Biore UV Anti-Pollution: Skin Care in Sun Care + The Test

A lot of Filipinos are now open to the idea of wearing sunscreen on an everyday basis, thanks to the Internet where they find out the adverse effects of long- term sun exposure without protection and brands that continually make it easier to wear sunscreen like Biore.

Biore is again trying to seal itself as the brand of choice for everyday sunscreen with a new product series that's not only lightweight and moisturizing, but also chockfull of skin care benefits, particularly anti-pollution.

Biore UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum is the newest offering of the brand. The sunscreen-serum comes in light lotion form and waterproof formula. There are two variants:

Intensive White- with Vitamin B3 that facilitates whitening and Yuzu extracts that provide powerful antioxidant benefits.
Extra Moist- with Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant and Collagen that helps retain moisture and provide anti-aging benefits.

Of course it's best to test the product under a condition where we'll know how lightweight it is. Biore launched the product at Camp N Nuvali, an up and coming camping, leisure, and recreational destination at the heart of Nuvali.

After trail biking, I did Aerial Walk, which looked fairly easy if you're just looking at it, but SUPER HARD when you're finally going through it.

By this time, I was sweating like a pig! :D I applied Biore UV Anti-Pollution Extra Moist sunscreen all over my arm and after completing the hanging barrel obstacle, I tried to feel my arms and no ma, they didn't feel sticky! Oh, did I mention that formula doesn't yield a crazy white cast?

When my skin begins to feel sticky due to sunscreen, I tend to lose interest in the rest of my activities, but because of Biore's non-sticky, waterproof formula, I felt like going for a couple rounds of archery before calling it a day!

Biore UV Anti- Pollution is available in leading department stores and drugstores. Please visit BIORE PHILIPPINES on Facebook for more details about this product.

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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. magnda yan biore medyo pricey lang tlga. mhlaga tlga mg sunscreen khit pa nsa loob ng bahay required mglagay. hehe

  2. I never ran out of Biore! I swear to this product for real and I am very very happy to know that it has new variants!!!!

  3. Yay archery! Anyway how is it? Does it feel sticky?

  4. Yay archery! I worried that it feels sticky when mixed with sweat.

  5. I love Biore.. because i tried all biore products and i love it to used everyday.. when i sweat no sticky feeling tlga ang gaan ng feeling when i used it...also i tried the new products of bioreph the anti pollution serum..super totally lovvvettt tlga big thumps up for you biore....

  6. I'm using their Aqua Water Gel sunscreen in sample size which I really like and I use it on my face. What I like about Biore is walang lagkit factor like other sunscreens. Now they have this anti-pollution mas bongga! What a great way to introduce the product to beauty b/vloggers by way of using it within the day!

  7. I haven't tried biore products, I might give it a shot one of these days :)

  8. Can I use this for my face skin?


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