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Here's a review on Essence Little Brow Monsters Collection.

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For those starting out with brows, Essence Little brow Monsters Collection is a good collection to start with because it's a sweet, guided brow collection that's easy to use and pretty much contains the essentials for you to achieve on fleek brows.


This limited edition collection features a brow powder trio, brow highlighter, brow mascara (tinted and clear), brow serum, and eyebrow pen.

Top to bottom: Brow Powder Trio (highlighter, brow shader 1, brow shader 2); Eyebrow Pen; Highlighter

 The Brow Powder Trio contains 3 baked powder shadows to define brows.

Eyebrow Pen is a powder in pencil form. It's similar to one of K-Palette's brow products.

Brow Highlighter is a cream pencil with a metallic finish.

The products are impressively pigmented; one swipe is enough to get a good color payoff going on; pigmentation is medium to heavy.


Bare brow

With Brow Powder Trio

I don't really use the Black shade in the palette because it's too dark; I use it as an eyeshadow instead. I used the brown powder on my brows; it provides natural definition and is pretty easy to layer and spread. I prefer the wet usage with this product for it to cling properly and last long on the skin; powder products don't cling properly onto my brows because they're dense so wet application is favorable for me.

With Eyebrow Pen

Not really a huge fan of the Eyebrow Pen though because it barely clings onto my brows. Wish that this were a liquid brow liner though.

Highlighter on my brow bone

The highlighter is pretty pigmented so I don't use a lot; I like that it highlights my brows nicely and leaves a hint of pretty shimmer for a glowing effect. I use the highlighter powder from the Brow Powder Trio to set the highlighter pen.

I highly recommend the Brow Powder Trio and Brow Highlighter from this collection. These are friendly brow products that are great for everyday use!


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Pulling off a good brows can make a big impact on your face, that's why for me, super essential talaga ng brow products! I love the fact na parang all in one na to, may pen, may powder and may browcara. May pang fill ka ng sparse, may pang define and may pang stay all day. Perfect starter indeed. Yung powders nila parang pwede din sa eyes, ganda ng colors and very pigmented. Specially the highlighter, parang maganda din sia sa inner corner ng eyes! Hihi. Natuwa lang ako dun sa pen nila, it kinda looks like nung sa MB, hehe. Anyways, do they have other color variations po for the pen? Sana may other shade for the gals with color treated hair hehe :) Thanks Ms. M!

  2. Brow Powder Trio for me..I need this in my life ..

  3. I haven't tried any Essence eyebrow Monster trio powder, pen or the highlighter but I do tried the Essence Monster Eyebrow Treatment. I think it's kinda similar to a castor oil that helps the eyebrow hairs to grow or thicken, but I don't know if it really works coz I didn't get to use it religously. On the other hand, eyebroq ppwder are really versatile it can also be an eyeshadow or of the color is really nice it can also be a contour makeup. But I'm more of a pencil type of a person w/c is I'm comfortable to use.

  4. I need something that can help my brows look full. Genetics has blessed me with thin brows ( hu hu hu). Anyway, I wrote blessed naman, so not complaining.I am happy to see new makeup stuff coming out. Will try this out too.

  5. This is a complete set na, how much to Ms M? Someday matututo din akong magkilay.

  6. My brows aren't evenly plucked and currently, I alternately use only two products: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow and Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake. With all the products sold in the market today, I find it hard to find the perfect tool to help me achieve those almost-perfect brows. I'll go check this one out, walang price akong makita kahit sa Google. =P

  7. Grabe talaga that simple as doing your eyebrow makes a big difference in your over all look. Huhuhu. I wanna go to your workshop tuloy Ms. Martha. Sayang di ako napasama.

  8. Kilay is life! I don't have any brow higlighter yet. Will grab the Essence Highlighter soon. I think this is good for kilay starters too. They could go shopping in one brand and have everything they need. I bet they are super affordable too! :)

  9. Essence has great products, now the brand is being notice for it. I've only tried the Monster Eye Treatment for Brows it's like a thick form of a castor oil, I haven't used it regulary so I can't say aboit the results. Anyways, the Eyebrow powder is a must buy coz it doubles as an eyeshadow a great for the purpose of 2 instead of one. While the highlighter is also good for it brightens and lifts the brow bone, tho I think the lightest shade in the trio can be used also in absence of an highlighter.

  10. Thank you for sharing this. Now i do have an idea how does this product looks like before i try to buy. brow powder trio seems nice and looks natural on your brows.

  11. Thank you for sharing this. Now i do have an idea how does this product looks like before i try to buy. brow powder trio seems nice and looks natural on your brows.


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