Beauty Trends to Leave in 2016

The Beauty industry has been really interesting last 2016; on top of products, a lot of trends emerged, and online beauty influencers have upped their status due to content that's both great and cringe- worthy.

As we move forward to 2017, let us take all the great beauty lessons with us and leave the cringe- worthy ones in 2016. Here are the Beauty trends that I think we should leave behind in 2016:

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When I saw some Beauty influencers using the craziest stuff to create clean, precise contours, lines, and highlights, I almost flipped. A knife to find the planes on your cheeks? A spoon to create a winged- tip? C'mon, spare the kitchen tools and determine the placement of your makeup the good ol' way. Let's get real, will you (and the influencers who propagated these outrageous makeup techniques) honestly employ these techniques everyday or often at the very least? If your answer is no, then time to put back the knife and spoon in the utensils drawer.

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Gelatin as a blackhead remover mask? Turmeric as a sleeping mask? Rubbing garlic on an inflamed zit? People may seem to have forgotten that natural products don't necessarily mean gentle and irritation- free, and using food- grade products may mean more harm than good. Take for example, a friend of mine who used raw honey as mask because she saw someone use it on Youtube; unfortunately for her, she woke up with hives the next day because turns out that she's allergic to Bee- derived products and Honey, if you do not know, has a toxin concentration in its formula and is even related to Botulism because it may contain bacterial spores that can give rise to a couple of allergic reactions. This is just one of the many reasons why food grade and natural products should be used with precaution and prior consultation.

Here's the thing, a lot of Beauty influencers who propagate these techniques may be lucky enough to have resistant skin that's why their outrageous remedies are working for them; another side of the story is we don't know what actually happened to them and their skin after doing the technique; of course they won't tell us if something bad happened to them! Aside from this, most of these techniques are ineffective: I've imitated one technique by a Beauty influencer wherein she used activated charcoal and honey to whiten underarms in 20 minutes and surprise! It did not work.

If you have a rash, rough skin, or acne, the right thing to do is use validated products and consult a physician; because these skin care hacks can compromise your skin more than heal it in the end.

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How can you even finish a one paragraph email in these??? I can't even.

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I honestly don't get this trend so personally, I can leave this behind in 2016. 

In general, there are mixed responses to this trend. First, you have to know that Freckles is a skin discoloration/condition and it's like what acne is to some people; people with Freckles are more inclined to hiding them because they find it a flaw. The Faux Freckles trend made some freckled people love their flaw more while some were offended because their plight is being used for fun and in turn, it inspires the industry to churn out freckle- inducing products and techniques instead of solutions to getting rid of them. This trend is a double- edged sword and when you sport it, expect to inspire and to offend too.

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From melting solid lipsticks to turn them into liquid lipsticks to mixing liquid foundation and face powder to create a new base, the Internet has seen A TON of these makeup repurposing hacks. Sure, they will work in the beginning, but in the long run, they won't. Maintenance of these hybrid products is another story.

Example is the DIY liquid lipstick hack. I've seen Beauty gurus melting old lipsticks and transferring them into tubes to create liquid lipsticks; looks fun and cool in the beginning, but it's just that; bear in mind that solid lipsticks contain wax to keep them solid and keep them going back to that state; it will only be a matter of time before your solid lipstick-turned-liquid lipstick will harden and turn chunky in the tube. And how about mixing liquid foundation with loose powder to create a thicker base? Cake galore!

Here's one of the secrets to the universe: if you want liquid lipstick, buy liquid lipstick. If you want full coverage foundation, buy a full coverage foundation. Now that wasn't so hard, isn't it?

What are the beauty trends that you would like to leave behind in 2016?

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13 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Omg. I thought ako lang nagki-cringe sa mga instagram videos sa explore page ko haha. Still, I'm very excited what 2017 has in store (beauty tips, hacks) for us!

  2. Its alarming last year watching people using and selling the DIY braces.I saw several posts that their teeth got worst after using DIY braces. having braces is a little bit pricey on legitimate dentist,I know because I do have braces. but it is safest way to achieve a beautiful smile.a friend of mine who is a dentist told me never use DIY braces.

  3. For me, research first or seek professional assistance especially when it concerns your safety.

  4. I love more the matte lipstick than the liquid.. hehe yun po kasi usually ko ginagamit. And face powder. Hindi po kasi ako sanay sa foundation, I tried before, pero pawisin kasi ako kaya namumuo siya kaya di ko na inulit. Hehe

  5. I can't agree more about everything! Let's add beauty gurus using food as their makeup and scorpion nails! I know they are just being creative but people who are just starting with makeup will be just confused as hell.

  6. I never understood using strange tools to contour with haha.

  7. Hmm...they really did not realize that melted lipstick will revert to its original solid state once it cools????? That's basic chemistry!

  8. Yes to all of these!!! 1) It just looks unnatural and hideous IRL. 2) Not everything that's natural is good. If no company has made a product using a particular food/ingredient, it probably is just placebo. Plus, it's unhygienic and unsanitary to put food on your face. 3) I generally don't like the trend of putting anything else other than nail polish on the nails. Even the rhinestones, beads, giant glitters, fur, IMO, just look tacky. 4) I saw some videos of Wayne Goss where he draws freckles, but mostly just to put back marks that was erased by makeup to make the base look more skin-like. I don't get the point of drawing faux ones though if you don't have any. 5) DIY-ing makeup is pretty unhygienic and unsanitary, too.

  9. I'd have to agree with the IG tutorials using kitchen utensils. They have to stop, asap! It's unhygienic, honestly. Though I would have loved to try those nail art with all the glitters, ribbons and jewels! ^-^

  10. Naku wala naman akong beauty trends na ginawa man lang. Napakalate bloomer ko eh. Powder, blush at lipstick ok na ko dun. Ung faux freckles ewan ko bat nagtrending yan, para sakin nakakaoffend nga yan eh.

  11. I'd have to agree with all of them except number 5. Of course, your particular example of melting solid lipsticks to become liquid lipsticks is a big no-no because, as you said, it'll just harden. But I don't think there's anything wrong with repurposing makeup in general. If you bought something in the wrong shade, for example, I don't think there's anything wrong with mixing it up with a different shade to make it work for you. That way, you don't waste any products and you end up with something that you can use. Isn't that the whole point of repurposing?

    Buying something for the sole reason of repurposing it, however, is a different story altogether.

  12. I love makeup..but I wouldn't dare try does tool hacks to achieve a contour look etc. Watching videos and practicing would help me achieve my desired look. And the nails..duh! I love nail art too but not to that extent..i wouldn't be able to hold or touch anything w/ that.
    They are so weird coming up with those kinda stuff. Maybe they should come up with more helpful stuff than those craziness!

  13. Hahaha. Ewan ko nga ba dun sa ibang "social media influencer" kuno, kung anu ano tinuturo sa mga tao. Never tried doing any, argggh, I prefer doing natural ways to be maganda. Haha.


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