The most unique soap I've seen!

This innovative soap will get you singing in the shower.

Here's a review on Lush Santa's Belly Shower Jelly.

PRICE: P395.00
FROM: Lush Greenbelt 3
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Lush boutiques


I went to Lush to pick up a tub of their best- selling lotion called Sleepy (more about this viral skin care/aromatherapy product in another post) and ended up hauling two more products including this jelly soap that is the most unique and cutest soap I've seen to date, plus, it smells oh so good!


Lush Shower Jelly is a shower jelly made with a seaweed gel base that promises to soften skin plus leave it delicious to boot. Santa's Belly is a limited edition variant

I asked the sales lady what that bouncy, jelly thing was and she told me that it was soap and I could not believe it; I tested it at the sink and indeed, it's soap -cute soap to be exact- and the star confetti inside made it even cuter.

Santa's Belly is an apple- scented jelly soap; it's cool, nice, and a real treat after a tiring day because it's uplifting. The jelly produces a soft lather and doesn't dry the skin in any way, plus I love, love how it leaves my skin fresh, soft, and smelling great! Does it melt quickly? Not really, but don't leave it soaked in water because it will expedite melting. Similarly, don't leave it dry in the tub because you will have a hard time taking it out.

The only downside of this product is it's quite slippery, but you can go around this by holding the jelly by the round base, not the flat one. If you want a bit of a scrub, run the jelly all over your body and foam it up, then run a loofah all over for some exfoliating action.

This soap is seriously fun to use and it makes shower time more fun. I want to get a big one!


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Wow for.this Jelly soap so cute hindi lang po mapapakanta habang naliligi kundi tatagal po sa pag ligo. Masarap po ba sya sa pakiramdam ipahod sa skin...
    Nakakatuwa naman po ito parang.ang sarap bumili.

  2. ang cute po ng soap Ms. Martha pRang hndi soap, para xang food desserts to be exactky tgnan. klngn tlga s shwer xa ilgy baka mpgkamaln xang food, cute png tgnan, prng nakakahinyng din gmtin, srap nia lng idisplay at titgan! un color png psko s name p lng santa's belly, perfct din xang gift s pasko.

  3. I am a fan of scented bars and soaps that's why I'm digging for Nivea beauty bar in shea butter whenever I'm up to a pampering bath. I love soaps that soften and don't dry my skin and their lingering scents are a major plus for me.
    This is indeed a very unique one. I haven't seen nor tried anything like this before. Surely, I need to grab and try one for myself. :)

  4. So nice!!! Ang cute nya and I love the name of this soap! Very, very Christmas-sy! I would love go give my nephews and niece this kind of gift so that they will be encouraged to take a bath everyday. Haha! I wanna try this soap! ;)

  5. soo cute! pero jusko ingat2 sa mga bata baka mapagkamalang pagkain! hehe..sarap nga maligo gamit yan :D

  6. I've seen varieties of this on Facebook.I thought these are only available in America.I can't believe this type of soap is finally here in the Ph! I'm so excited for this! The name is so catchy HAHAHA "Santa's Belly Shower Jelly" people would most likely remember it for its rhyme. I'm already feeling this drooling sensation just by looking at the jelly itself! HAHAHA It looks so relaxing and fun! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  7. Nakakaaliw yun hitsura nya! At yun pangalan nya. Never pa ako nakasubok ng Lush product pero dami ko nababasa na raves. Yun mga bath bombs gusto ko rin subukan, yun parang pagkain tingnan. Yun sinasabi mong pampaantok, hehe hindi ko na kelangan. Kakatuwa rin yun sabi sa FB malalambot daw kamay ng workers ng Lush haha!

  8. so jigglyyyy. i'm afraid that i'd be tempted to eat it. haha

  9. Ang cute ng shape! Kapag napapavisit ako sa loob ng Lush stores, I can't help but sniff majority of their products kasi ang babango nila haha 😍


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