Nippon Esthetic Blending Sponge Review + Price

Here's a review on Nippon Blending Sponge.

PRICE: P400.00
FROM: a makeup workshop by Rick Calderon
OTHER LOCATIONS: Please visit Nippon Esthetic on Facebook for a complete list of retailers


My 4- year old Beauty Blender has already seen better days and it's time for it to retire. I've found a good alternative through BYS Blending Sponge and it's great, but I've recently found an exact alternative and that is Nippon Esthetic Blending Sponge; looks like no Beauty Blender for me as long as this is around!


For P400.00, you get two blending sponges and a trial size of the sponge cleaner. Awesome steal, right? This set can probably last you more than 5 years or so, depending on how frequent you use the sponge; even less if you are a makeup artist. But for the value of the entire set, I can't complain and wouldn't mind spending P400.00 again for another set!

The softness and bounce of these sponges are pretty similar to Beauty Blender already; such a breeze to use and delivers an even finish. No color bleeding when washed and no rubbery smell. I like the black color too! If wet, the sponges tend to stiffen for a bit like Beauty Blender, but after a few minutes and when dried up for a bit with a towel, the sponges go back to its bouncy, soft state.

This is 90% a dupe of Beauty Blender and I definitely recommend it to foundation wearers and sponge users!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Their pink tear drop sponge is great too and it is only Php80.00.

  2. where can i get this? I've read a lot of good reviews about Nippon..

    1. Hi sis you can shop at their website at but I got mine at they're good.

  3. And it was such a steal because it came up with free sponge cleanser. A lot of bloggers compared this with Beauty blender. Another reason to buy this is because, you recommended it too Ms.M. Yung tig 88 pesos lang sa daiso ang natry ko, I already throw it away kasi parang it only absorb the liquid foundation :(

  4. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha, yup, mura na nga to, may cleanser pang kasama eh.

  5. Hmmmm I think I'm gonna get this one instead of the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. This is an awesome deal altogether! I sure hope it doesn't get out of stock, specially since it's already 13th month pay season and everyone's spending on themselves a little! I also like how it's black!!! Looks very professional! :)

  6. Would definitely get this one! I've been looking for a great dupe for beauty blender but I only find something that's about 75% comparable. This set is definitely a steal! :)


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