7 Day Sheet Mask Challenge with Medi Heal

I received a pack of 7 Medi Heal masks lately and decided to use them for 7 straight days. Korean women are known to use sheet masks everyday and there must be a reason for this so I set out to find the reason why.

Our weapon of choice, Medi Heal. Medi Heal started from a medical beauty school in Seoul. The products are developed by skin experts. Medi Heal has sold 1 billion masks to date and is arguably one of the best- selling sheet Korean sheet masks.

I have 5 variants: Teatree Care Solution for troubled skin (P99), NMF Aquaring for intense moisture (P199), Collagen Impact for anti-aging (P199), WHP White Hydrating mask for whitening (P199), and I.P.I Light Max to brighten skin (P199). There are also other variants to choose from.

I used the max for 7 days and here are my observations:

DAY 1: Alright, so this is purely about the product. The mask is solid, covers my face well, and has MediHeal stamps all over, which are virtually invisible. It is highly saturated that I could squeeze out excess gel- like serum and put on top of the mask for more moisture.

DAY 3: Skin's beginning to show more responsiveness to my serums and creams. My skin also felt significantly more plump in the morning.

DAY 5: I had a zit due to sleepless nights. I used Teatree Solution mask. The next day, the part where the zit popped out didn't look dry (my zits would feel dry and have dry patches when they come out) and didn't feel painful.

DAY 7: By this day, my skin was consistently hydrated and moisturized. It felt and looked significantly better versus using sheet masks twice to thrice a week only. With the latter, my skin would only look significantly hydrated and moisturized the next day then revert to its okay state until my next sheet mask session.

To summarize, sheet masks are really good at helping your skin stay hydrated and moisturized, and in turn, this helps other skin care products stay longer and better on the skin, helping you utilize their benefits longer, plus it also helps if you will use a really good brand like MediHeal (I like this mask!) I can now see why Korean women use this everyday! Maybe it's time for a 30 day challenge!

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I love your article Ms. Martha. Although, how much does one of those sheets cost?

  2. Ive got a medihealxBTS face mask from my cousin when she went to SOKOR last christmas holiday. But until now hindi pa nagagamit kasi nakakahinayang coz its BTS 😭 maybe ill keep it as a souvenir and will just get the regular one 😂 to try out.

  3. This looks like a treat rather than I challenge! I'd like to try it <3

  4. Go for the 30 days challenge! I tried the 30 days and yes! My skin feels hydrated and plumped. Though using these sheet masks won’t promise you to have small zits once in a while. :)

  5. Sheet Mask is life!😍😍😍 kpg walang mask aloe gel muna.hehe push ang 30 days mask challenge Ms. M! 😊

  6. Sinabayan kita Ms. Martha aq din I'm currently do a 7 day mask challenge, unlike bfre na hndi ko xa gingwa ng srtght n 7 maybe weekly in a month. I'm currently on my 4th day na and I must agree with you na hydrated ang skin ko, iba un look nia after using a mask challenge n for a straight, kaya pla bet na bet ng mga Koreana ang sheet mask for everyday, hahaha prng gsto ko n din gwin yan 30 day sheet mask challenge. Ibng mask nga lng gmit ko, nacurious tuly aq s medi mask! I would purchase nian din soon, gnyn pla xa in demand na mask ah, never knew that! Thank you again Ms. Martha for sharing this kkaibng challenge...I love it!

  7. Yes please do a 30 day challenge for us!I would love to see your feedback. By the way, love your photo in this post. You look glowing! I like MediHeal Sheet Masks!

  8. This is why my brother is also addicetd to mask sheets. He asked me to hoard masked sheets from Korea the last time I went there. Super mura kasi talaga dun and binibigay lang sa kalsada ugn iba hahaha! Would love to know what happens if you use mask sheets for 30 days :)


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