A Dry Skin Must-Have: YuskinA Cream. Review and price.

Here's a review on Yuskina Moisturizing Daily Cream

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I'm a lover of multi- purpose creams and preparations that's why when I go abroad for a vacation, I always look for local favorites. So far, Lucas Papaw and Rosebud Salve are my go- to multipurpose creams, but when I was sent this vintage- looking product called YuskinA cream, Lucas and Rosebud immediately had a contender. YuskinA is a classic all- around cream from Japan and it's my favorite lately for addressing dryness, most especially on my lips!


YuskinA Moisturizing Daily Cream or better known as YuskinA Family Medical Cream in Japan is an all- around cream for soothing dry skin, cracked lips, windburn, rough knees, and dry cuticles.

The proprietary formula contains Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Glycerin, and Glycyrrethinic Acid, which I think is the magic ingredient here. I have read that Glycyrrhetinic Acid is a derivative obtained from Licorice, which is known for soothing sun burns, sensitive skin, itch, dryness, and is even observed to help minimize subcutaneous fat if applied topically.

Locally, YuskinA comes in this size only; there's a tub version in Japan.


The product is a rich cream that doesn't feel heavy nor greasy. The tint of the cream is naturally- occurring due to Vitamin B2. 

What I love most about it is how it 'heals' my lips. It has a medicated scent due to Camphor; not the most pleasing if applied on the lips (which I do all the time), but damn, it's a healer that it keeps my dry lips from flaking for days even without any lip balm on that's why I'm putting up with the scent!

This cream is also perfect for soothing dry skin, especially the elbows and knees, plus keeps skin area that's been bitten by insects from turning dry; it even alleviates itchiness!

I still have a special place in my heart for Lucas Papaw and Rosebud Salve, but man, Yuskina is a force to reckon with. It's a must- have for anyone with severely dry lips and skin!


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7 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is new to me. A must try product. Affordable and effective. My most area is my feet, I wanna like to try this. Thanks for this post Ms. M

  2. Hi Ms. Martha, I'm gonna check on this when I am going to Japan. Hihihihi. I'll check out your previous post about the must haves in Japan and please keep them coming hihihi so I'll have reference when I can finally set my foot on the Land of the Rising Sun. Hahahaha. Thanks :)

  3. Oh my.. I didnt know nor thought that I can use it on my lips! Haha. I got one from Sampleroom last year I think and I have since used it on my knees, elbows and feet. Now I have been battling dry, chapped lips for the longest time and I might as well use it tonight! Thanks for this Miss Martha, this could be the answer to my problematic lips!

  4. Oh wow, from the title to the article content this cream seems to be a new go to multi use balm. This is timely for me as my current lipbalm is somehow failing in keeping my lips moisturized though I am religiously applying it everyday. I think I need more moisturizing to avoid dry, chapped lips. I am also a fan of multipurpose products as they are money and space saver in my kikay kit. I guess this is a new must have and must try product. I am excited to try and hope to purchase one for myself when i got to visit Browhaus at Glorietta. But what is your feeling with the Nivea cream (the blue one) Ms M, i know this one is also your favorite?

  5. Wow! This is a great find. I do have dry chapped lips and my hubby has a very dry skin as well. This would be a very good solution to our problem of dryness. Gotta look for a Browhaus branch near so I could purchase one for us. THANKS!

  6. I have been suffering from mosquito bites even on my face. Thank goodness this post is just on time! This is affordable so I can easily buy this one. Hope it helps relieve the itchiness. If this is good, I need to tell my sister from Japan to buy me more. Hehe

  7. I think I need this too for my chapped lips. My lips can get dry at time. This is the answer for my lip problem.


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