Biore UV Watery Gel and UV Perfect Spray: The Road Test + Manila Sight- Seeing Tour

Biore has launched their newest sunscreen and what better way to see if it works than by road- testing it on a walking tour. Last weekend, I joined Biore Philippines for the launch of UV Watery Gel in a sight- seeing tour around Manila! So did I get sun- burned or what? I'll tell you below!

Biore UV Watery Face Gel is a lightweight, hydrating, and moisturizing gel cream that gets absorbed fast, leaves a hint of featherweight moisture, and protects with SPF 50+ PA++++; it protects you from the nasty UVA and UVB rays while keeping you fresh and cool, making it a great sunscreen for the city.

There's also the new Biore UV Perfect Spray SPF 50+ PA++++,  a light gel cream mist that's waterproof and perspiration proof, great for those who tend to sweat profusely and lead a more active lifestyle.

Our first stop was Fort Santiago, the historical walled city. Our tour guide, Mar, enthusiastically explained to us each and every corner of Fort Santiago, plus taught us some cool facts that we thought we knew, but didn't!

In the pre- hispanic period, Fort Santiago was a port for docking merchants and the seat of the Islamic State where Rajah Sulayman spent most of his days until the Spaniards took over Manila, seized Intramuros, and turned it into a fortress.
Sad that it rained so we had to put up our umbrellas for a while, but we were still feeling the sun on our skin so sunscreen was still needed; in case you didn't know, the sun's rays can bounce off pavements and hit you from below even if you have protection on top.

My fave part of the Intramuros tour was the Jose Rizal museum because I've never been there! In here, you're seeing the painting of Rizal's life and death called The Martyrdom of Rizal by Carlos Botong Francisco; it summarizes Rizal's life, heroism, and death; if you're wondering what the white smoke- like figure is, it's a smoke from a candle that's painted somewhere in it; it's symbolic of the echoing of Rizal's efforts in awakening nationalism; the Spaniards may have extinguished the light (Rizal), but its inspiration lived on (the smoke) and awakened the Filipino spirit.

This fact about Rizal blew my mind: Jose Rizal is known by almost every Filipino as our national hero, but he was NEVER declared as a national hero by the government; in our hearts, he is, but legally, he isn't. The truth is Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Luna, Del Pilar, Sultan Kudarat, Aguinaldo, Melchora Aquino, and Gabriela Silang are RECOMMENDED as national heroes.

An interactive photo wall showcasing some of the Filipino products that featured and depicted Rizal.

Rizal was a skilled linguist, sculptor, doctor, writer, poet, horticulturist, novelist, commentator, painter, fencer, ophthalmologist, and zoologist. Beat that! FYI, Rizal discovered three species in the Philippines as well and these are: Apogania Rizal (a beetle), Rhacoporus Rizali (frog), and Draco Rizali (flying dragon lizard).
Now that was amazing! I'm a History geek and I loved every minute at Fort Santiago!

 Next stop, San Agustin Church, one of my favorite churches in Manila!

San Agustin is a 400- year old church and symbol of the Filipino Catholic faith; it was built by Augustinian missionaries and is one of the best examples of Baroque architecture. The carvings on the ceiling, believe it or not, are actually paintings!

San Agustin Church is the oldest church in the Philippines and is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993.

I've fallen in love with churches at a young age because my mother would always tag me along in her Visita Iglesia trips every Holy Week; I have always been fascinated by vintage architecture and most of all, history, that's why it wasn't hard for me at all to fall in love with the oldest churches around Manila! San Agustin remains to be my favorite because of its museum that houses some of the oldest religious artifacts in Manila and possibly, the country!

Ancient retablos that are probably more than 200 years old!

After 3 hours of walking and sun exposure, we called it a day and had late lunch.

What a lovely weekend for my history and beauty- loving self!

Now how did Biore fare in this test?

It passed! I never got any sunburn and my skin was still okay after the trip: it didn't feel sensitive, taut, dry, or look red! The Bloggers with fairer skin also attested that their skin still looked pretty even after the trip! Personally, I love Biore UV Watery Gel because of its light texture while the others loved Biore UV Spray because of the convenience.

Biore UV Watery Gel is a great everyday sunscreen because of its texture, fast- absorbing quality, and high protection. I know a lot of people don't wear sunscreen in the city due to the notion that it's thick, clogging, and heavy, but Biore is here to change your mind. 

If your job requires you to be outdoors all the time or you simply want to get to know your city more without the fear of getting uneven skin tone or being damaged by UV rays all while having moisturized skin, Biore UV Watery Gel is what I will recommend. Best part, it can be used for the face and body too, and they're so light, you can reapply them anytime easily!

Biore UV Perfect Spray and UV Watery Gel are now available in all leading department stores and drugstores. Visit BIORE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information about this product.

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  1. I've seen your Intramuros tours on some of bloggers/vloggers IG stories it is really fascinating to go back to our history. And not hhave to wrry about the harsh rays of the sun while walking bcoz ur protected w/ a great product. Well, this is a must specially summer is near and there is so many fun activities under the sun. I must buy for active people who are excited for summer fun.

  2. I'm currently using Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence and i love how it gives me the protection i need from the sun's harmful rays yet it is lightweight and doesn't make my face oilier.I would love to try their newest product really soon.

  3. I've never been to Intramuros (shame on me) and this post made me want to go there all the more and ASAP! Anyhoo, summer is fast approaching and applying sunscreen is definitely a must! Right now I have Belo sunscreen (which works fine for me) and have ordered another brand of sunblock from Althea. I'll most likely check this one from Biore as soon as I can!

  4. Super ganda ng mga places na napuntahan nyo ms. Martha. And sa tagal ng pamamasyal nyo neverbka na sunburn it means effective tlga ang biore spray lalo na at may spf 50 xa. This is a good review bout sun protection and help me to choose the beat sun spray for this coming summer. Maybe this is also effective at the beach. Thanks ms. Martha.we can now enjoy our summer without sunburn

  5. Not so much into history, but same as you, Ms. M, I am also fascinated with old architectures. I live in Manila, but haven't been to Intramuros. Haha! Indeed, a lovely weekend for you and Biore's got you covered! :)

  6. Ang ganda po ng picture nyo on top, the one with everyone with their umbrellas and you're not. hihihihi. I would really love to try this one.

  7. May new product pala ang Biore. I have Biore Aqua Rich UV Watery Essence and I love it. Its so light and fast absorbing. Matry ko nga ung gel kase pede din sa body parts eh. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  8. I have been to San Agustin Church. A cousin got married there sometime January 2016. Biore is a great brand. Love these products featured here.

  9. I tried BIORE but I had breakouts! :(


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