Last Minute, No- Stress Gift Guide for Women 2017

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It's been raining hard plus there's the dreaded holiday traffic. That said, who wants to go out? Alas, we have to because we have to attend parties and buy gifts for our loved ones.

Speaking of gifts, here's the 2017 version of my most anticipated holiday blog post, the Last Minute, No Stress gift guides. Let's begin with the list for women!


SPEND: Guerlain Holiday 2017 Collection (P15,900.00)

SAVE: Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Jetsetter Palette (P1,899.00)


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SPEND: NYX Lippie Countdown Advent Calendar (P2,500.00)

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SAVE: Ever Bilena Beauty Liquid Lipstick Set


SPEND: Calvin Klein Obsessed (Starts at P2,500.00+)

SAVE: Soleil Et Lune EDT (Starts at P900.00)


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SPEND: Orogold 24K Luxury Gift Set (P3,590.00)

SAVE: The Body Shop Gift Set (Starts at P399.00)


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SPEND: Zoya Lips and Tips Gift Bundles (Starts at P900.00)

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SAVE: Tenten Nail Polish Gift Set (Starts at P500.00)

Any of these gifts that you'd love to purchase for the special gals in your life?

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6 Lovely Thoughts

  1. This is very helpful! I know some people are having a had time finding the right presents these days since malls are jampacked! Many people don't really have enough time to shop for a long time for gifts. This list helps save time and effort. I love the fact that there are to options: to save and to spend! Definitely helps! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Martha!

  2. Wow it's so nice to see un ganitong gift guide Ms. Martha, ang laki ng difference sa price... un counter part nia na product mgnda din at hndi pahuhuli. Kaya khit pgbibigyn niang matutuwa na, hndi namn importante un price ng gift, importante un effort at naalala ntin cla. Thank u s gnitong list pra s last minute shopping, bawas hassle pa. Masya dhil nkatipid at the same time masya din un makakatanggap ng gift. Halos ngyn ko lng nalamn un price ng mga products lalo n un mga kila2ng brands, pricey pla tlga...hndi o kc nacheck2 s malls.

  3. I would like to receive a bottle of perfume or a brush set this holidays. My family and inlaws exchange gifts on New Year's eve and I still haven't bought any gifts yet. Thanks for giving affordable options.

  4. Sobrang hirap nga Po mag Shopping NG pang Gifts nakaka pagod mAh 12am na kami umuwi kanina sobrang traffic at crowded sa Mall...
    Puro save lang Po pinamili Namin para makatipid tipid din.

  5. Malls are really crowded lately, super burdensome to have last minute shopping at this season.
    I've been eyeing those gift sets from Ever Bilena and The Body Shop and I'm just glad they were included in your list. They are really affordable and even I would be happy to receive one from their sets.

  6. gnyang mga gifts sa special woman sa mga buhay natin ay tlga namang maaapreciate nila, it's not about the price of the things's about how much you want to give sa taong mahal mo. thumbs up lahat!


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