Bulgarian Rose Rose skin care line: For Bouncy, Hydrated skin + Review

Rose skin care will quench your skin and bring back its youthful bounce!

Here's a review on Bulgarian Rose Rose skin care.

PRICE: Cream Soap- P210.00; Rose Peeling Soap Sponge- P240.00; Rose Cream Around Eyes- P775.00; Cleansing Milk- P600.00; Natural Rose Water- P800.00; Intensively Hydrating Face Mask- P565.00; Exfoliating Face Mask- P565.00

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OTHR LOCATIONS: Available at Bulgarian Rose PH on Instagram; beautymnl.com


I think we can all agree on the fact that our skin care routines are deeply inspired by our mothers and in my case, grandmother. As far as I remember, my grandma had beautiful, transparent skin; her secret? Rose oil. She swore by it and according to her, it's the only thing she used for skin care; this I think is where I got my love for Rose- infused beauty products.

I don't see a lot of Rose- centric skin care lines and this is why I am delighted at the arrival of Bulgarian Rose in the Philippines; it's a Rose skin care haven and what I'd recommend the classic Rose skin care line. Sharing my thoughts below.

Bulgarian Rose is a new skin care line from Bulgaria, the land of roses where most of the world's rose extracts are being sourced. I blogged about the brand in THIS BLOG POST plus the benefits of Rose in skin care.

Rose, I believe, is the starter skin care for the brand; good for all skin types, provides basic skin care benefits and function, and enriched with 100% genuine Bulgarian Rose extract.

Rose Cream Around Eyes- or in short, eye cream. This is a light cream with a light rose fragrance; very gentle, soothing, moisturizing, and gets absorbed quickly while leaving a hint of moisture. I use a small dot in the morning and generously slather it on at night. +1 for the safety seal.

Rose Cream Soap ingredients

Rose Cream Soap is a creamy bar that lathers generously, perfumes skin with a pretty Rose fragrance, and doesn't leave the skin dry. I used it once and fell in love immediately with the scent and the way it made my skin feel after showering!

Rose Peeling Soap Sponge- an innovative bath product that fuses soap and loofah. The soap is at the bottom portion of the product and fused with the loofah. This product is such a time saver as I don't have to individually lather liquid soap anymore. This is like my favorite soap from Bomb Cosmetics called Pocket Full of Rainbows.

Cleansing Milk- my favorite in the line. Tough but gentle! This light milk cleanser removes all sorts of makeup, from regular to waterproof, and leaves the skin moist and fragrant. It's a good, balancing alternative for when your skin's feeling dry and oily already from other hard makeup removers.

Natural Rose Water- a multipurpose 100% Rosewater extract that can be used as a toner, finishing spray for makeup, facial mist, hair mist, moisturizer base, or lotion base. I noticed that the scent has a tart quality and it smells like Rose, but not the perfume kind. It immediately calms and soothes the skin, and doesn't sting nor dry up the skin.

I read that Rose water obtained from the process of distillation, which is called Rose Distillate, is quality Rose water because it still has traces of the rose oil left in the formula, which provides its traditionally known skin benefits; Bulgarian Rose manufactures their Rose water extract through this method.

Exfoliating Mask- a gel mask gently peppered with scrubbers; scent is not overpowering, provides gentle exfoliation, and leaves skin feeling brand new. I like using this on lazy days.

There's also Lactic and Glycolic Acid in the formula that will help facilitate peeling, still, if you don't like the feeling of physical exfoliators rubbing against your skin, therefore this mask will satisfy a wide range of consumers.

Intensively Hydrating Mask- for cold days and dry skin days. This rich gel mask quenches the skin in an instant.

Here's my skin after a month of usage: I just like how it feels and looks overall. Bounce, check. Hydration, check. My grandma's right about Rose skin care after all.

