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You gaiz have been asking me to try BLK Cosmetics. Here's what I think of the products.

Here's a review on BLK Cosmetics.

PRICE: Eyeliner- P249.00; Brow Pencil- P249.00; Liquid Lipstick- P349.00; Velvet Matte Lipstick- P299.00
FROM: SM Makati
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in major SM Department Stores


I've been getting a few review requests on this brand; what made me buy was an email from a lady who was curious why I haven't reviewed BLK yet so I thought "Hey, maybe it's time for me to try it!"

Why did it take me so long to try and review this brand? First, the time the brand was launched, there were a lot of mediocre reviews. Second, everyone only loved the lipsticks; I have lipsticks that can last me a lifetime, therefore it was an easy pass for me. Third, I really (and only) wanted to try the powder foundation, but I learned that the shades were too fair so it was easy for me to forget about my curiosity.

Since the hype on this brand has died down already, I can review BLK with a much clearer head, without the opinion of people running in my head. :)

BLK Cosmetics is the newest venture of Anne Curtis with Happy Skin founder, Jacque Yuengtian Gutierrez. BLK Cosmetics is about uncomplicated beauty, hence a collection of go- to beauty essentials that are modern, versatile, and easy to use.

There's something so Kate Spade-ish with the design concept of BLK

I picked up the following: Long- Lasting Liquid Lipstick, Matte Lipstick, Brow Sculpting Pencil Duo in Natural Brown, and Long- Lasting Liquid Eyeliner in Black. I wanted to do a full collection review, but as I mentioned, the powder foundation shades are too white for my life and the blush palette, although the blush and highlighter were promising, the contouring powders just weren't working for me. Contouring is lyf yo!

Top-Bottom: Brow pencil and eyeliner ingredients

Top to Bottom: liquid lipstick and lipstick ingredients

Matte lipstick comes in a cute acrylic packaging; it reminds me of ice cubes. The liquid lipstick looks posh too.

The liquid liner comes in two shades: Black and Brown. Applicator is felt.

The brow pencil has an angled tip, although I find the width a bit wide.

Let's now try out the products:

Eyeliner is pigmented and leaves a semi- matte finish. The applicator has the right flexibility to it. However, it is not waterproof as advertised; I got a tiny smudge on the inner corners of my eye within 10 minutes of application. After 5 hours of wear, I got noticeable smudges on the outer corner of my eyes. Nope, won't recommend it.

Bare brow

With the brow pencil

The pencil has a hard texture, although a bit waxy so you have to comb it out for a couple of times to soften it. Pigmentation is medium to heavy. The hard wax consistency makes it good for those with heavy hands. It is long- wearing, but not really waterproof. It's a decent brow pencil, but I can't really rave about it.

Liquid Lipstick in Sweetheart

The lipstick has a liquid cream feel. Feels nice on the lips, pigmented, practically weightless, and dries into a matte finish. I have here the shade called Sweetheart from the latest Valentine collection. 

Sweetheart is a midtone rose. It's a wee bit drying, but tolerable.

If you want to know what Happy Skin's liquid lipsticks feel like without actually paying for it, try BLK liquid lipstick.

Matte Lipstick in Fearless

Fearless is a burgundy shade.

It's very pigmented, soft, and glides on easily; finish is soft matte. However, it's a bit drying for my lips. :( I also noticed that this line has way too many red shades; I wish there were other options.

Staying power is okay; it needs to be retouched after a meal.

Indeed, the reviews were right; the lipsticks are really good. One good thing about BLK Cosmetics is the packaging is so chic despite the prize and I'm amazed at how they can keep it that low. I can't really give a verdict on the brand as a whole because I haven't tried the powder and blush yet, but so far, with what I got, I can say that the brand is okay.


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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I was waiting pa naman po kung marereview niyo yung Highlight, Contour, Blush palette ng BLK. Hahaha. I feel the same with you about the brand, though. Buti na lang I didn't give in with the hype. Though the liquid lippies seem interesting to me. Honest review here, Ms. Martha! :)

  2. Their countoring trio pallette reminds me of for the shade selection the contour powder is so orangey on mw.

  3. I heard they have the same manufacturer as Happy Skin. And personally, I think the lippies, both liquid and bullet type has the same feels as that of Happy Skin. :)

  4. I was one of those wondering why you haven't review cosmetics from Anne Curtis' line while you've had posts for Vice Cosmetics twice. :)
    I really love how you make honest-to-goodness reviews to the point of you declaring that you won't recommend a particular product. That really helps us readers as sometimes we have high hopes for highly-raved items.
    So I guess I'll take a pass on lippies from BLK and try those from Vice instead! Thanks Ms. Martha!

  5. Upon reading your blog, I am thinking that the shades were personally tested on Anne which resulted some products not to suit the morena women. But hey! It is what Anne The Celebrity is wearing all the time so keber kahit maputi for some basta kagaya ni idol. For me, I would still give it a try but would take note of the too drying part for the lippies. :)

  6. I bought the lipsticks because I love Anne Curtis LOL but I don't use it everyday especially the liquid one. I found it drying. As for the contour palette I tried the testers and I felt that there will be a lot of fall out's when applied so I didn't bother buying it.

  7. I can't wait to get my hands on their lippies! Salamat sa review talaga!! And thank you for being honest sa lahat ng reviews mo. I will alwys be your fan!

  8. I can't wait to get my hands on their lippies! Salamat sa review talaga!! And thank you for being honest sa lahat ng reviews mo. I will always be your fan!

  9. What I really love aboout BLK is really the packaging but among bloggers I heard that they like Vice Cosmetics than this but would really want to try one as well since it's a brand from Anne Curtis.

  10. I've heard a lot of good stuff about the lipsticks. In terms of price point, I must say, hands down for their team for being able to keep the price low. I'm still sensing parts for improvement but so far so good based on reviews as well. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!


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