Covergirl X Star Wars Lipsticks Review + Swatch + Price

Here's a review on Covergirl X Star Wars Lipsticks.

PRICE: P400- P450 each
FROM: Asked someone to buy it from me from the USA
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please inquire via Covergirl's official website


When Covergirl released their Star Wars makeup collaboration, I went berserk; it's one of the most brilliant beauty collaborations, I mused, just because...STAR WARS!


It was never released in the Philippines. Pretty much a sad move because I believe there are a lot of Star Wars fans here, ready to pounce on the collection and that includes me who's up for buying the entire line!

So I set out into the galaxy of makeup to obtain a few pieces right before Covergirl pulls out the collection and got me some lipsticks. Swatching them for everyone today!


Lipsticks in colors inspired by the universe of Star Wars and comes in smooth, creamy finish.

There are 5 limited edition lipstick shades from this line. I was only able to score three and didn't get the gold and silver lipsticks. The gold one is apparently the best- seller.

 From left to right, shade number 50, 70, and 30.

The lipsticks are pretty soft and creamy so I would not dare leave them in a hot place. There's also that butter-floral fragrance, a signature in all Covergirl lipsticks. I just find these to be particularly soft and that's what I slightly dislike about it.



- deep red with silver sparkle. Satin finish.

 The most wearable lipstick in the line, 30 is your average bold red.


- deep purple with blue sparkle. Satin finish.

50 is a deep purple that flatters all skin tones; it also leaves a pink stain effect to the lips when it comes off.


- nude champagne with pale gold shimmer. Frost finish.

70 is the most intergalactic- looking shade between the three. The shade looks good on both warm and fair skin, but it's something that I will only wear to a costume party. Or maybe if metallic/frost lipsticks are in once again.

The lipsticks are smooth and hydrating, and yields medium to heavy coverage. Staying power is okay, but needs to be retouched after a meal. Bottomline, I am just happy that the Star Wars fangirl in me has gotten her hands on this collection!


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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This would really be great for Star Wars Fan, do you think Star Wars fan that are men would buy these? hahahahaha. Just a thought.

  2. These type of releases mostly caters just the fans, me, I am not a big fan of Star Wars (but I've watched it). I think that the packaging looks nice with that logo however, I am not a big fan of the shades. I prefer mattes or just wearing tint nowadays because of their staying power.

  3. Sayang naman at hindi nirelease dito satin, for sure madameng Star War fans ang bibili nito.

  4. You nailed those three shades, Ms. Martha! <3 I'm not really a fan of metallic lipsticks but I love the 'just the right amount of frost and shimmer' look on it. Too bad, the collection's not available here in the Philippines. Anyways, thanks for sharing how wonderful these babies are. Lucky of you to have some of them! <3

  5. Oh my gosh, number 50, pang queen. I love it

  6. I hope frost lipstick should be back this season :D

  7. The Star Wars geek in me started blubbering when I saw your post, but then it went pfft when I saw it's not available here. Why oh why?!? I like shade 50 the most on you, such a pretty color. :)

  8. Shade 30 is simply adorable... I've tried Covergirl lippies before and it's the only lipstick I had finished up, that's how nice the lipstick is.. hydrating, pigmented and affordable. Gonna get two or three shades from this collection, hoping it will be available also in Cebu!

  9. Not a Star Wars fan but I did see the latest movie and tried to watch all of the past movies, I think I didn't succeed on that one LOL. Anyways the 30 is very nice and the 50 is more like suitable for Fall Season - if only Philippines has that season but no we only have 2, hot and hotter LOL! Anyways you always looked great on deep reds and purples.

  10. Not a big fan of Starwars but those shades look great! 50 looks good on you!

  11. Halloween parties are coming up and the shade 70 is perfect if you wanna channel your inner C3PO! I love Star Wars and I've been looking for a nice halloween look and I just thought of C3PO when I saw the lipstick on you. Haha. Sayang it's not available here in the Philippines. :(

  12. Abigail Dela VictoriaOctober 16, 2016 at 6:53 AM

    It is nice to see that Covergirl release the star wars lipstick for star wars enthusiast. Huhu I hope they will release this also here in the Philippines. I'll bet this will be sold out fast. Number 30 suits you well Ms. Martha! ❤❤ i love the silver sparkle of this one. Thank you for this wonderful review Ms. Martha!More power!

  13. Ang ganda nung Shade 30, yun pinakabagay sayo. Ang gaganda ng shades ng creamy lipsticks, ang problema lang hindi long lasting hehe. More lipstick review please. Gustong gusto ko lipstick reviews mo hehe :)


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