage (most especially for pregnant women). The products have gotten a bit more affordable too so now’s the time to try them out. For more information, please visit YLLUME PHILIPPINES onFacebook.

Crème Simon, a French pharmacy beauty brand is now in the Philippines. I’ve only heard about this brand now, but apparently, their Moisturizing Crème is a 150- year old formula that’s well- loved by French women. How promising! Their packaging is might gorgeous too so definitely, this is something worth checking out. Crème Simon is available in Cash Cash Pinoy.

Joining CURE Natural Aqua Gel is Cure Water Treatment, a hydrating, moisturizing, soothing, gentle moisturizer for any skin type; the formula creates tiny water droplets when worked on the skin; cool! Visit CURE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this new product.

For NIVEA deo lovers, there’s the new Extra Whitening Deo Serum, now made potent with its serum- like properties. Visit NIVEA PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about the product.

Covergirl TRU Blend Face Primer, a new addition to the TRU range, is a lightweight, milky primer that helps prolong makeup wear. It’s apparently perfect for combination skin! Visit COVERGIRL PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Why do I have the notion if it is cure then the product will definitely work! My aqua gel is already six months old and still it is half full so sulit!

  2. Interested with Creme Simon because I love French skincare! Yllume also for that organic products!

  3. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 25, 2016 at 5:09 PM

    I was interested to try the yllume. I never heard of this brand but based on what you said it's definitely a must have. And also I like the ingredients of it. Perfect for those who's still finding anti-acne products to try.  I will also definitely going to check the creme simon. Aside from it's cute packaging, I want to try the moisturizing creme if it's really effective and if I will also love the formula just as how the french women loved the formula. Thank you for giving us info about new brands and products Ms. Martha! Have a good day!

  4. I love the reviews! I have tried the Nivea Extra Whitening Deo serum and I love it! I love the fragrance plus it is not sticky when applied unlike other deos. I would love to try the Yllume because acnes are stubborn and leaves dark spots that is hard to remove. I think this product will never let someone down. <3

  5. Cool products.I'm gonna try the Yllume. There's a nearby Mercury Drug near my place. And also the Cure Water Treatment Skin Cream.

  6. I like to try Cure Water Treatment and Nivea Extra Whitening Deo Serum, I'm in love with Nivea In-Shower Conditioner.

  7. Yllume is a very interesting product. looking forward for reviews.


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