Miniso: Chic lifestyle items at an affordable price + Interesting Finds

 Can I tell you a secret?

I'm an avid goer of outlets where I can score home and lifestyle necessities at a steal. When Miniso opened, I got really excited because there's another one to go to in my list! I visited their newly- opened SM Manila branch and hoarded! I'm going to show you a couple of interesting finds in this global Japanese fast fashion brand!

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Miniso, a fast fashion retail company that offers home, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle goods, started in Japan and was the brainchild of Miyake Jyunya, the chief designer, and Ye Guofu, a Chinese entrepreneur. Miniso was built on three core values: Low price, quality, and ideas; with these, Miniso guarantees every customer that the brand will continue to innovate high quality products at a price that is friendly for everyone; no wonder the brand is enjoying success and presence in 14 countries. Miniso is also committed to the environment by working closely with environmental organizations to help them create products that are geared towards sustainability and environment friendliness.

To me, Miniso is a middle brand - it's in between Muji and Daiso, two well- known similar boutiques locally, in terms of pricing and quality; Miniso's products are chic, sleek yet approachable, and priced just right that everyone can afford them.

During the opening, people were ecstatic and there were so many people who wanted to pick up something from Miniso; I picked up a couple of stuff too- no, make that hoarded too and I will show them below; in the meantime, here are interesting finds to check out when you drop by any Miniso store!


Miniso perfumes; they look so classy and pricey! These are perfect holiday gifts for your mom, sister, aunt, best friends, or girlfriend!

Miniso has a pretty good range of cosmetics too! They also have BB Cushion Compact products!

Dry sheet masks for the mask addict; how do you use these things? You can soak them in water enriched with essential oils or serum and apply on your face to boost your daily skin care regimen.

Miniso has unique cotton buds too; there are plain ones, colored ones, and charcoal- infused ones; whoa!

Freaked out when I saw these; Miniso rotating brushes! The one on the right totally resembles Clarisonic and costs P749.00 only; I got one and I will review it soon!

Travel- sized empty bottles and travel- sized beauty essentials; I love that Miniso offered pre- filled travel- sized products because I hate transferring products on empty bottles; it takes up too much time!

 Essential oils, body wash, and hand wash; these are perfect stocking stuffers!


Uniqlo- inspired seamless underwear at P100.00+ only! My heart was so happy when I saw these' I should have hoarded!

 Stylish bags that are perfect enough as Christmas gifts.

Fashion accessories that you can mix and match, and use to spice up your wardrobe; love that the accessories are classy and simple!


 Batteries, Digital Weighing Scale (argh! Should have gotten the pink one!), and home fixtures.

Speakers! I got the long hot pink one; been meaning to purchase a speaker for when I work at home; Miniso Speaker has pretty good sound quality, I must say, plus you can take calls and listen to the radio on it; the most expensive one is at  P849.00 only!

Powerbanks. Aaah! About time that I buy an alternative to my trusty ASUS powerbank; I got the 10000mah powerbank at P849.00 only!

Headphones and Bluetooth Wireless head gears in sleek, stylish designs and colors.


My heart leaped when I saw these egg frying pans! I got one for my mom; finally, she doesn't have to use the big pans anymore for cooking just an egg!

Cute hand and dishwashing towels!

 Plushies for kids; love the Pusheen stuffed toy!

LED reading lamps! I got the one that resembled a ringlight at P349.00 only and it's awesome! These are rechargeable and costs nothing about P1,000!

 For the writer and scrapbook junkie, check out their stationary collection.

Finally, my haul! I got the following:

Mobile phone stand
Hand towels
Cabinet perfume pouches
Water bottle
10000mah Powerbank
Sewing Kit
DIY Mask bowl + tools (comes with dry sheet mask samples too!)
Q-tips with paper stems
Vanity mirror
LED Reading lamp
Seamless underwear
Miniso Rotating Face Brush
Egg frying pan
Hair tie set

I only spent around P4,000 for this purchase! I would've spent more if I bought this at a regular department store!

For more information, please visit MINISO PHILIPPINES on Facebook.

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20 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow. will be going there soon! Love the cool stuff they have.Love the plushies. Thanks for sharing Ms. Martha.

