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X-Power: Millennial- Friendly Gadget Accessories

Us, Millennials, we're a generation of gadget lovers and we love bringing them everywhere; we're never caught without our smartphone, tablet, laptop, action cam, and other thingamajigs. But what's lacking are accessories that are compact, versatile enough to keep up with our multiple interests and hobbies, and of course, sturdy and varied enough to withstand our heavy and diverse gadget usage. Pray that you don't get caught in a situation where all your gadgets are nearing zero already! Yikes! Also, how we wish that there are versatile accessories that can charge and connect more than one device so we don't have to bring all those darn cords everywhere we go.

Finally, there's X-Power, a tech accessories brand built for Millennials.

X-Power is a brand of high quality accessories that has just hit the stores of Digital Walker; affordable, high quality, and efficient, the accessories combine various features to address multiple needs such as charging and connecting multiple devices, features that are music to a Millennial's ear.

Here are some of my picks:

X- Power Aluminum Alloy is a 3-in-1 nylon cable that can connect three different devices at the same time with a micro USB, lightning port, and Type C connectors.

X-Power Quick Charge Desktop Charger lets you charge overnight multiple devices even if there aren't enough sockets around; just plug it and charge 4 gadgets in one go!

Quick Charge Desktop Charger and Aluminum Alloy 3-in-1 Cable are my most favorites items from the brand; they're so travel- friendly!

For the music lover who's always on the go, X-Power Wireless Bluetooth earphones are the top choice. Just hang it around your neck and never worry about losing an ear piece or tangled wires ever again.

X-Power Quick Charge Car Charger lets you charge multiple devices while on the road. Finally, it's totally okay to charge your phone and camera on the road, and even 5 minutes before you leave the house haha!

X-Power's products have passed strict quality standards and received various certifications to ensure consumer safety. Other than these items, there's also a range of Power Banks to choose from.

More features than expensive brands, half the price of similar brands; what's not to love about X-Power, fellow Millennial? 

X-Power is now available in all Digital Walker outlets. Visit DIGITAL WALKER on Facebook for more information.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Nakakarelate ako dun sa 5 minutes charging before leaving the house akong ako hehe..

    I am planning to get a power bank and a headset before the ber months! (budget.. budget.. budget) good thing you review them on time (at least I got an idea what is new) not a techie person but if a gadget is a multi tasker (I could consider)

    very realistic yung bluetooth na headset (I need that)

    Happy Birthday in Advance (ulit) Ms Martha! HUGS!!!

  2. I love the car charger, ung iba kasi nabibili parang hindi safe, also for the fact na marami ka pwedeng icharge at the same time.

  3. Gonna check it out nga sa Digital Walker pag nag mall, type ko ung sa charger. Thanks for this post Ms M.

  4. I'm not into much of gadgets..the X Power Aluminium alloy is perfect for my teens. For sure there are more great things that are available in their store.

  5. My top pick would be the wireless bluetooth earphones. The cord of earphones always annoys me 😂

  6. Do they have a website to order their products? haha. I am planning to buy a powerbank especially when I travel.

  7. Already followed digital walker on FB Ms. Martha :) I would love to check their powerbanks and earphones. I hope their earphones will suit my job as a medical transcriptionist :)

  8. Hala this is perfect for me, student. Bet ma bet ko yung wireless na earphones ate Martha. Ang hassle po kasi nung chords. Gotta love this!

  9. Aha! This is so nice since I'm planning to buy powerbank for ny hubby. I will recommend this to my hubby. Thanks for this review. 😊

  10. Siguro in the future my mag-invent na rin ng mga no cords for our gadgets.. I love the powerbank especially hindi ko gusto mahuli sa balita. ^_^

  11. Wooow! Dati I only know 2-in-1 cable connectors, I'm shooook there's 3-in-1 na. This is perfect for me and my mom coz she always forget her usb connector, plus an extra 1 for anyone who wants to charge too �� Love the X- Power Aluminum Alloy is a 3-in-1 nylon cable ❤


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