DEAR READERS: What's the craziest beauty advice ever said to you?

Dear Readers,

Everyone has a lot to say. And that's okay! However, there are things that are better said to yourself and these are unsolicited advice, nasty comments, and judgment.

When it comes to beauty, a lot of people cross the line. So what are the craziest pieces of beauty advice ever said to you? Here are mine:


- Seriously? Tell you what. Cleopatra has dark skin and up to this day, she is still considered as one of the most beautiful women in the world. So thanks, but no thanks.


- This advice always pertains to wearing no makeup at all. But I hear it differently and it's like this: Natural makeup? Sure I'll take that!


- For a lady who can lift more than her body weight, back squat her weight, and push 100 lbs. on top of her head, I surely won't get thin because my workouts build muscle; if I were thin, I'd always be in the hospital for broken bones because of the massive disproportion between my activity and weight; it's like telling me that you can build a ten- story building on top of Bamboo reeds.

Seriously? There are still people who think that there are only two body shapes in the world? Fat and Thin? Man, someone's doing too much Facebook.

So those are the craziest I've ever heard so far. Share yours! This should be fun! :D

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. "Magpataba ka lang mas gaganda ka pa." <- I got this like nth times. hahahahaha

  2. Oh, boy... I've heard my fair share of crazy "beauty advice"; but, the most common comments I receive are about my height and weight. "It's a shame you're so short. A taller height would suit you better." - as if I have control over my genetics, lol. (I am 4'11.5 ft for reference. Very short. Haha.) As for my weight, I've always been struggling with it. I'm either on the plump side or on the heavier, buff side. There's no in between. When I was chubby, I was always told that I would be beautiful if only I would lose weight. Unfortunately, my body is not built to be skinny. I am a broad shouldered, broad hipped, muscular lady when I do eat a proper diet and engage in consistent workouts. When I lost fat (I can't say weight since I did become heavier) and became more toned, I received comments like, "You don't look feminine anymore. Stop working out." or "So...are you like, lesbian now? You look like a boy now."

    I really can't win! -sigh-

  3. "Sayang maganda ka pa naman kaya lang... Ang taba mo!"

    Me: (bubulong sa sarili) Buwisit! #beastmode

  4. It's more of the weight e! Actual exchange at a family reunion way back:
    Relative: "O ba't parang pataba ka lang nang pataba?"
    Me: *sweet smile* "E kayo nga papangit ng papangit, wala naman po kayong naririnig mula sa'kin..."

    (Backgrounder, these relatives always had a negative comment for me annually and I usually would shut up and just feel bad silently. I developed a sassier mouth in college, and that's that. Hehehe my mom gave me a high five after that, and they never commented on me again.)

  5. Nung bata pa ako hanggat nagdalaga ako, napakapayatot ko, kaya ang tawag nila sakin ay Olive (ung partner ni Popeye).

  6. My Dad passed me his myopic eye genes and I always get these comment: "Ang pangit mo kapag nakasalamin, mukha kang genius wala na magkakagusto sa iyo". I then started using colored contacts (for convenience as I always lost clear ones) because I thought those comment about me will stop but then I now here from them... "Naka contact lens ka lang akala mo ang ganda-ganda mo na".

    At first, these comments gets the better of me and I almost always snaps back at those people then, I realize won't stop unless I give a dose of their own medicine. I know can get away with this line (never forget to say it with your best in sarcastic tone) "Paano yan kapag di ako nagsalamin/ nag-contacts hindi ko na makikita ang kagwapuhan/ kaganda mo? Hiyang-hiya pa naman ako sa iyo dahil idol kita!" (don't forget to give your sarcastic smile after delivering this tried and tested line of mine lol).

  7. Nakarelate ako sa mga comments dito! I'm also short, 5 feet only and problem ko yung pagiging malapad. I'm currently into crossfit and some discourages me kasi daw nakakalaki ng katawan at nakaka-muscle. Pero I don't mind them kasi ibang fitness and strength ang benefit ng crossfit saken, plus nakita ko talaga nabawasan ang fats ko. I really just filter beauty advices, some are well meant but some are just, demeaning. Haha.

  8. Maganda ka, pero kailangan mo pa magpapayat. And maganda sana pero Dabyana. Hay!!! It's people's way of telling how they love you with conditions.

  9. I don't like growing my hair so I usually get "Magpahaba ka ng buhok para babaeng babae ka" I'm like "OK BUT YOU SHOULD SUPPLY MY SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER"

  10. "Mas maganda ka kung mataba ka" Says my crush back when I was in college. I was thin all my life, but when adulting and corporate world strikes really hard, you get body fats that you don't even need. But I don't care, and I don't bother dieting because duh YOLO! And I love what I have today so why waste it away on dieting? :)

  11. I can't wear any bold colors when I was a teen. Last year, I decided to purchase my first ever red lipstick. It is not just red, it screams R-E-D all over! (Hello, Ruby Woo!) but my family did not like it at all. My conservative friend even told me "Mukha kang slut bes. Wag ka mag red." I think red is just intimidating for some but I still wear it when my parents are not around :P

  12. Oh man, I get the "if you're fairer", "natural is prettier", and "why are you not skinny" all the time. i always respond to those by raising a perfectly-arched kilay. haha.

  13. "Maganda ka sana kaya lang pango ka" ouch diba haha

  14. Gupitin mo ung pilikmata mo para humaba mas gaganda ka. Sabi sakin 😂

  15. I always get the "natural is prettier" and "mas maganda ka kung maputi ka" like ugh. Pwede ba??!!


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