  2. wow! sana merong MINISO south area!

  3. There is also Miniso branch at Robinsons Mall Manila just beside Watson at Padre Faura Wing. I have visited the shop and I loved it very much, agree it is like a budget paradise to us beauty junkies. It offers array of useful items from everyday use and travel essentials.

    Maybe you would also like the Asian/Korean inspired boutique that recently opened at Guadalupe Commercial Center at Guadalupe Makati, i forget the name but its worth a visit. I think you will also love the items when you see the shop. They has variety of cute, useful items ranging from Korean make-ups, Anello bags, hats, kitchenware and beauty skin care.

  4. I hope they open near North EDSA area anyway, their cotton pads are awesome the quality is comparable to Muji's in half the price.

  5. Wow. I recently heard about this. Fan din ako ng Japan store at Daiso, I always buy mouthwash there kasi much cheaper and other random cute things. Mukhang mas maraming inooffer and miniso ha! thanks for sharing everything inside the store Ms.M.

  6. Miniso is NOT Japanese. They are a Chinese company trying to pass off as Japanese in short a knock-off!

    1. Their logo is a blatant copy of Uniqlo and Muji
    2. They sell Daiso-like products
    3. They pretended to be a Japanese company even though there was no branch in Japan at the time, their supposed Japan headquarters pointed to a random Italian Restaurant.

    I'm sorry Ms. Martha if my comment seems rude (you know I'm a long time reader), it's just that people need to be educated about Miniso. A lot of people feel like they're getting Japanese quality things when the truth is, they're not! The company has shady business practices and should not be supported. No matter how many excuses they make or how much they try to market, they can't win because people can see through their lies. I personally would not support anyone in the business of fooling people, regardless of how cheap and good their products may be (and Miniso definitely isn't any better than Daiso products).

    I hope you approve of my comments. Proof of everything I said are on the links below.

  7. infairness the products from Miniso doesn't look cheap. my heart skip when i saw the rotating brush!! super like!!! hope they expand pa.

  8. I really like what Miniso has to offer! I feel like their products offer the quality I'm looking for in products that I have doubts about when buying from Daiso, or I hesitate to pay for in Muji. It's really the middle ground for these kinds of shops. A branch also recently opened in a mall very accessible to us and it's been a hit! I'm waiting for the hype to die down before I make a purchase so I can contemplate in peace HAHAHA! I was impressed by their beauty offerings! And their plushies are so fluffyyyy! :)

  9. Sana mag open din dito sa Makati area. Mas maraming choices to kesa sa Daiso eh. Thanks Ms. Martha for this post.

  10. i like the cute stuffs from Daiso but i think this offers more. I would like to try the rotating brus, it is more cheaper anyway.and I would like to try the Ximiso from Guadalupe:)

  11. I'm so tempted to travel just to buy from Miniso! It's a store heaven talaga. I want to hoard some beauty products, stationery, gadgets, clothing. I hope they open more branches soon! Crossing my fingers for a branch in Megamall or somewhere in Ortigas!

    1. I found out from Whatchu mobile app that they have a branch in SM east ortigas! I recently downloaded the app from Apple Store but I guess they also have it on Google Play. You should try it! its really useful especially if you are looking for items and you dont know where to find them

  12. I love this haul! I want the frying pan, reading lamp, speakers, bathroom scale, and the face brush! I hope the face brush works well - I reallly want one!

  13. How was the powerbank ma"am..? planning to buy one at miniso but I can't find any reviews about their powerbank that's why i ask.. hope to hear a feedback from you soon ma'am.. thanks in advance..:)

    1. Hello!

      Okay lang siya. Drains pretty easily compared to my other powerbanks. :/

  14. How much is the compact bb cushion? And are there enough shades (also for other foundation variants) to satisfy morena undertone?

    1. Hi! saw your comment! You can actually checked other Miniso products on Whatchu mobile app! I downloaded it recently and found other make ups also of Miniso:)

  15. How was the frying pan?
    Have you tried the ceramic pan?
    Anyone has tried them?
    Keen to know if they are worth the money?


Thank you for your comments!