UNBOXING: BDJ Elite Box X Colour Collection May 2017 Box

I just finished packing all the bags for my 8th anniversary giveaway this Saturday. I'm might excited and mighty nervous as heck, but what the heck, LET'S DO THIS! :D

Before sleeping, I found a little time to write about this new box from BDJ in collaboration with Colour Collection; nice to 'hear' from these two brands again! Couldn't sleep without unboxing this freshly- delivered box so here it goes.

This box is all about leaving a lasting impression and to be able to do so, you need makeup that lasts long enough to help you give and leave a good impression; Colour Collection's products are here to help!

This box contains 12 full- sized products; 12 FULL- SIZED PRODUCTS!!!

The products featured are the following:

Colour Collection HD Dual Powder (P549.00)
Colour Collection Colour Intense Face Palette (P499.00)
Colour Collection All Day Wear Eyeshadow Trio Palette (P399.00)
Colour Collection All Day Wear Lengthening Mascara (P399.00)
Colour Collection All Day Wear 14-Hr. Liquid Eye Liner Pen (P369.00)
Colour Collection All Day Wear Brow Mascara (P399.00)
Colour Collection All Day Wear Lipstick Suede Collection (P350.00/each)

I've tried the All Day Wear lipsticks before, but this is the first time I'm swatching the new Suede Collection. There are also four new products here: 14-Hr. Liquid Eye Liner (WOW!), HD Dual Powder, and  All Day Wear Brow Mascara; excited to try the eye liner because of the claim as well as the brow mascara because you know, kilay is life! :D

I like how Colour Collection is building on their All Day Wear collection; it's always nice to have wider options for long- wearing makeup!

Total value of the box is P4,364.00. Coolness! You've got a full face arsenal already with this box!

For more information and to order, please visit BDJ BOX on Facebook and BDJ OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. oh dear ito pala ang laman ng May Elite Box! Im into skincare at the moment Ms M good thing na di ako natempt magsubscribe for the May Box. I cannot wait on your swatches!

  2. Wow! I wanna receive something like this as well oh my this will be heaven then along with this is a box from style genie with all the clothes intended and solely for you much much more heaven. hahaha. I am hoping you could also be one of the ambassadress of clothing lines and shoes aside from make ups coz all your OOTD are all worth following.

  3. Can't wait for your detailed review on them.

  4. Wow ang dameng laman. Super sulit ung box kaso I'm more on skincare ngayon at isang beses lang ako nabili ng makeup, minsan ko lang kase gagamitin (full time mom here).

  5. I haven't tried subscribing from BDJ box, but hopefully in the future. Anyways, I've known Colour collection makeup even before but I haven't tried all of their products. I know that they can be bought thru direct selling that is where I got them. They have wide range of color selection specially on their lipsticks.

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  7. That's Amazing! Make-up hoard! Ang ganda ng BDJ Elite Box!

  8. Is that pastel blue? I rarely see pastel blue in eyeshadow palette. Ms. M can't wait to see your swatches :)

  9. Huwaw!!! That's a lot for a single subscription box! Been wanting to try their lipsticks and good thing I stumbled upon your post. Meron din pala silang ibang products! Amazing!


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