Secret to smoother, firmer neck and decollete: Evenswiss Rejuvenating Decolette Cream and Rejuvenating Body Complex Review

Here's a review on Evenswiss Rejuvenating Decollete Cream and Refining Body Complex.

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Your neck is one of the biggest determinants of age and the fastest to age as well; why the fastest? Because it's easy to neglect this portion of the body because every brand is just focused on taking care of the face.

I have recently started paying attention to my neck because I noticed that the skin on it has gotten a bit loose and dull. I think it may be aging faster than normal because I am not that religious when it comes to taking care of my neck area.

For a month, I've used Evenswiss Rejuvenating Decolette Cream on my neck and Refining Body Complex on my body. What happened? I'll muse about it below.


Distributed by EISkin Laboratories in the Philippines, Evenswiss is a Swiss luxury cosmeceutical skin care brand. They pride themselves as the "signalling skin care brand" because the formulas have been engineered to understand and promote natural biological mechanisms of skin regeneration. The brand offers a body, hair, and skin range.

Refining Body Complex ingredients

Rejuvenating Decollete Cream ingredients

The products feature DERMATOPOIETIN, an innovation in skin care. Discovered by a Russian scientist that specializes in cellular communication, this component encourages "cell communication" within the skin to create and control collagen and elastin, two main proteins that affect the look and texture of the skin. It promises to rejuvenate skin in just 28 days.

What does it have? Dermatopoietin has two main peptides: one has 159 amino acids that act as creators of collagen and other essential elements of the skin and the other has only 6 amino acids that act as controllers to ensure that the products are safe. 

In clinical trials, it has been shown that collagen has increased by 74% versus a placebo in just 28 days!

Decollete cream promises to tighten skin, boost elasticity, and increase collagen in the skin. It also contains Milk Thistle extract and Sorghum Bicolor Stalk Juice that help improve firmness. Texture is a light cream that I use this during daytime as well and it gets absorbed quickly. During night, I use more than what I would during daytime for deep treatment. It has a pretty orange blossom scent. This cream can be also used on the arms.

Refining Body Complex is an emulsion- like lotion; very light, gets absorbed quickly, and has an orange blossom scent as well. Formula contains Bitter Orange extract and Soy Isoflavones that help prevent the "orange peel" look due to cellulite.


After 28 days, here's what I've noticed with my skin:


1. Skin on my neck felt bouncier and thicker.
2. You know the skin health check? When you pull the skin and it bounces back quickly, skin is healthy and plump; if it bounces back slowly, it is dry and needs nourishment. I tried doing this check to my skin every week and the bounce kept improving!
3. Skin tone on my neck looked more even.


1. I've been applying this product on the butt area; immediate effect is skin on that area looks smoother.
2. Haven't seen a decrease in cellulite appearance, but skin doesn't feel like it has a lot of cellulite just because it has gotten smoother. I think if I use this longer, results will come.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with the neck cream and I will continue using! Glad to know that the familiar bounce on my neck is back and the dullness (which is giving the impression that I have a darker neck) has decreased!

P.S. I'm giving away three sets of this duo on my Instagram account tonight!


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  1. Im so excited for this Ms.Martha :) yey! I will join :)

  2. Tma po kau Ms. Martha start taking care of our skin and don't forget the neck area. Mukhng mgnda un products nila at base s nbsa ko po, bet n bet nio po xa. Aq din po pinphid ko un sunblock hnggng s neck kc mdli din xa mgkwrinkles.

  3. Wow! Wll its true po mostly neck ang di nabbigyan pansin. And I love reading this, informative and give more ideas. Nice knowing this too.

  4. Hoping too, sna I'm one of those lucky ladies! ANd I love to have this, para mas lalong maging bright ang expressive ang neck ko ^_^ . I love to try it po!! Hoping hehehe

  5. Hi mrs. M! Thanks for sharing this to us :) agree po ako sa inyo. Once na gumamit ka ng skincare, hindi lang dapat ung face syempre kasama din ung neck. Ps. Now I know how to check if the skin on the neck is healthy! 😉

  6. i love to try this, sna swertihin, join po aq s Ig Madam, i need this, i see signs of aging na s neck ko!!!

  7. Wow, you're right Ms M. The neck is the most neglected. I better start paying attention to my neck as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Tama po, ako din more on face lang di ko din naisip na need din sa neck.. whaaaa main problem ko palang so far is my arm's simula ng nag ka baby ako medyo may saggy ng konti at lumaki kakabuhat...
    I will join po sa promo mo para ma prevent agad neck ko.

  9. oh wow! wla kasi akong issue sa neck ko now hahaha, pero kay mama bagay yan hehe, surely maganda yan! Thanks for the chance to have those madam! Good Luck po sa mga sasali!

  10. Tama po, we tend to neglect our neck area. Parang first time ko makakita ng product specific for the neck area 😅 what I do instead is stretch them para di masyadong magkaroon ng lines na lang since wala naman ako inilalagay sa kanila haha pero with this decollete cream baka mas maging effective yung exercise ko hahaha

  11. Wow! ang amazing ng product! 😍😍 Will surely join with this giveaway Ms. Martha. ❤️❤️

  12. THis is amazing! Never though people would actually take note of the neck of the skin and make an innovative cream for it. Personally, I do not have any neck issues but I think this will be perfect for those who are suffering from skin issues in the neck area. This helps a lot. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  13. Aww, I have not realized that I am taking care of my face so much but neglecting my neck! Usually, I only go to my derma for facial, and apply skincare for my face. Thanks for posting this and reminding us that we should not take our necks for granted!

  14. guilty as charged lol! I only apply suncreen on my neck area and that's it. This post is a wake up call for me.

  15. I have read previous blogs re: not neglecting our necks in our beauty rituals so I don't feel too guilty of just focusing with our faces. However, this is such a nice review of the product.Hope I can find this next time :)


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