So this is why MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ Spray is a favorite of many makeup artists + Review and the right way to use it

Here's a review on MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray.

PRICE: Mini: P600.00; Regular size: P1,220.00
FROM: MAC SM Aura and Eastwood City
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all MAC boutiques


Welcome to the HG makeup spray of makeup artists and even consumers: Mac Prep + Prime Fix + Spray. I first heard this product through Wayne Goss, my favorite Youtube beauty guru. He swears by the product and a fan like me would of course go out and get the favorite product of her favorite beauty guru. But back then, I was a student and couldn't even afford a MAC lipstick that time; this product is expensive for a facial mist.

Fast forward to now, I have a bit of money to spare and the thought of trying out this spray still crosses my mind every now and then after all these years, and it crossed my mind when I happened to pass by a MAC boutique so I got one. And now I realized why makeup artists and Wayne love it so much!


A lightweight water finishing spray that soothes skin and finishes makeup.

The product comes in a box. I like the classy look and feel of the product packaging; maybe it's where most of my money went LOL.


The product has high amount of Glycerin and skin- soothing plant- based extracts such as Cucumber, Chamomile, and Green Tea extracts; these are really good for the skin and are known humectants also; these are what help makeup look fresh the whole day. It is virtually fragrance- free.


The product is water with a bit of moisture in it; it doesn't evaporate fast and leaves skin dewy and feeling hydrated; when I use this product, I drench my skin in it; I know, I'm wasting money haha, but I found this to be an effective way to finish my makeup. I have cheaper facial mists in hand to alternate with Fix +.

Fix + Spray has just enough bad reviews as good reviews. A lot of people would deem this product as a 'waste of money' just because it 'does not make makeup last the whole day.' There are two problems here: One, the product has a misleading name: Fix +; when people hear FIX, the thought of making makeup more long- wearing always comes to mind. Second, methinks some buyers didn't bother to research more about the product or ask SAs about its proper usage to be able to utilize the product properly.

So how does this product work, really?

L- Powdered face
R- Finished with Fix+ Spray

This product is meant to remove the powdery look and residue of your makeup; when you coat your skin with the formula, it melts excess powder, provides soothing moisture to help your skin look fresh the whole day, and brings back that natural, skin- like look of your makeup despite wearing heaps of makeup.

No, it does not SET makeup; it just acts as a FINISHING spray to boost your makeup and look.

The fact that it brings back normalcy to makeup and camouflages the truth that you're wearing a lot of makeup underneath is the reason why makeup artists love it; and it's also the reason why I love it. As a full coverage lover, my face tends to look powdery and clogged all the time because of powder residue, and this product helps a lot in resolving that for me; it's enough reason for me to buy this product.

Here are other uses of Fix + Spray:

1. As base for moisturizer
2. Regular facial mist
3. Can be used to dampen brushes, sponges, and makeup for a smoother application

Will I recommend it right away? Probably not because it is very expensive for a facial mist; I won't deny, it's high quality facial mist and comparing it with my other, cheaper facial mists, I like the finish of Fix + Spray more, but then again, too costly for a mist. It just so happened that I can afford it so I bought it (I'm not bragging, just stating a fact), but it's something that I will only buy if I have money to spare even if I really like its effect. Otherwise, I'm good with affordable mists from Korean beauty brands, for example. But if you can afford it, go ahead; it's probably one of MAC's best products in my opinion.


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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love it it makes the finish so natural and beautiful unlike when a mist wasn't sprayed.

  2. This MAC product is really a favorite of many Beauty enthusiasts such as YT makeup artists. I like makeup but I'm no pro on makeup. I would love to try this, but ptobably if not I'll just settle for a cheaper one.

  3. You can definitely tell the difference. I love the coconut scented Fix+

  4. Goodness now I know why it was highly raved by beauty vloggers/guru on youtube and via blogosphere. But any dupe/recommendation for this one ms m?

  5. I am trying to save money to buy this as well but I am kind of waiting for the limited edition to be released (the one with the designs on it!) because it helps in making your whole look looks natural. I agree that some people misconceptualized the product but the "fix" word is their to act as what it do. It doesn't even had the word "set" or "setting spray" their. Also, I watched some reviews of youtubers claiming that it helps in locking the makeup on their face and it lasts long. So I guess readers or viewers believe them. :P

  6. Thanks for this post Ms M, yup, medyo expensive sya para sakin.

  7. Those who expect that this make their makeup last longer they should look for sealant spray like the one from Mehron.

  8. I remember your Pak Plakado Foundation tutorial, that mists are really important on melting excess powder off your face. And yes it's a pricey mists, so sana you an suggest cheaper alternatives.

  9. that's why it is afordable, it is very effective and has a glowy natural finish on the skin.

  10. that's why it's not affordable, the results of how it become natural and glowing on the skin

  11. Wow! There's a big difference when you use it vs when you don't. It really does shrug off excess powder 😍


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