MEGA PR Padala October 2017 + Youtube Video

Wow, it took me the whole day to upload the video because of the wonky Internet. It's been storming here in my place since morning. I hope you guys are safe at home now.

Sharing with you another mega PR Padala unboxing video. Grab some popcorn or tea and watch before you hit the sack. ;)

What's the latest in beauty from these brands? Find out.

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Done watching po, kumikislap eyes ko habang pinapanood 😍😍
    Bonnga po talaga.

  2. grbe po sobrang dmi ng prodct n pindla po s inio, prng Christmas s dami. mukhng mgiging busy po kau Ms. Martha at hndi n aq mkpg anty s mga revws po. un nyx make up, sobrng gnda, un Kiehl’s, Smashbox, Olay, Neutraorganics, Banila Co, VMV Hypoallergenics, watsons, Celeteque, Veste Jade roller, sa sobrng dmi nakakalula. lhat po aabngn ko tlga!!!

  3. Yay, I can comment already! Watching this now! Yes!

  4. wala akong masabi kundi gusto lahat madam!! matagal man yung video sulit naman!! heaven! palagi ka po nasa heaven madam...can I be there too? hehe.. love ya!

  5. Sobrang daming products! 😍 di ko alam if paano ko mauubos yung ganyang kadami hahaha

  6. This is my favorite PR Unboxing video of yours so far, Ms. Martha!!! I'm so excited for the upcoming reviews on ALL THE PRODUCTS YOU MENTIONED GRABE HUHU I CANNOT WAIT!!!! I can't even choose the product that I like the most huhu hoping for more reviews Ms. Martha! Thanks for taking the time to make and upload this video (despite the wonky internet connection)

  7. I watched the video from start to finish and I can’t help but ask, how can you talk for 30mins straight?! Wow. Haha!

    Thanks for sharing your video. I’m excited for your review of Suesh foundation, Maybelline’s IntiMATTE Nudes, and Smashbox eye make-up!! ❤️

    And oh, we have the same Grendha sandals! It’s so comfy that’s why I always wear it! :P

  8. Can't wait for the review on Jade roller! And also that Loreal Ever Strong Conditioner.


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