I recommend this to anyone who's looking for a mild, hydrating skin care line. I am also confident that I'm using legit Rose water through this range because it is from one of the pioneer Rose water makers from the leading source of Rose extracts in the world!


Visit BULGARIAN ROSE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this line.

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Oh wow! I love the packaging, so chic. I wanna try the cream soap and the peeling sponge. Another new product to try - I'm so curious about how it works since the soap fuses with the loofah. May I ask where can we get this product?

  2. I would be very delighted to see the whole line of Bulgarian Rose on my bathroom shelf! I'm sure every time i will use those products, it will be a pampering, indulging moment for me.
    Your grandma gave you a valuable lesson in life!

  3. Wow, I want to try this pati kay Mama dahil gusto kong alagaan ang skin namin na hindi lang dapat sa make up nagiging maganda kahit wala maganda all over ang skin.

  4. Super in demand po talaga ng rose ngayon aside from unique sya, maganda pa ang benefits :) Surprisingly super affordable po ng products nila ang super cute ng packaging :) Wanna try the eyecream :)

  5. Wow! To be honest po madam this is the first time I heard and know about Bulgarian Rose Rose Skin Care and as far as I know about the flower rose itself, it has its natural scents and able to give a natural glowing on skin. By reading this blog, I've learn that this really helps to give a natural glowing skin without any harsh and/or harmful effects. And its gently yet effective and noticable outcome that gives more brighter and prettier skin! Interesting! Thanks po for sharing your thoughts!

  6. Wow! To be honest po Ms. Martha this the first time to know and heard about Bulgarian Rose Rose Skin Care. And as far as I know, rose flower gives a natural scent and helps to moisturize the skin. And knowing this, nakakatuwang malaman and I want to share it too to my friends about your insignts. Hoping na magkaron and mkpag avail din ako soon cause I love to try if also! For naturally achieve ko ang dteam skin ko with harmful effects..thanks again Ms. Martha for sharing!

  7. HI Ms. Martha! Where can we buy this product line? Would like to try Rose Peeling Soap Sponge because I'm curious as to how it works (never seen or tried anything like that before) and also the Intensively Hydrating Mask for the upcoming cold days. BTW, the overall effect on you is so wooow! You look glowing in that picture :) I really should try those products!

  8. Wow ang gnda po ng prdcts nila, lhat! Prng gsto ko po subukan lhat at so girly xa. Kita po s skin nio un glow, ang gnda ng pgka glow so healthy nkakablooming po. Good thing pa pede xa s lhat ng skin type, pede s oily skin ko. Pra pinamper po un skin nio Ms. Martha kya gsto ko din pong subukan un brand nila. Yan p nman un weakness ko about s skin care, ngyn I'll try to look for rose in a product un mdyo kya ng bulsa ko. Slmat po ulit s info Madam. Prng ang natatandaan ko lng n beauty secret ng lola ko un rice wash rinse as my final rinse aftr cleanse. Na miss ko tuly lola ko, iba tlga pg mga skin care secrets generatn din.

  9. gusto ko yan, bagay igift sa sister ko..ganda mo madam!

  10. Glowy skin! 😍
    Isa yung Rose sa pinagpipilian ko now na ingredients for my skincare routine. Pero dahil hindi pa sya ganun kasikat sa PH e mas nag-weigh in ako sa Aloe Vera. Both are organic ingredients naman kaya I believe if (sana) magwork sa acne ko yung aloe vera, I will try rose afterwards. Parang nakaka-pinkish glow ng skin yung rose eh! 😍 😍 😍

  11. Yaaaaay for new rose products! I've been loving rose infused products lately. The scent makes me feel so homey! It's good to know there's a complete line for this! I noticed that your skin is more glowy than usual! It gave you this Korean-like glow! The packaging is very feminine and perfectly straightforward, I like it! I'd like to try the Cleansing Milk and Natural ROse Water someday! Rose is such a versatile ingredient in skin care products. I wish more and more local brands would create more rose infused products! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!


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