One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites Review

I'm starting to like the idea of Staycationing as a means of traveling; to be honest, traveling -by that, I mean hopping on a plane and going to a totally different place thousands of miles away from home- requires loads of time and resources for something so short so a Staycation, to me, proved itself as a great, low- cost, instant alternative to traditional traveling and as an ideal break for those who need an instant breather, but need to be back in the city right away to catch up with duties.

Might as well document my staycations to give you an idea of where and where not to stay! First up is One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites.

On the quieter side of Tagaytay proper lies One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites, a modern boutique hotel. It's on the road going to Tagaytay Picnic Grove. 

It's a modest hotel primped up with warm, wooden undertones to give the aura of comfort.

This also where you will find one of the up and coming restaurant destinations in Tagaytay called Amacena by Chef Luigi Muhlach.

The pool area. Small and decent. It's cold in Tagaytay so I don't think everyone would want to take a dip. Brr!

Here's our room. We stayed in a deluxe room for the night. It can fit approximately 2- 3 people; for the third person, an extra bed is needed. 

The comedor.

The room is pretty cozy and doesn't feel cramped, although the walls have been showing signs of aging and needs a bit of restoration. The shower holder in the bathroom broke off, but good thing I was about to finish bathing when that happened. :/

There is Internet in the room, although connection gets pretty wonky at times. I don't know how others will feel about that, but as for me, I don't mind if there's only moderate Internet connection available when I am vacationing (or in this case, staycationing) because it's the only way for me to hide my damn smartphone and pay attention to other things that matter.

The shower holder incident was appeased with this nice view; I spent an hour on the balcony in the morning because the air was so fresh!

And welcome to the breakfast buffet!

To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from their breakfast buffet, but I underestimated it. The breakfast food selection is pretty wide and good!

 Kakanins (Rice cakes) for those who fancy sweet Filipino fare.

 Pancakes and Taho section.

Bread and butter section; love the gourmet honey dips!

For the savory food, they have at least 7 savory dishes namely beef tapa, hamburger steak, cripsy tawilis, scrambled eggs to name a few, arroz caldo, bulalo soup, and rice. Of course their menu changes from time to time, but based on what I experienced, I am satisfied!

Overall, it was a good stay despite the shower head boo-boo because the bed is cozy, room is clean, service is good (the staff is pretty attentive and responsive to complaints, and a janitor rushed to me right before we left to return my jacket which I've forgotten in the room), and breakfast buffet is good. Another thing I like about the location is it's in the not-so-busy district of Tagaytay, making it more peaceful and quiet, but it's just a few minutes away from Tagaytay's restaurant row and entertainment centers. 

Deluxe Room with breakfast for two is at P3,500.00++ a night exclusive of taxes and other charges. I recommend this place if you want a comfortable, but not so expensive staycation in Tagaytay.

For more information, please visit ONE TAGAYTAY PLACE HOTEL SUITES on Facebook.

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19 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Ahhh, so much love for Tagaytay's cozy and cold weather. Another place to look forward to! I love how the rooms are not the typical hotel suites. Idk, it just gives me a homey feeling eventho I'm far away from home! Thank you for thism post Ms. Martha! It helps! <3

  2. Sometimes we really need to take a little breather. Not that we are running away from all the responsibilities and worries but to give ourselves a little me-time, a break so we could be more productive and refreshed when we get back to our normal lives. This hotel is indeed affordable! A good recommendation!

  3. Looks great, love this sharing so much, thanks!

  4. The price is not bad for Tagaytay! I love how accessible it is. The room looks so cozy too :) Will definitely stay here next time I visit Tagaytay.

  5. This is what my mom wanted aside from sleeping in a tent in Baguio and I don't gwt in then what I wanted is to go on a trip to different places but right now that I am working 5 days a week or even 6 days a week from 9AM-6PM, I see staycation to be quite a good choice as well.

  6. This post is very timely, thank you so much Miss M! We have been looking for an affordable place to stay in Tagaytay for my son's birthday which will be in three weeks' time, and I guess I already found the perfect place ^-^ Compared to other hotels, this is really affordable.

  7. Wow! Ang ganDa ng place, perfect for family. Parang gusto ko din Po Dyan nalang kami mag stay. BinabaLak po kaSi Namin na mag staycation, a triple celebration of birthday of my son, daughter and husband and specially our anniversary. I think perfect po iTo. Thank you po sa information Ms. Martha.

  8. That is truly one of a must go place! perfect for families and couples! Talagang mukhang hindi maingay and peaceful pa ang scenery! Totally perfect for a must staycation! We can never go wrong kapag yan ang pinili natin!

  9. I love staycations! Its like running away from the hustle and bustle of the city and of course, from everything even with your commitmentss in life, school or work! lol! haha! Well, tagaytay is a well known escape route to the city. But, i havent tried staycation-ing there since i havent seen much hotels that are a little budget friendly. Good thing ive read this post though, i might consider this homey little place and might as well tell to my friends! Is it over looking the city or any beautiful view? :) Staycations are much fun with the people you love! :)

  10. Budget conscious ako Ms.M, but I think 3500 is okay since kasama na breakfast at maganda naman hotel. Yun lang, no need to take a dip at the pool, malamig eh hehehe.

  11. Oh wow, I really have to try this!Thanks for share with us.
    have a peek at this web-site

  12. I love the place, so nice! For a 3,500 hotel room, it's quite a steal! the room itself is nice, the comedor is cute, the buffet breakfast is a win :)

  13. will definitely take note of this place the next time I'm looking for a hotel to stay in Tagaytay! thank you for sharing :)

  14. Tagaytay is my comfort zone too. There's alot of hotel here and this one is on my list. Not bad for the price though.:)

  15. Thanks for posting this Ms. Martha. I would like to try this with my family. Its very affordable with a buffet breakfast for two.

  16. I am living kilometers away from Tagaytay pero di pa ako nakapunta. Haha. Gustung-gusto ko magtungo sa SKYRANCH and Picnic Grove but I don't have time for it. Pero yung delicacies ng hotel, I know, masasarap like crispy tawilis and bulalo kasi taga-Batangas ako and sobrang favorite ko ang mga fooda na yan. Haha. Sana in the near future makapunta ako dyan 😄😄😄

  17. Thank youbfor reviewing this place Ms. Martha! This is perfectbfor staycation and also budget friendly! What I love about staycation is that you won't be guilty staying in your hotel room as long as you want unlike when you are out on a real vacation. Just a quick getaway from all the stress from work!😁

  18. This makes me go, ang sarap naman mag-Tagaytay the view is breathtaking, I can only imagine how fresh the air must be... Thank you for sharing this, maybe for Christmas I'll consider a staycation as a gift to my husband and myself as it really sounds (and looks) amazing!


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