Soft Matte Lippies called Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick Review, Swatches, Price

Here's a review on Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick.

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When I was starting out in Beauty Blogging, I encountered a makeup artist in one of the beauty campaigns I did and gave me this tip: If you want affordable, but great lipsticks, go for Avon; he swears by it and he even showed me his Avon lipstick arsenal that he brings with him in every gig. "What's not to love about it?" He mused; "Colors are great and it's affordable that's why it allows me to buy a lot so I can mix and match colors." 

That tip stuck with me so I always see Avon lipsticks as one of the best there is; true enough, it is; Avon lipstick is a staple in my makeup kit and I wear it when my lips are very dry, but I have to wear lipstick.

I got to try True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick recently; adding this one to my list of Lipsticks For When Your Lips Are Undergoing El Niño.


A matte lipstick with 100% matte ingredients, but with a comfortable feel. Avon promises that formula will not cake, settle, crack nor crease during wear. It comes in 12 true shades. 

According to Avon, this is their first matte lipstick. Love the sleek, black packaging with a hint of matte on it; looks like a pricey lipstick!


Hot Plum

- Violet with a hint of magenta.

Hot Plum is a unique shade that reminds me of MAC's Up The Amp lipstick; the vibe of the color screams SUMMER too.

Pure Pink

- Muted carnation pink.

Avon actually has a shade called Carnation Pink and it's more vivid and pastel in hue; this one is a softer version of it; very vintage and pretty. It will fare better on fairer skin tones in my opinion.

Wild Cherry

- Dark red with a berry undertone.

Wild Cherry is a classic dark red that's great for night outs and on all skin tones.

Red Supreme

- Bright true red.

Red Supreme is your good ol' red; it's a bright red that's approachable and good for casual wear and sunny days.

The lipsticks have a vanilla floral scent; they glide on smoothly and feel like a rich balm, but don't feel sticky or thick. Finish is semi- matte, actually, but becomes a bit more matte minutes after application, but not totally matte. Pigmentation is medium to heavy and I can layer it on without the additional weight. Formula doesn't dry out the lips, but may highlight dryness so moisturize or scrub before wear. True enough, formula doesn't crack nor crease, but needs to be retouched after a meal.

This is a pretty good semi- matte lipstick at an affordable price, plus Avon always has chic, nice colors. Would definitely recommend this to beauties on a budget who want a soft matte lipstick that won't dry out the lips!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I actually own some avon lipsticks as well because yes it's affordable and available anywhere especially in province a lot of at home moms are retailers so I can always order anytime :)

  2. I'm an Avon Lady. I usually buy for personal use their makeup,lotions, colognes amd underwears. But I'm not a fan of their lipsticks because it's either they have Satin or Sheer coverage. I love matte lipsticks now that theyhave matte ones, I will definitely try them. I'll wait for a sale which is less of the oroginal price then another less 25% offer for being a dealer. That is a steal! 😁

  3. Avon lipsticks are really good! Though I think they release matte lipsticks before but not as good as this line. The consistency and finish reminds me of Revlon HD matte Liquid lipstick although this is in tube. The only problem with this is when you eat or drink, it tends to wear off on the center. Thus, the weird residue on the edges of my lips. As if I am wearing my lipstick only on the edges. I also need to mention that one need to be extra careful in storing it and using. Since it easily come off its tube. But for the price, I can't complain at all. :)

  4. I only wish that this line has a more nudes in their line though I love the variety of red in here. Actually in my opinion it is best to use their lip pencil with these matte babies if touch up after meals is not an option for busy girls like us:)

  5. Love Avon product eversince but now loving them so much because they making a lot of exciting product to choose from

  6. I think I have to try this. Ok naman ang avon, hindi ko pa natry ang lipstick nila.

  7. I like Pure Pink, parang teenager lang ang peg.


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