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What's up guys! This has been my busiest week for the month and even if I'm dead tired, I'm thankful for all the opportunities. I hope this week has been amazing for you.

I got a question from Marina today and she asked a very relevant question; I'm sure you've noticed that social media's been really toxic lately because of these trolls, organic and paid, and here are some of my tips on how to deal with them.

Hi Martha!
How do you deal with online trolls without looking like a troll yourself?

Hi Marina!

Thanks for this! I assume you've experienced some trolling lately, hence the question. Sorry about this, some people just have no better stuff to do!

As someone who's experienced and still experience trolling, here are some ways I deal with them trolls.


A lot of people would say to just don't mind the trolls, but they can get on your nerves and pose a threat to an ideal, healthy environment so I say sometimes, you just need to put them in their place. Say your piece - say it loud and proud, don't leave any stones unturned, and walk away. If trolls promote unhealthy discussion, your goal is to bring it back to a healthy level.


To shut down trolls, converse with them in a civil manner. Trolling will just feed the negativity and trust me, they won't stop. The goal is to make them stop so talk to them professionally and walk away!


Some trolls just won't stop. Times like this, you have to press the report button.


Trolls can get really nasty, vulgar, and hateful. They have no place in a healthy environment so delete them - don't forget to take a screenshot!

That's all and have a wonderful Friday!

How about you guys? How do you deal with online trolls and trolling?

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. So releveant. These past few months have been a good breeding ground for trolls. Somtimes, it is better to just ignore. :) There are more important things for us to pay attention to.

  2. People can so mean and spiteful sometimes and because they can hide behind screen names they feel a false sense of power and security. I'm sorry to hear that you went through and are being trolled by some but don't worry Martha, we your avid readers know better. You are one of the sweetest and most generous bloggers out there. Thank you for your insights and wonderful thoughts. Keep doing what you love, don't mind those trolls, let them rip their hair off with jealousy because of your success.

  3. Amazing tips! I totally agree with tip #2. Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. I just notice, I think everyone loves you Ms.Martha, hehe wala akong napapansin na nangbabash sayo. I think parang mas prone yung mga nagvo-vlog or may youtube channel sa mga bashers/troll, talagang below the belt, pero nakakatuwa kasi yung mga bloggers/vloggers eh marunong sumagot ng maayos at witty talaga. So, you are right, minsan kelangan eh delete nalang or block those comments na wala namang kinalaman sa review or video/blog post mo.

  5. Deadma nalang sila at i-unblock if needed.


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