The Last Minute, No Stress Gift Guide for Men 2016

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Last installment of this year's much- awaited gift list on my blog! Been wondering what are the hottest gifts to give guys this year? Check out my list!


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SPEND: HUAWEI P9 (3GB RAM- P31,000+; 4GB RAM- P36,000+)

Huawei P9 is my best gadget find to date and the best Android smartphone I have had to date as well. I noticed in most family groups that dads love taking selfies and photos that's why I think they will appreciate a smartphone that's not only sleek and stylish, but produces professional- quality shots as well.

Please visit HUAWEI PHILIPPINES on Facebook for a list of retailers.

FLASH PLUS 2 (Starts at P8,400+)

If Huawei is a bit out of budget, Flash Plus 2 is an affordable alternative that dad will surely enjoy as well. Its sleek, masculine design and enhanced photography features make it a great smartphone under P10k!

Visit FLASH PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.


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Wood is slowly becoming a fashion statement and Funk Trunk's trendy yet classy wooden watches are not only stylish, but sustainably made also. 

Visit FUNK TRUNK on Facebook for a list of retailers.

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This bright watch by Veloci is stylish and fun, perfect for the modern man.

Visit VELOCI OFFICIAL WEBSITE for a list of retailers.



Motorola's comeback as a brand for sports accessories is a good move, especially for guys! Verve Rider earphones will surely complement your best guy bud's amazing adventures.

Verve by Motorola is available in Astrovision/Astroplus, Mobile 1, The Inbox Store, Games and Gadgets, The Listening Room, and Gadgets in Style.

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Urban Ears is a hip and stylish line of earphones that are made to complement fast- paced, urban lifestyles. Bagis is the most affordable in the range yet produces quality sound and comes in fun colors.

Urban Ears is available at Digital Walker. Visit DIGITAL WALKER on Facebook for details.


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SPEND: GOPRO HERO (Starts at P18,000 excluding accessories)

Action cams have been on every guy's wishlist so for the holidays, it's probably the best luxury gift you can give to your better half. Of course, if you don't want to settle for anything less, go for GoPro!

Please visit GOPRO on Facebook for list of retailers.

SAVE: SUPREMO 1 (Starts at P4,000 excluding accessories)

I bought an Action Cam for the sake of my Australia trip; it was an unplanned purchase, but I had to get one to document my trip so I opted for Supremo 1, which is dubbed as one of the best affordable action cams. For a 7k action camera, it's good enough to capture adventures!

Supremo 1 is available in all Globe stores. Online, I would recommend KIMSTORE.

Happy Holidays and hope you like this series! Got anything from this list? Let me know and share your thoughts about the products. :)

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Sakto uli, I was thinking to buy my bf a supremo action cam, nagsale kasi sa kimstore today for 3500 :) A good buy indeed! I am happy right now because we are having the same thoughts on gifts for guys. Hihi, feeling blogger mind na din ako :D charot! Haha. Anyways, you could also buy an active bluetooth headphones at kimstore for about 850 pesos, my BF been using it for 6 months already, and it works really nice :) Hope you could suggest also for grandpas Ms. M, I was thinking of buying him iconic socks? Coz he was so cool and still watching cartoons in his 80s life. Hihi. Thanks for sharing your ideas Ms. M!

  2. Yey gift guide for mens!! I'm actually planning to save for a GoPro hero but meron naman pala mas cheaper alternatives! Yay! Will check this out! Thanks, Ms. M! xx

  3. Thanks for this post Ms. Martha, may Spend and Save to choose from pa.

  4. For my scent loving li'l bro I will be gifting him a DIY scent kit (me hopes he don't read the comment section lol)

  5. Woah! these are all really good choices for the men :) And for the dad gift idea, that is something my dad would want too. Hihihi.

  6. Hahaha nalungkot ako slight kasi I was already window shopping for the guy I was dating tapos naglaho siya parang bula. Kainis! Time to renew my membership sa Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko. HAHA. Oh well, more money to spend on gifts for other more important people. :)

  7. WOW ha, ang mamahal tlga for men! pero tlgang kung love mo naman why not dba? for me tlga, watch ang sa kapatid ko, he loves watches! pwd rin yung earphones and wallet po! :D thanks for these tips!

  8. all of these are great suggestions! Definitely eyeing the Supremo1 (for myself lol)

  9. Surely those who will receive these gifts will be very happy!
    We have this yearly exchange gifts going on with our family, we write our wish list which we want to receive for Christmas, a phone, a tripod, a speaker, a lamp was on the wish lists :)

  10. Thanks for this! It is super hard to buy gifts for men! Super expensive nga lang but I bet these are good and matutuwa talaga sila!

  11. Feeling ko lang, mas mahal regaluhan ang guys! For girls, lipstick okay na. I've always wanted to buy my husband a woodwatch but i can't afford one. For now, warm hugs nalang muna and a nice cologne.You're suggestions are good, Ms. Martha.

  12. These are good gift ideas for men!I specifically like the urban ears earphones and veloci watch, something that would fit my budget. :)


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