5 Best Makeup Finishing Sprays Under P500

First of all, what is a makeup finishing spray? What does it do? 

A finishing spray (aka facial mist) is water mixed with moisture- retaining substances that bring back the naturalness of your look by melting the powdery effect of makeup and help keep makeup looking fresh for hours. It is the reason why MAC Fix+ became popular. In theory, it can be a setting spray also because moisture just keeps everything intact, but in application, it is not really for setting because it does not have binders and polymers that actual setting sprays have.

Water can actually be a finishing spray, but it evaporates quickly when it touches a dry surface and doesn't have ingredients that keep it intact.

If you don't have a budget for MAC Fix+, here are good alternatives below P500.00.

PRICE: P180.00

- Skin Revolution is a local online skin care brand. They have facial mists in handy sizes and come in variants like Collagen, Vitamin C, and Aloe Vera.

You can get Skin Revolution from Glambox and Beautymnl.

PRICE: Around P180.00

- Deoproce is a Korean skin care brand and their facial mists come in a generous size. There are variants too like Pomegranate, Collagen, and Green Tea that are known for their skin benefits.

You can find Deoproce in select SM department stores.

- Haru Soaperie is a local skin care brand. Their Rose face spray is one of the nicest- smelling I have encountered and keeps skin feeling fresh and smelling pretty.

You can find Haru Soaperie on Instagram and their official website.

PRICE: P199.00

- Mario Badescu Rose facial mist is dubbed as a good alternative to MAC Fix+. However, it is still expensive at around P600 or P700.00. One of the favorite lifestyle brands today, Mumuso, is known for their affordable skin care and one thing that I like from the range is the facial mist. I picked up Rose facial mist lately and even if it's not as aromatic as MB, it does a pretty good job at fixing makeup and keeping it looking fresh.

Please visit Mumuso on Facebook for a complete list of locations.

- Neutraorganics is a local organic skin care and wellness brand. Rose of Sharon is a beautiful, powdery rose- scented spray and can be used as a toner as well.

You can buy Neutra Organics Rose of Sharon on their Facebook fan page.

- Esfolio Aloe Vera face mist is increasingly becoming popular for its unique emulsion- like water formula, which makes it more economical and moisturizing than regular facial mists.

You can find Esfolio in Metro department stores.

Hope you enjoyed this list. Do tell me which ones you have tried already and what you are willing to try. If you also have your own affordable makeup finishing spray favorites, do share it with us! :)

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9 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I didn't expected that there are facial mist that is as affordable as 180 pesos grabe. This is really good po since there are make up that leaves a cakey look in our face which is not good. Gaano po ba kalayo dapat ispray sa mukha? haha feeling ko basang sisiw ako pag ako gumamit :D lalo pag mainit hahahah

  2. I have this love-hate relationship with facial mist. There are days when it leaves my skin dewy and fresh and there are days when it causes me acne. I really wanted to try the Max Fix+ but it is too expensive. I am reading good reviews about Mumuso Rose Facial Spray and I am happy to learn here na affordable siya! a must buy when we visit Manila!

  3. Ever since I learned from you the finishing sprays are important to make the look not so powdery, I can't stop using them everyday. Also for me it makes the makeup stays longer and more fresh and yes not powdery. I have yet to try these sprays as I have been hooked to Clio setting spray.

  4. I have that esfolio mist and other esfolio skincare products and its actually good. Wanna try that mumuso mist so i wont use much of my mac fix+ which is super expensive.

  5. Wow thank you for all this suggestions. Yes, a setting spray is important for me. Glad you posted these alternatives.

  6. WOW. I never heard most of these brands. Thanks for sharing! :)

  7. I have my NR Aloe Vera mist which I just recently used and love it . But I will definitely check and purchase either the Deoproce mist which is available at SM or the Skin Revolution mist. thanks for sharing Ms. Martha, I'm really happy to know this and I will share this with my friends.

  8. Didn't anticipate that there would be setting sprays that are as good as the other high-end ones for such affordable prices! Thanks for recommending these, Ms. Martha!

  9. Didn't know there are good alternatives as low as 180Php! Thanks for the suggestion!


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