ItsJudyTime Manila Meet And Greet + Pixi ItsEyeTime and ItsLipTime Palettes Launch

Judy Travis is one of the most successful Youtubers is a Filipina; I admire her because of how successful her channel is and how she's inspiring everyone that it's possible to juggle motherhood, love life, and career. Also, her baby bears are simply brightening each and every one's day including mine!

Two weeks ago, Judy, Benji, Miyabear, Keirabear, and Julianabear visited the Philippines for some RnR and to also meet their biggest Filipino fans in the IJT Manila Meet Up event. I was invited and I made sure I didn't miss it!

Check out the highlights of the event!

First order of business, two song numbers by the baby bears. They are so cute! The twins we're so confident and they loved putting on a show, while Juliana just sang along - I bet if she could stand on the table, she would, but she's a big girl now.

The baby bears, after their numbers, were escorted out of the stage because they couldn't get enough of mommy Judy. Next, Judy mused about her collaboration with Pixi by Petra for ItsEyeTime Eye Shadow Palette and ItsLipTime Lipstick Palette. Together with her on stage was Say Artillero, host of the event, and Lia Ramos, CEO of Glamourbox, the distributors of Pixi by Petra in the Philippines.

It's been a dream of Judy to have such collaboration and see her products on display on top department stores. When Pixi approached her, she knew it was the collaboration she was looking for because she believed in the brand. Working closely with Petra, the founder of the brand, Judy carefully chose the shades, textures, finishes, and names of the products to come off with a masterpiece that's undeniably ItsJudyTime.

When asked about the product, Judy said that she chose a palette because she had busy women like her in mind: it's very easy to use and bring, and the shades are generally neutral that they're very easy to blend together - it's a convenient, handy, instant to up your look. The palettes come with detached mirror for custom placement.

FYI, most of the shades are named after elements of her life like Miyabear, Kianabear, Julianabear, and ItsMommysLife.

After the portion with Glamourbox, Benji came back on stage and spoke a lot about Judy - her passion, persistence, how he admires her as a mom to their three angels, and how Judy, after all these years, still sticks to her integrity as a Blogger despite her sizable following, turning down offers that didn't seem right, but offered pay day because she values her integrity. It was an 'awww' moment for everyone and the room went like that literally! 

Shortly, Benji had to exit the stage and attend to the three girls. Judy's mom joined her on stage and both had put on a light- hearted mother-daughter talk that everyone related with.

 The crowd at IJT Manila Meet Up!

I had a chance for a photo op with Judy and she was very warm, that essential Filipino warmth that you just feel and connect with no matter where you come from. It was a very fruitful Sunday afternoon and always glad to meet someone who's been very successful in the blogging world!

Pixi X ItsJudyTime palettes are priced at P1,495.00, are for pre- order, and are exclusively available at Glamourbox. Visit GLAMOURBOX PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about the products.

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  1. Congratulations for meeting her personally getting to hug her and have a short chat. Me too, (who doesn't) loves Judy as well as my daughters loves watching their family on YT. It is really amazing of her as a mother and a Youtuber. And their husband and wife is a relationship goals. Aside from that just like us she loves makeup even before she came up w/ a palette I can see in her vlogs she lovea to use Pixi prods., and now she has her own Pixi product under her name. That is always sold out in Target on online sites. I wish I have those palettes too, the colors are all beautiful.

  2. Wahhh! You're there pala Ms. M! I love judy and her family. Isa siya sa mga pioneer ng Filipino YT eh. Tuwang tuwa ako sa mga vlogs nia specially the twin bears. Haha so cute nila! I also planned to go in this event, kaso nung bbili na ako ng ticket, sold out na :( How sad, kaya hanggang vlog na lang ako. Huhu. BTW, do you have a vlog for this meet and greet? :) Youre so lucky to be there and have a picture with Judy. You kinda looked like teary eyed Ms. M, hihi. :)) Please review the palette, we love to know your thoughts!

  3. I love the neutral shades..I'd love to have this on my collections..

  4. Nice collaboration of Pixi by Glamourbox. Nakakahanga nga si Ms Judy, as a mom, as a wife she can still manage her blogging/youtube. Nice din lahat ng shades sa palettes.

  5. Wow Ms Martha, Everyone Loves Her..
    ItsJudyTime, Its JudysLife..
    watching them on Youtube with the adorable 3 Bears (Julianna, Miya & Keira)

  6. It feels like I've been there as well, imagining what's going on and hearing their voices. Thank you so much for sharing this to us. What's next? Swatch time? Hihihi. Praying that you'll be just like her once you entered marriage. Looking forward to seeing your future bears too :*

  7. I've been hiding under a rock for decades now because the first time that I've heard of ItsJudyTime was through the social media posts by bloggers that I follow, including you Miss Martha! ^-^
    Anyway, I have started watching her Youtube videos and I'm hooked! I almost always skip the eye shadow part of my makeup routine so I'll go with the ItsLipTime palette instead. Saw it being sold in Shopee for ₱1,645.00! Diba yun overpricing? Or is it the regular price?

  8. Yung dati nppanood mo lng sila yt masaya kna. Paano pa kayo yung nakita mo sya in person at may souvenier pa na alam mong maggamit at magugustuhan mo. I cant wait to see those pixi palletes wearing this on your blog

  9. Wow, Mommy Judy is one inspiring mom. Love that fact that she's pursued her passions in the midst of motherhood, career, love, and kids. Congratulations Judy!

  10. Awww. I wish I met Judy too! She's been an inspiration throughout the years! Plus the baby bears are soooo cute! :)

  11. Gasp the crowd..! I looking forward to your swatch of these babies here in your blog Ms. M (I mean no rushing lol!)

  12. i loved the names Miyabear, Kianabear, Julianabear, & ItsMommysLife
    :) what a milestone it is..


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