Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Relief Face Mask Review + Price

Here's a review on Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Relief Face Mask.

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I've watched a really good video about how Fungi saves the earth; it provides food and actually helps maintain the good quality of soil, one of the major sources of life as it is the breeding ground for trees, plants, and flowers. Unfortunately, because of human intervention, abuse, and neglect for nature, Fungi are slowly being wiped out from the planet; it's something that might not bother us now, but eventually, it will; every single living thing in the ecosystem is vital to the creation and promotion of life and when one disappears, everything will soon follow. It's time that we rethink our choices now and attitude towards consumption; more than ever, we should be more thoughtful of nature in every move we make.

I love mushrooms; they feed me and they also take care of my skin that's why I'm telling you about how endangered they are. Origins Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Relief Face Mask is one of the reasons why I am concerned of fungi; mushrooms have been instrumental in keeping my skin calm when breakouts strike that's why I am campaigning for their survival!


A redness- reducing, rejuvenating face mask with Reishi, Hypsizigus Ulmarius, and Cordyceps mushrooms, plus marine algae and moisture- replenishing extracts. Helps prevent future flare- ups by providing a calming barrier on the skin.

This mask is a rich, cream with a lavender- mint scent that's soothing and refreshing; it yields a cooling effect upon application. While it's on, I feel a slight cooling sensation. It's also quite easy to rinse off and it leaves my skin supple and soft; I particularly find this handy when my skin is irritated and sensitive after using a lot of pimple- fighting products and when redness is present. It calms down my skin after usage and after succeeding uses, it helps alleviate redness. It's also my relief from strong masks that are meant to fight acne and purge my skin of dirt.

So when you are prone to redness and sensitivity, good ol' mushroom can help calm your skin and this mask is a good fit. I've benefitted so much from the potency of mushrooms in skin care that's why for the love of nature, let's love mushrooms! :)

P.S. Here's the video that I was talking about, giving a closer glimpse on Fungi and how vital they are to the ecosystem.


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  1. When you use a lot of products on your face, the more expensive it gets. That's why I don't use facial mask or creams. LOL Lately, I've been so busy and not that metikoloso with my beauty regimen. Everything change when I got married Ms.Martha hehe so I only use a toner before I go to bed. But once I go to back to a serious skin regimen, I will definitely review your blog and look for products that will suit my skin and of course my bugdet lols.

  2. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha. Never ko pang natry to, mejo mahal eh.

  3. Feel ko super effective and Origins. pricey lang talga kaya never ko pa na try :(

  4. This post makes me appreciate the things we taken for granted lol!

  5. Everything masks is what I love hihihihi. It's just so nice to the feeling, I feel so refreshed when using one :) plus it's a good point to tell us how important it is not only to the face but the ecosystem. Cool!

  6. Would love to try that as well pero medyo pricey for me. Good thing I'm not that prone to redness naman. :) BUt I would definitely try that mask when I have the chance :)


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