Careline Liquid Lipstick: Trendy on a budget Review + Swatches

Go bold and daring while staying on budget this 2018 with Careline's funky liquid lipsticks!

Here's a review on Careline Matte Liquid and Melted Metallic Lipsticks.

PRICE: P195.00
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all leading department stores, drugstores, and supermarkets


The new year always calls for being daring, bold, and trendy. When it comes to makeup, being trendy can sometimes mean expensive as the high end brands are always the first ones to jump into each trend, but Careline broke the mold through a revamp at the latter part of 2017; armed with the new tagline BETTER THAN BASIC, Careline becomes on point and on trend with a collection of new lipstick variants in super trendy shades. Adding that much- needed daring touch to your overall makeup look has finally become affordable!

The new Careline liquid lipsticks come in Matte Liquid and Melted Metallic. Design reminds me a bit of MILK makeup.

Price point is a bit higher compared to the classic Careline range, but generally affordable compared to most brands in the drugstore. I like the overall look and feel of the packaging of these liquid lippies, really. 

L-R: Matte Lipstick in Dark Matter, Upper Hand, Wallflower, Craving, Normcore
Melted Metallic in Prince, Luster, Livewire

I got 8 out of the 13 shades. Better than basic indeed; you don't see a lot of these shades under the P200 price point.

Matte starts off glossy and dries quickly into a matte finish; no hint of gloss, just pure matte. A lot said that the coverage of the matte lipsticks (especially the darker ones) is generally patchy, but there is actually a workaround and that is you have to let each layer dry up completely; as in zilch transfer  and wetness whatsoever before you apply a second coating.

Melted Metallic has a surprising true metallic finish; surprising for a really affordable brand! This variant is much more easy to even out than the matte liquid lipstick.

For both variants, pigmentation is medium to heavy and has no fragrance, but a faint chemical scent which is probably due to all the ingredients, but it isn't bothersome and goes away seconds after application. Drying time per layer is between 1-2 minutes.

How about dryness? I experienced a bit of dryness, but it's fairly tolerable and I didn't feel the need to completely wipe off the lipstick due to discomfort the time I wore it.

As for the staying power, these are really great: it barely transfers after a drink or two and there's minimal fading at the bottom lip after a meal. Lipstick comes off easily with micellar water or lip and eye makeup removers.

Check out the swatches. Starting with Matte Liquid lipsticks:

Upper Hand is a deep bordeaux.

Wallflower is a blue- based dark gray. Not something that you'd expect from a basic beauty brand, but I appreciate Careline for being and daring and for offering variety!

Craving is a chocolate brown.

Normcore is a beige shade with a deep rose tone.

Dark Matter is a deep violet. I love this shade!

Moving to Melted Metallic Lipstick:

 Livewire is a rust shade.

 Prince is a metallic violet. This shade has a cool 80's vibe.

Luster is a light copper.

Overall, these lipsticks have pretty good quality and for P195.00, they're such a steal!

Have you tried these lipsticks already? What are your thoughts and faves?


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17 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Yayyy! Hinintay ko po talaga yung review mo dito kasi nung sinwatch namin syang magpipinsan one time sa mall, grabe ang ganda ng color payoff nya compared sa ibang liquid lipstick na tinry namin. Parang gusto ko na tuloy bumili. Love the normcore! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. Wow. Ang ganda nung shade na Rose tone :) bagay po ba un sa morena? Thanks ate

  3. I'm afraid to try those dark shades but i think Careline deserves an applause for coming up with great products and going beyond the basic nudes and reds. I'm sure they have more surprises for us this year.

  4. Ooh la la! The colors suit you so well, Ms. Martha! Careline is truly stepping it up in the lipstick game! And these retail for only 195 Php? A very good price point for these lippies. Love the deep toned ones! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  5. I love the look of deep bordeaux. Not a fan of metallic shades on lippies but these are really affordable!
    I hope you review those from Ever Bilena as well. I'm a fan of their formulation. :)

  6. I'm so gonna check these out soon. I like the metallic shades! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about these products, Martha. And Happy New Year, btw. :)


  7. The price is just right! for such an awesome matte lipstick from careline! super gorgeous! lahat pigmented! I want those! ok bibili ako ng isa muna hahahaa.. ;)

  8. I'm glad that local brands are really doing their best to keep pace with international brands these just like you predicted a few years ago. Now, I have so many alternative brands and products to choose from our local brands. Sana next time skincare naman! :)

  9. OMG ang ganda ng shades! I like the Upper Hand and the Normcore. I can wear the Normcore everyday but as for the Upper Hand hindi ko pa ata keri masyadong dark lol! But s suites you really well ganda. As for the metallic shades parang pang party/costume ganern ang peg HAHA And infairness sa packaging ang ganda, nkaka-milleneal

  10. This careline liquid lipstick is a bomb. WOW! Di rin talaga papahuli. If I'm not mistaken I believe it's a new product from careline (making this kind of liquid lipstick) cause base on what I have noticed they more likely to provide makeups that matches the taste of mostly teenagers. And, considering its a matte liquid lipstick parang wow pak na pak talaga tapos yung melted metallic, ang bongga swear. Ito yung metallic liquid lipstick na hindi mo ikakahiyang suotin sa mga ordinaryong araw haha if u know what I mean. Kavogue na kavogue pero yung presyo medyo mahal compare don sa mga naunang product na meron na yung careline but of course it's still a good catch. I know its worth to try esp yung mga metallic lipstick. Thankyou for sharing your thought Ms. Martha <3

  11. Bought normcore after reading your blog. Thanks for the review.

  12. Bagay na Bagay un tagline nila Better than basic s mga lippies nila, ang cool ng liquid lisptick nila from the choices ng mga color, how pigmented at un pgka metallic tones are all very trendy at khit cnung mgsuot kering-keri at hndi mahihiya. Parng gsto k n din xang try esp un deep rose tone at un livewire ang gnda lng at un price sulit s gnyn klseng kgnda n mga shdes at sbi nio nga hndi mxdong dry...A bomb for careline, kudos to the brand!

  13. Wow normcore is❤ i wanna try this one its better than basic and the price is so affordable like as mom naneed magtpid for the kids. Thank you for sharing Ms. Martha

  14. I swatched these while I was bored at the supermarket a few weeks ago. I was so shocked at how trendy the packaging and the shades are! I was especially enamored by Normcore and Livewire - I've never seen a metallic lippie that's cheap AF and looks good. I recall seeing a matte gray shade too... Urgh want them all.

  15. Careline is really improving their line! Quite excited for their upcoming products as well. Careline was my go-to brand when I was still a teen haha. Normcore suits you well by the way, and Livewire looks nice too.

  16. Will definitely try upper hand and normcore. I love the shades. Also badly wanted to try careline liquid lippies so bad. I just can't decide before what i shoukd get so thank you for thos review!


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