Glossier: Is it worth the hype? + Youtube Video

Here's a review on Glossier Phase 1 Set.

PRICE: 40 USD (Approximately P2,000+)
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available through online resellers locally


When former editor Emily Weiss's INTO THE GLOSS blog took over the beauty world at one point in time, she was smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity and started Glossier, one of the most popular skin care brands the Internet has produced.

No really, I've been wanting to sample their products since last year, but I find local reseller prices rather steep and Glossier does not ship to the Philippines, unfortunately. A good Blogger friend, Tara of Chronicles of Vanity (thanks, love!) sourced out a couple of Glossier products for me and now, we're here! :D

To those who have been asking me what I think of Glossier's products, finally, here's what I think about them.


For this post, I'm reviewing Phase 1 set which consists of the following products: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom, and Priming Moisturizer, the first products launched by Glossier.

The products came in a matte white box with a simple, almost invisible G logo at the center of the cover. Very clean, very modern.

Phase 1 set came with a pouch and stickers that you can use to design the products; I think this is one of the coolest things Glossier came up with; customization is so Millennial and I think that's why these products became a hit in this generation.

Pimped my pouch! Glossier also revolutionized the makeup bag with her own version, the Bubble Wrap pouch; who would've thought bubble wraps would look stylish? However, the zipper portion is not sturdy; mine's broken now. :(

Balm Dotcom, ingredients ($12 retail)

Balm Dotcom is one of the most popular products of Glossier. This 15ml product contains a concentrated all- purpose skin balm that can be your go- to for general moisturizing; it comes in a lot of variants and I chose Rose Balm Dotcom.

P.S. You can personalize your Balm Dotcom flavor when you order.

Priming Moisturizer, ingredients ($22 retail)

Priming Moisturizer promises to hydrate, plump, visibly reduce redness, and reduce pore size.

Milky Jelly Cleanser, ingredients ($18 retail)

A rich gel cleanser with tough, cleansing properties yet gentle formula. According to Glossier, formula contains Poloxamer, a tough cleansing ingredient used in contact lens solution, therefore it's gentle yet effective.


Top to bottom: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom, Priming Moisturizer

Milky Jelly Cleanser- I thought I wouldn't like this product because it's pretty steep for a cleanser, but it turned out to be my favorite; there's nothing quite like its formula; milky jelly indeed and it's so fun to use, concentrated, therefore economical, soap- free, and can be used as a facial cleanser or makeup remover, whichever floats your boat. It has a really high concentration of Rose Water- Glossier said they replaced 1/4 of H2O with this-making it supremely hydrating and soothing. This cleanser never left my skin dry, taut, and flaky, and I just love, love, love the texture!

Rose Balm Dotcom- this tinted balm smells lovely, just like a light rose perfume. It is basically petroleum with a couple of skin care ingredients; it's just like Lucas Papaw, but a bit more sosyal. :D

Priming Moisturizer- this product has a customizable consistency: layer it on on cold days and apply a sheer amount on warm days. It is unscented, which I like, but I use a really small amount because it's pretty rich and can make the skin feel warm and sweaty (tropical weather ain't that friendly to skin care sometimes). Don't be confused by the name because even if it's called PRIMING MOISTURIZER, it does not serve as a primer; I think Glossier just refers to the purpose of moisturizers and that is to prepare/prime the skin for makeup. Formula is moisturizing and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft the whole day; it can be worn under makeup provided that you don't go overboard with the amount. However, it has Shea Butter and I find that if I wear it on warm days and when I'm breaking out, it exacerbates the problem; I break out with Shea Butter so that's one thing to note as well. This product can be used by all skin types, but is most ideal for dry skin.

My verdict? Glossier products are just okay; they're good, but not enough for me to say that you should go out and get them at all cost; if you can find someone to source it for you in the US, then that's the best time to try it because you'll get the products at the original price; now that I have tried some of the products, I can say that I wouldn't buy them at reseller price.

If there's one of these products that I will highly recommend for you to try and personally repurchase, it's Milky Jelly Cleanser. Swear, its consistency is one of the best I've tried.

By the way, here's a Tagalog version of my review! I also previewed Glossier Cloud Paint in this video, which I will review in detail soon.

Click HERE for the video

Have you tried Glossier products? Let me know your thoughts and favorites.


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  1. Nakikita ko na din tong brand na to online pero wala ako alam about sa kanya hehehe wala pala sya sa pilipinas 😂

    1. Wala pa rin ata siya sa Asia if I am not mistaken. :)

  2. I want to try Milky Jelly Cleanser.hehe kaso ang mahal bes! can't afford to buy. haha

  3. Konti lang yung nag-iinclude ng makeup pouch/bag sa set nila, so thumbs up for the idea Glossier 👍 though it may be better if they made it sturdier. Thank you for the honest review, Ms. Martha! 😘

  4. WOw! at peace ang box pero kapag bnuksan mo na...pretty! I love jelly creams na nilalagay sa face before make ups...really gives me a calm and fresh feeling tsaka d po ako kinakati kapag naka makeup nako.. Gusto ko po nyan! maganda nga po sya and flawlessly beautiful your face skin is madam!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sam. Agree, Glossier is a pretty brand. :)

  5. Akala ko dati local brand sya, hindi pala. Ang mahal besh can't afford. Already watched the reviews on YT kaso mas nakatutok ako sa looks mo Ms. Martha kesa sa reviews mo. heheheh. Ang ganda kasi, lalo na yung white wing mo sa eyes. 😊😊😊😉

  6. I read reviews about cloud paint but, base on swatches I notice it is too similar to Korean tints.

    1. Yeah, you're better off with Korean tints or Colourette Colourtint :D

  7. Wow! The packaging screams out MILLENIALS HAHAHAHA Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  8. Thanks for this nice and honest review ganda.. Super cute ng packaging pero grabe, ang Mahal niya. Haha can't afford. Di Basta Basta Po talaga. 😍😍

    1. Haha. Agree it's expensive and not accessible too. :p


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