7 Reasons Why I Love Cetaphil

Cetaphil has played a huge part in my family; my folks love it as well as my fiancé. I'm sure a lot can relate here as one way or another, we've used Cetaphil in our daily lives; it's highly likely because the brand has been around for 70 years!

Cetaphil is celebrating their 70th year and as an ode to the brand, here are 7 reasons why I love it.


- When my skin is experiencing irritation or sensitivity, I will switch to Cetaphil as my cleanser to help aid my skin in the healing process.


- Cetaphil's products are developed by dermatologists, taking into consideration skin needs and most of all, skin compatibility. In fact, it's even used in hospitals!


- When my grandmother was still alive, her doctor advised that we use Cetaphil on her back to help alleviate and prevent cold sores and it did.


- Cetaphil has expanded to different categories as well as product types to cater to all skin types. Here's their Moisturizing range that's great for dry or normal skin, and for every moisturizing need.


- Cetaphil can be used not only on the face, but on the entire body as well! 'Nuff said!


- Cetaphil Baby is one of the brands that my mommy friends use because they love how gentle and accessible the products are; they love the cleanser because it not only cleans, but makes baby's skin feel healthy to touch as well.

As for the classic Cetaphil cleanser, it is what my fiancé only uses; he has highly reactive skin that's very prone to breakout and Cetaphil has been keeping his skin great and acne- free for years now.


- Whether man, woman, young, old, normal, dry, oily, or sensitive skin, Cetaphil is for you!

Happy 70 years, Cetaphil! May you exist for another 70 years to continue delivering expert products and care to everyone!

What are your fondest memories with Cetaphil? Share your experience!

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was first introduced to Cetaphil since I became a mother.. my little miss always had rashes on her back and arms and her pedia recommends using cetaphil cleanser / bar and I tried using it too! Kaya everytime na merong promo si cetaphil i bought (hoard) them lalo yung cleanser I was happy they have product for babies too! Currently my little miss and I use their lotion (one intended for the baby) it smells fresh and very light on skin pang baby talaga! plus the price is good enough for the quality of the product two thumbs up. It will always be included on our vanity!

  2. What I remember way back in college I am NPA ( No Permanent Address ) as we love going to concerts in Melvin Jones or SM Baguio so I have to stay at one of my friend's boarding house and s I have this one friend who has Cetaphil products and I always enjoyed bathing in their boarding house using her Cetaphil bath products. hahahahaha. Kasi it's expensive for me so I just stick to soap like safeguard or kojic soap and when it comes to cleanser or creams naman sa face eh other brands din like eskinol, ponds or garnier mga ganyan. Hahaha.

  3. Love din namin ang Cetaphil lalo na ung pang baby, Cetaphil Baby Shampoo at Gentle Cleanser hindi lang pang baby pede din kay mommy at daddy.

  4. Haven't tried Cetaphil but my brother always asks me to buy him those big bottles, I guess he really loves it because he's been using it all the time. And wow 70 years? Way to go Cetaphil!

  5. Congrats to Cetaphil for celebrating their 70th year!
    I remember using Cetaphil for my 2nd child when he was still a baby, that was 18 years ago. He had skin asthma so rashes are on his face and parts of the body. My aunt who works in a hospital in the US, sent us a box of sample bottles of Cetaphil. From then on we use Cetaphil not just for my kids but for us too. Up until now my youngest who is 9 y.o. still uses it to cleanse his face as well as my husband who doesn't like strong smellibg soaps or facial wash.

  6. Me and my kids love cetaphil too 😍😍😍 we have been using it for 8 years now. It's very gentle na bagay na bagay for my kids sensitive skin and also its recommended by our pedia.

  7. Ito ang ni recommend ng doctor nung nagkaroon ng skin problem ang anak ko. Ilang araw lang nawala na ung rashes nya. :)

  8. Cetaphil Baby Wash And Shampoo With Organic Calendula is a tear-free formula that blends into a rich, lathering wash that gently cleans your baby's delicate skin and hair without drying.

  9. Yes to Cetaphil! I've tried this back when I was having a very sensitive skin and it does help in healing. My sister also uses this for her skin problems. You get what you pay for in this brand.


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