Celeteque Dermocosmetics 2-In-1 Eye Bag Miracle Kit in Natural Review + Price + Swatch

Here's a review on Celeteque Dermocosmetics 2-in-1 Eye Bag Miracle Kit in Natural.

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Pro makeup artists would advise to wear eye cream before concealer - especially those with dry skin- to counteract caking, dryness, and to help coverage last longer and I agree because I have benefitted from this technique.

However, I believe not all Filipinas have fully incorporated eye creams in their routines yet (based on the questions I get via email, the contact form, and my Facebook fan page) and would 90% of the time forget to use eye cream before concealer. It's either they find it a waste of time or money, plus they don't know which ones to get.

With concealer but no eye cream or vice versa? No problem. Celeteque's 2-in-1 Eye Bag will take care of this routine for you; it comes with complementing eye balm and concealer to soothe, moisturize, and conceal your under eyes.


A concealer + eye balm kit that conceals and helps reduce puffiness and lighten discoloration on the under eye area. Contains CytobiolTM Lumin-eye that helps reduce under eye bags and puffiness, Vitamin E, Squalene, and Gingko Biloba Leaf extracts. It comes in the shades Light, Natural, and Beige.


The top compact houses the concealer. Screw it off and the bottom reveals the jar of eye cream. It reminds me of Bobbi Brown's old Concealer Kit, except that this one has an eye cream instead of powder. The beauty of this product is the eye balm and concealer complement each other; it takes out the guessing game in knowing which concealer and eye cream go well together; just grab this one and go!


Bare under eye with a layer of eye cream

The eye balm has a lip balm like texture, but is solid that kinda' helps control the amount you take from the tub. It goes on smoothly, invisibly, and leaves a hint of sheen. It does help in softening the under eye area and getting rid of patchiness for an even concealer finish.

The eye cream has Sweet Almond Oil as its top ingredient, meaning this product is primarily made up of oil. That said, don't apply eye balm on the eye lids or it may exacerbate oiliness.

2 layers of the concealer

The concealer has light to medium coverage; it has a light texture too so it looks more like skin than a patch of makeup when applied. I like the finish of the concealer here, thanks to the eye balm.

Natural is a light beige shade with a light yellow undertone; 'tis great for brightening the under eye area.

The duo pretty much lasts the whole day and my under eyes didn't experience caking. However, I do find the coverage of the concealer a bit sheer; wish it were a bit more pigmented. That said, this product is best for those with mild under eye darkness to begin with and for casual wear only. 'Tis also great for those with dry skin on the under eyes and gets you in the good habit of using skin care first before makeup.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Woah! I just put on creams whatever creams under my eye. Can this cream like lessen the puffiness under our eyes? And lighten it's color as well?

  2. Hindi po ba sya malagkit kapag nilagay?

  3. This is a great product I never knew that Celetequehave this. But as you've said the pigmentation of the concealer is quite sheer, it won't work for me coz I really have dark undereye.

  4. this is what I need now..I'll try this one..I keep on jumping from different eye cream most of the time.finding the best for my dark circles..I hope this one will work for me..

  5. When celeteque launched their cosmetic line, I am very excited to try them but until now, I didn't buy them pa. Actually, I'm looking for a good review before buying because their cosmetics are kinda pricey din. And chadannnn, you've review them na so I'm buying this concealer. Hehe. I just hope that they will make the packaging more convenient, yung tipong isang lalagyan na lang para di na hiawalay :) Also, I love it because of it is yellow undertone. Again, its perfect for Filipina skintone. Though it doesn't really cover all that black thingy on our eyes, I guess its nice to use when youre achieving a no make up make up look. Considering the price, it's worth it na. You get a balm and concealer in one. :) BTW, what product or techniques can you recommend for covering a bumpy pimple? I have this one bump on my chin area, nag iisa lang naman sia at namumukod tangi. Hehe. Will attend an event kase next week, hihi. thanks Ms. M!

  6. Pagnaka extra money, I think I gonna try this. Thanks Ms M sa review.

  7. The only eye cream that I have tried was from Benefit and nowadays, I dont have an eye cream incorporated in my skin care routine. So yes, I'm guilty of neglecting my eye area. Only lately did I realize that I have to start taking care of it too, thanks to infos shared by the bloggers that I follow including you, Miss Martha!
    I'll see to it that I check this eye cream from Celeteque soon. Mas mura ndin kase to compared to other brands. ^-^

  8. I never realize to use eye creams before concealers, as what you've said it is a waste of money hehehe. But thanks for the honest review. I want to try this one too.. 2 in 1!

  9. Is it just me? Well I'm more interested in the eyecream more than the concealer in the kit lol!

  10. I am super happy that Celeteque came up with this clever product! My first impression was that it is pricey for a concealer but you will get two kinds of products so sulit pa din. I will definitely try this one. I just hope they have a shade suitable for my skin tone. :)


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