Stress Busters: Neutraorganics Sleep Deep Magnesium Oil Spray and Rose of Sharon Rosewater Mist Review

Review on Neutraorganics Sleep Deep Magnesium Oil Spray and Rose Of Sharon Rosewater Mist.

PRICE: Sleep Deep- P500.00; Rose of Sharon- P450.00 (60ml)
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We've all had stressful and really stressful days; for the latter, I use a helping hand from wellness products. For the skin, I use products with rejuvenating and hydrating properties to take out dullness and for aromatherapy, I like anything that knocks me out on the bed because sleep is the best stress buster for me.

I've discovered two new effective stress busters both for the skin and being from Neutraorganics; they're now part of my collection!


First, let's get to know what these products are: Sleep Deep is an oil spray with Magnesium; it's more of a linen spray for me and promises to induce sleep and help keep you asleep, especially for light sleepers.

Rose of Sharon is a versatile facial mist that apparently works as a toner, facial spray, or makeup setting spray; the hydrosol formula helps balance pH level, heal sunburned skin, hydrate, soothe, moisturize, provides antioxidant benefits through Vitamin E, and may even be used to treat frizzy, dry hair.

Magnesium is a known relaxant; it helps calm down the nerves and mind, which makes sleeping a whole lot easier. I've used this for a week straight and I can attest that it does help me wind down faster much more effectively; I always have a hard time sleeping because I always think of my tasks for the upcoming days and weeks, therefore keeping my brain active and awake. A generous spritz of this spray helps plus the Lavender essence in it helps calm me even more. I have been meaning to try Lush's famous SLEEPY lotion, but is unfortunately out of stock everywhere; I don't really know if Sleep Deep is actually comparable to that, but while I'm waiting for stores to restock, Sleep Deep is good enough for me.

Rose of Sharon, in some cases, refers to an actual rose, but it's actually a term used to refer to flowers popular in a certain region. Rose of Sharon is actually an expression from the Bible; it's also like saying 'the fairest in the land'. Neutraorganics Rose of Sharon smells really wonderful, like a powdery rose; it contains Rosewater and Elemi oil that work together to revive, hydrate, and protect the skin; I like using it as a general skin mist and as a fixing spray (not really a setting spray because it doesn't have the polymers that make up a setting spray).

If you've got stressed skin and a stressed being, you know the helpers to turn to!


Please visit NEUTRAORGANICS on Facebook for more details about these products.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Need ko ito lalo na para sa Asawa ko.
    Marami din sya iniisip about sa Work nya, madalas stress. Kaya naman pag dating nya sa work ng3-4am gumisising ako para may kausap sya.

  2. Mukhng mgnda itry etong mga products from neutraorganics Ms. Martha at bgy s tuld kong Nanay k hndi n ata maalis ang pgod s life. Kulng s tulog dhil hirap din aqng mktulg s gbi dhil dun lng aq nkakakilos ng mmayos hbng mhmbng ang tulog n baby. Kya swak tlga s sleep deep magnesium oil spray, n my kasma pbg lavender n nkakarelax at ngpro2mte ng sleep at hgit s lhat ayw n lamok dian kya mgiging mgnda panigurdo un tulg at no worries pa s lamok. Mukhng ok din un rose of sharon mist, gsto ko subukn nman un rose s mga skin care. At mukhng promising pa ang neutraorganic line, bet n bet ko p nman ang mga organic products. This yr and coming yr looking forward n malessen ko ang mga chemicals s mga beauty products n gagamitin ko, nacurious aq s neurtaorganics. Thank you po Ms. Martha s pg introduce brand n eto. More power po!

  3. What a power product! Never thought that a single spray could serve as a toner, a facial spray, and and make-up setting spray as well! The Magnesium content in Sleep Deep is perfect for people like me who usually stay up all night to comply with all the requirements not only in my academics, but in my whole life as in ano, IN GENERAL HAHAHAHA! I suffer from several anxiety issues and as a result, I end up having a hard time when trying to sleep. So excited for this promising product/ line! Thank you for this, Ms. Martha!

  4. tama yan sa mama ko na super pagod na sa duty, ngtatrabaho pa dito sa bahay kahit na ako na gumagawa kasi daw d sya nakakatulog ng maayos. Insomnia na ata un eh, kahit super antok na sya, ung katawan nya ayaw matulog.

  5. I love these kind of products! I remember purchasing a similar item from Human Nature, a lavender and eucalyptus scent. I was in love! Looks like I should buy this Deep Sleep also. Thanks for sharing, Ms. Martha! 😘

  6. I think I need this. Whenever I go home tired after working out at night, I always find it hard to sleep right away because my energy is still up. I will try to get this soon. Thanks Martha for sharing :)

  7. I want to try the Rosewater mist. It's such a steal for a multi-purpose product.On the other hand, I don't think I'll ever need the sleep spray. Doing the household chores and mommy duties makes me fall asleep fast every night.

  8. Being a working student, I am super exposed to a lot of stress. I have become a light sleeper because I tend to overthink and pressure myself with different activities. I will definitely look for Neutraorganics Sleep Deep Magnesium Oil Spray and see for myself. Thanks for sharing!


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