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Our friends in the luxe beauty department has just dropped luscious, new beauty products that I think will become staples in your kit! What I love about everything is they're all long- wearing!

Maquillage sent me this package earlier that features pieces from one of their Spring 2017 collection, but with the effects and properties of the makeup, I don't see why you can't use it for the holidays too!

Take for example, Flat Change Base that promises 13- hour foundation wear; it claims to help makeup resist fading, caking, and external aggressors like sweat and sebum. Dramatic Mood Veil Silky Powder has skin brightening powders that liven up the complexion and add a touch of glow. Perfect Black Liner creates a perfect winged line that lasts long, Dramatic Loose Powder provides a soft, mattifying touch, and Watery Rouge adds moisturizing color and shine to the lips, which is timely because gloss is in once again!

Maquillage is available in all Shiseido boutiques. Visit SHISEIDO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more information.

Meanwhile, in Korea, Club Clio wows us with a collection of long- lasting, waterproof products in Gelpresso, Airy Ink Velvet, and Mad for Matte.

Gelpresso is a range of soft, waterproof eyeliners with a built- in smudging tool and sharpener for on fleek lines all the time; colors range from neutral to bold. 

Mad Matte is a set of creamy, luscious soft matte lipsticks with lasting coverage. Kill Brow, one of my most favorite eyebrow products to date introduces Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil, a dual- ended retractable brow pencil + spoolie with waterproof properties.

Finally, Peri Pera's much- awaited Airy Ink Velvet arrives. Airy Ink Velvet is a watery, pigmented tint with intense staying power. These are now available at Club Clio stores. Visit CLUB CLIO PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about these collections.

Atkinsons reveals the new additions to the Legendary Fragrance collection: The Excelsior Bouquet, Love in Idleness, and Amber Empire. These pillar fragrances of the brand have been revived for the modern generation, a peek into the opulent past and renowned craftsmanship of Atkinsons, the fine British perfume house. 

Amber Empire is based on a 1927 scent that features Oolong Tea, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Incense, Vanilla, and Jasmine. Amber Empire is rich, exotic, yet somewhere between the notes, interestingly contemporary. Available at Art of Scent boutiques. 

Visit ART OF SCENT on Facebook for more information.

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  1. I'm excited for the swatches of Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet. 😍

  2. Maquillage!!Club Clio! Awesome! Definitie must haves for makeup aficionados

  3. I want the Airy Ink Velvet!!!! I'm checking it online and it's all sold out!!! Oh my golly.

  4. Oh my! A lot of my friends have been eyeing Club Clio's products for weeks now. Especially the Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet huhu I love the colors! The Maquillage caught my eye in your previous pr unboxing video. Haven't tried out their products yet but man I love their packaging. Simple and elegant, just like you! <3 Would also want to try out the Amber Empire in Jasmine. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  5. Hello Ms. Martha, I'm very curious on Peripera's Airy Ink Velvet. How does it smells like? Hindi po ba drying on lips? Thank you in advance! 😘

  6. I really want to try the Peri Pera airy ink velvet!! <3

  7. I want it all!! boom! who wouldn't want it?! wow!!

  8. I want to try Club Clio's products first in line is the Peri Pera Airy Ink Velvet!

  9. The pengepera ink velvet este peipera! Omg! 😍😍😍


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