The Ordinary Coverage Foundation in 2.1Y: Is it worth falling in line for?

25,000 people fell in line for this foundation. Is it really worth the wait?

Here's a review on The Ordinary Coverage Foundation.

PRICE: P800.00
FROM: Make Up Pro Store
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available via online resellers


The Ordinary took the Internet by storm last year with their high potency, derma- grade, chic products at an affordable price. But there's one product that stood out and it's Coverage Foundation because it apparently had 25,000 people falling in line at the waitlist.

Thanks to my sheer will to try this product and a side serving of luck, I got my hands on one.

It's a good product overall, but knowing what I know now, I won't fall in line along with 25,000 people for it. Here's why.

Coverage Foundation is made with The Ordinary's high spreadability formula that allows the product to look natural on the skin. It promises to provide a saturated finish without the aged, cakey effect of other full coverage foundations. The range offers 21 shades.


For an affordable foundation, it does look pretty expensive. The bottle is plastic, but the matte pump cap adds that chic factor. Product is lightweight, compact, and tucks away easily in any makeup kit.

I purchased 2.1Y because website said that it is for medium skin with yellow undertones, plus a lot have been saying that this is ideal for those with nc30-nc42 skin tones; I was weirded out by the latter claim because nc30 and nc42 are in no way similar- we're talking about a difference of 3 shades here!

I picked up 2.1Y anyway. Upon swatching, I immediately saw that it was extremely yellow with a hint of orange and it seemed like it would suit those with nc43 skin. I should have gone for 2.0Y.

Texture is like a hybrid between liquid and cream; it spreads very easily and beautifully at that, and you don't need to exert too much effort in blending to even it out or make it look well- blended. Whatever that spreadability formula is, Deciem, I want you to know, you did a great job on that.

Product is unscented, coverage is medium to full, and finish is semi- matte.

Let's test out the foundation:

Bare skin

Here's a side by side comparison. What's great about this foundation is the consistency is very good: looks natural, sits nicely on the skin, lightweight, and non- sticky. Despite the light texture and consistency, product delivers good coverage because it is made with treated, concentrated pigments, as per Deciem.

Thankfully, I got 2 1/2 shades darker after my Siquijor trip so this foundation looked more tolerable on my skin. Coverage reminds me of L'Oreal Infallible Pro matte, but this is only more hydrating and non-drying.

The foundation seems to have an effective hydrating property because it looked nice the entire day with zero dryness, patchiness, and flaking; I still get a bit oily with this though so I won't say it's long- lasting. If used with a good primer and setting powder, this foundation can last the whole day. However, there have been reports of people breaking out from its formula, possibly due to Coconut Alkane. If you have known allergies to Coconut, please test this product first or maybe look for something else.

Is it really worth the wait? It's a good foundation for everyday and smart casual events, but I won't really fall in line for it. I mean, if it's readily available, why not, I'll buy it, but I won't go the extra mile for it. 

This foundation is best for dry, combination normal-oily, and normal skin.


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have it in 2.0N and this is my foundation for the last couple of weeks, this is really good for dry skin(which i am now) sometimes i blend it with my milani conceal and perfect foundation coz im having breakouts when i use it alone.

  2. I think they have these in BeatyMNL I am not sure if that is the variant. I too would not go crazy in line and wait in line to the other 25,000 people unless that is a Air ticket seat sale HAHAHA. There are a lot of good foundations that are readily available, I don't know what is the hype of The Ordinary products here but I have tried their glycolic acid and so far so good. But I won't be crazy over them, I am confused enough with throe products so as the percentage on them hahaha

  3. I honestly love the finish! I thought this was going to be one of those foundations that just gives this matte finish and total full coverage. This one does look natural on you! It's like your skin, but better. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  4. Wow grabe nmn yan pinilahan omg😍
    Wala naman so far allergy sa coconuts hehe pero if di nga sya gaano long lasting lalo.oily skin , il think about it heheh thanks for sharing Ms Martha😊

  5. Looks good, parang improved version of your skin ang peg. I would love to try it but will not also fall in line with 25k waiting before me. 😅

  6. you looked really tan in it madam! parang natural na skin tone mo na, maganda kasi d sya over coverage, ung sobra na natatakpan na dark spots, kasi ung ganun parang pintura na's great!

  7. I love all the packaging of all Deceim products it is very straight forward and on point. Have you skipped concealer using thi one?

  8. I think this is a good foundation based on your review but won't fall in line for it as well. I might grab this one when i need a foundation bec it really suits my needs! Thank you for the review Ms.M!! :)

  9. I read from other beauty bloggers that the serum foundation has better oil control. Have you tried this variant Ms. Martha? I love your look by the way! And the pump container is a plus for convenience :)

  10. The Ordinary products are really raved by so many. The coverage is good but I won't be spending that much for a foundation for me there more affordable kinds that I could try.

  11. Best part of this honest-to-goodness review:
    "Is it really worth the wait? It's a good foundation for everyday and smart casual events, but I won't really fall in line for it. I mean, if it's readily available, why not, I'll buy it, but I won't go the extra mile for it."
    Weel said, Ms. Martha!

  12. This foundation reminds me of Loreal Infallible Pro Glow - they both have this hydrating look that i always look for in any foundation but i wont go crazy over this as there are other local brands out there who has better coverage and is readily available.


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