My Non- Makeup Christmas Wish List (2017 Edit)

Okay, let's take a break from beauty shall we? Since it's Christmas and it's the season of wish lists, let me list down my non- beauty dream items for the holidays.


- Saw this at a restaurant before and I was smitten! This is a gorgeous dinnerware and instantly adds a touch of class and pizzaz to the dinner table.


- This one is forever in my wishlist. I swear to the baking gods, if I get one, I'll start baking!


- Because it's essential, you know?


- I don't want to store a lot of cooking ware and I don't want to impulsively purchase single cook wares and end up buying what I don't need so I'd stick to a set.


- Of course not West Elm to be exact because I know it's expensive. Something similar - even if unbranded - will do!


- For my never ending supply of beauty products.


- Just three that we can use on rotation at home. P.S. I want this marble- printed comforter set from Target Australia.


- For the husband who likes pressing ground coffee.


- Mainly for the bathroom: A laundry basket, two medium ones for towels, and a small one for hand towels.


- An extra pair just in case my first one gives up.

What's up with the majority of home stuff? It is because we are moving to our new home next year! Hashtag #Domesticity!

What are your non-beauty dream item/s for Christmas?

By the way, do you want me to share my Beauty edition for this?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. My forever non-beauty dream item would be La Germania Electric Oven. I have always dreamed of myself baking cakes and pastries in the future. I'm actually planning to enroll in short baking classes after I finished my degree.
    Another one would be the Korean Electric Griller so I can make my own unlimited Dwaeji Bulgogi and Samgyupsal Gui. :)
    Anyway, please do share your Christmas wish list Beauty Edition!

  2. Please share with us your beauty edition of this list. Me, I want to have a red Balenciaga bag. Just like the one I saw from your post from I forgot when, hehe!
    I also want more toy storage boxes.
    I believe you really need a microwave oven. Importante sa bahay yan ngayon lalo na sa lifestyle ninyo. Just like you, I also want the Kitchenaid mixer.

  3. I want queen bed po dahil kaming mag Asawa at si baby maniwala kayo o sa hindi nag sisiksikan kami sa single bed. Buti nalang maliit lang ako at payat iniisip ko pag lumaki laki na baby ko hindi na talaga kami mag ka kasya kaya kahit ito lang okay na okay na sakin.

  4. You have amazing taste, Ms. Martha! I love how you chose neutral tones as references as well. I've been wanting similar products, but yeah, like the Elm Desk, most of them are really pricey. I mostly browse thru Pinterest for these. It's a good thing we can find some cheap bargains in places like Divisoria hahaha I hope I can find stores that carry less pricier versions of this with the same aesthetic elements. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  5. Ang gnda ng mga choices po nio from colors to design...ang simple pero so elegant po ang dting at mgnda s mata tgnan Ms. Martha, prang so cool at nkakarelax po xa. Share nio n din po un beauty edtion nio Ms. Martha at naeexcite po aq! For my non beauty wishlist a desk table un mdyo mallit pra s maliit nmin room, gsto ko kc comfortable aq s pagbabasa at pgsusult. Un i make over un vanity mirror ko kc nun dlga p aq nun, maayos nman xa at ayw ko nman plitan, color at mdyo unique un mging design nia kc pngkaranwan lng za. A customized planner for me kc notebook lng gmit ko at nglgy lng aq ng line, mnsan wala diresto sulat n lng. Shoes for next yr start n aq mgblik pawis ulit, a yoga mat mtgal k n din dream yan, un hot and cold thermal pouch, i need it for my body pain and lastly for my health n mgkaroon aq ng brace pra s scoliosis ko, mtgal k ng dream n mgkaroon nun kso po mdyo pricey at di afford kc mdyo kulng un budgt, dhil s mga daily, monthly expenses at ky baby din po...pra mkblik n din aq s work mhirap po kc kdlasn nadidiscriminate aq hndi lng s wrk khit saan. Minsan mas un p un npapansin skin!!!

  6. Nice choices, Martha. I love how practical your wishlist items are! Some of the items on your wish list are also on mine, like the comforter and coffee maker. Other than that I also wish to receive a vanity dresser because my make-up and vanity stuff are already piling up :P

    Hope we all receive our Christmas wish! And yes, I want to know your beauty wish list as well :)

  7. Isa din sa dream ko yang KA mixer na yan. Kaso di pa kaya ng budget kaya hanggang handmixer muna. Haha. Yung sa basket marami sa greenhills na ganyan, ang mumura lang.

    Pero isa sa wish ko ngayong christmas, yung kahit dumaong lang yung barko nila partner dito sa Manila kahit 1 day lang ok na ako don. Basta makita ko lang siya.happy na ako.

    Sana matupad lahat ng wish natin. Nothing is impossible. 😊

  8. AKO DIN!! GNYAN DIN TLGA MGA GUSTO KO!! Mommy side eh hehee, I really want and badly need a new cooking ware set!

  9. There are cute wicker baskets sa Miniso and/or Daiso! Really affordable but very cute ☺

  10. Wow! Loving this wish list Ms Martha. It's good to know that you're moving to your new home!! Hope all your dreams come true Ms M


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