Coty Airspun Powder Translucent Extra Coverage Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Coty Airspun Powder Translucent Extra Coverage.

PRICE: P575.00
FROM: Chedelyn Cosmetics, Pop Culture, Trinoma
OTHER LOCATIONS: @chedelyncosmetics on Instagram; Available through online sellers


I'm no stranger to Coty Airspun Powder. In fact, when I was starting with Beauty blogging, I've learned about this wonder product through international beauty bloggers; a lot swear by for its smoothing coverage; that was like 5 years ago.

Today, Vloggers have been raving about this product, dubbing it as the choice powder for their Baking needs. I had the chance to acquire a tub for myself to see what the hype is all about (finally! After years of lemming!) during a brief trip to Pop Culture at Trinoma with some beauty blogger friends.

I've been using it for nearly two months now and I can say for myself that the hype is real - it's no accident that this baby is a best- seller since 1935!



This legendary loose face powder is a huge favorite in the USA. According to Coty, formula of the product is unchanged since the 30's, except for the packaging. According to Coty, the powder is milled until it reaches a super soft texture, thus allowing it to deliver a more even finish, conceal lines, and give skin a soft look.

The product comes with a unique puff, something that reminds me of clouds and cotton candy. I find that this puff works particularly well with the powder as the webbed surface picks up product easily and distributes it exactly where I want it. It tends to pick up a lot in one go though so if you want gradual application, opt for smooth powder puffs.

The powder has a super soft, smooth, and delicate texture; it's primarily Talc and this type of powder really has the softest texture so that's why. Talc has been shrouded in bad rep over the years because some studies link it to cancer; that, I can't vouch for, but all I can say is ever since I was a kid, my mom has been dousing me with baby powder to keep me fresh and I'm still alive and kicking today so those studies don't scare me at all. :)

Coty Airspun comes in about 3 or four powder shades. For Translucent, there are two types: Translucent regular and Translucent extra coverage. A lot of beauty gurus love the latter because it adds a bit of coverage to improve the look and coverage of liquid bases.

Here's a swatch of Translucent extra coverage. It's semi- translucent because it adds a teeny hint of white cast on the skin, but good thing it can be remedied with a bronzer. It has a vintage perfume smell, something that most users dislike, but as for me, I like it. :)


Face with foundation

Baking with Airspun

After about 4 minutes, I dust off the excess powder and I'm left with this coverage. I love how this powder smooths my skin big time and gives it a soft matte look, if the right amount is applied. 

Piece of advice, don't apply too much because it has a tendency to give you a flat matte look.

 Closer look at the coverage of Airspun. It does help minimize the look of lines and small bumps!

Another nice thing about this powder is it feels soft on the skin indeed; it doesn't yield that dry, chalky texture that most translucent powders give. Regarding staying power, it did not exactly say that it can control oil, but I find that it can keep oil at bay for about 3 or 4 hours on my T-Zone and lasts for more than 8 hours on the normal parts of my face. This powder can keep the look of my base vibrant and fresh- looking for hours!

I love this powder. That's all I can say. I've been using it everyday and will purchase a back- up next week; in fact, it turned me into a makeup baker and it's currently my secret to a lasting, smooth, perfect- looking soft matte base. In Filipino term, it's plakado!


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18 Lovely Thoughts

  1. The finish is so nice! It reminded me of the Nichido powder :)
    This one is definitely good, I've seen bloggers raving about this product... but one thing they don't like is the smell :P which in your case doesn't matter at all because you liked the vintage scent...

  2. I haven't tried any loose powders like this yet because I still haven't outgrown using baby powder on my face! I have seen tons of great reviews about Coty Air Spun though, and I've always been curious. Now that it has your mark of approval, I'm definitely more interested. Between this one and the one from Innisfree, though, which one would you recommend for oily skin in terms of overall performance? :)

  3. ang ganda ng finish!!! I will buy this next time and thank you for letting us know na there are 2 shades for translucent variant. I will finish first my Nichido loose powder which they say na dupe for Laura Mercier.

  4. Ang ganda ng effect sa skin mo Ms. Martha.

  5. This is the first time I've known this brand. And wow! Its texture is so fine! And its coverage looks like it will last for a whole day! <3

  6. OMG! I needed them ASAP! I've been using powders for setting my foundation because well it's quick and doesn't need to much effort to apply. Anf I love this one! I would love to have them!

  7. I heard of this through Tati before so I actually did buy one because of her.It feel so light on the skin but I just noticed that from its packaging, it could be a bit messy sometimes. I eventually ran out of it and I tried Inisfree's no sebum powder and I have never switched powders even since! But still, my mom uses this, I just can't get used too its smell so I didn't repurchase it.

  8. I only heard this from Tati last year! I didn't realize it has been around forever. She did mention the smell but I could only imagine it smelling like my mom's scented powder which I adore. I'm glad it's now available here. Bdw, what are your thoughts about putting powder before foundation? I heard it would make the skin look smoother and your makeup last longer but I'm scared it would make me look cakey. Have you tried that 'beauty hack'?

  9. have you tried City color's HD powder? I heard it is good too. Anyway, how does it compare to innisfree's no sebum powder?

  10. I've heard Tati (GlamLifeGuru on youtube) really rave about this product! It looks so promising and I too have been lemming to get this product! :)) It looks great on you because it really does minimize your pores and smooth out any lines. I feel like it's a great loose powder alternative to other high end brands. The only problem is it's not widely available here in the Philippines, so thank God for online resellers and pop up booths! :)

  11. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 16, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    I've heard this one is really a great product. Some of the bloggers who already tried using this product rave and says that it is a must and the best loose face powder they tried. And wow. Based on your review Ms. Martha now I know how great this product is. Especially love the finish look on you Ms. Martha. Huhu Gonna check this out reallyyy soon. Thank you for this awesome review Ms. Martha! ❤❤

  12. May review pala ng Airspun powder! Buti nalang i backread the posts i've missed!The finish is commendable ah! Quite worried about my allergies with talc though. I wonder which is better, Innisfree or this one? I've been reading raves about that, too.

  13. One thing I noticed about this powder is that it looks *somewhat* like the Marshmallow powder from Canmake in terms of finish--nice and velvety I see. I think I'll head over to Chedelyn's branch in Market Market to check it out!

  14. What's the benefit of this one? I want products to have multiple benfits to the skin as I have a really oily skin and I don't want to risk my face to have more acne. huhuhu. hahahaha. But I think this looks good to the skin.

  15. This is very famous in the youtube world. I have seen a lot of pinay vloggers/bloggers using this in their make-up tutorials. Mukha namang madaming laman so worth it ang price. I'll buy one soon :)

  16. how was it with flash photography? im curious.

  17. Hello, I just read your blog now about this coty airspun powder and I'm so eager to know where to buy this product?? Please help me... Thank you in advance! 😊

  18. Hello, I just read your blog about this coty airspun powder and I'm so eager to know where to buy this product? Please help me.. Thanks in advance! 😊


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