Clean Reserve: Sustainable and Good

When other perfume brands are all about luxury, power, and sensuality, there is one that's all about the simple, joyous things in life, simple things that put a smile to your face as they bring to mind the familiar - a familiar scent of home, of childhood, of comfort, and of love; that brand is CLEAN, one of my favorite fragrances and it still sweeps me off my feet until now. CLEAN is all about that comforting scent of warm cotton sheets, the happiness of a just-stepped-out-of-the-shower feeling, the childhood memory of freshly- laundered clothes hanging on the clothesline, that alternative place called home, in between the arms of your lover, feeling their skin slide against yours. When I want an alternative perfume, I turn to CLEAN.

CLEAN comes cleaner with the launch of CLEAN Reserve, fragrances that are finely and sustainably crafted, with raw ingredients sourced from top fields and farms to ensure the highest quality while helping uplift communities and protect nature.

One special feature of CLEAN Reserve is the fragrances are specially made to explore the world of perfume layering; nowadays, customization is king in skin care, makeup, and fragrances and this range gives you the opportunity to craft a fragrance that is uniquely you and only for you.

Wear them alone or together, discover the range of CLEAN Reserve scents and choose the ones that fit your personality:

L-R: Blond Rose, Sueded Oud, Terra Woods, Smoked Vetiver, Amber Saffron, Velvet Flora

Each box of Clean Reserve features vital information about the fragrance - sustainability story, origin of the scent, and perfect fragrance matches.

Clean is possibly the most environmental fragrance you can ever own - aside from the sustainable ingredients, the bottle is recyclable, the alcohol used is corn- derived so its residue in the water won't harm marine life, the bottle cap is crafted from recycled wood, and the box is made from carton. How I wish other fragrance brands would follow suit!

Clean Reserve is now available in all leading department stores.

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3 Lovely Thoughts

  1. How much per bottle Ms.M? Very minimalist yung packaging pero elegant tignan, very nice since eco friendly ang packaging. I love "bagong paligo" scent, specially kapag summer, I don't like overpowering perfume/cologne. If this one is in the "affordable" category, will surely try a bottle.

  2. Haven't seen this one yet but I would live to grab a bottle. Just reading the scents made me imagine how they would smell in real life. Plus points that it is environment friendly. :)

  3. Magkano to Ms. Martha? Parang ang bango bango habang binabasa ko ung post mo eh.


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