Daiso Makeup: One brand makeup tutorial + review + Youtube video

Somebody requested me to review Daiso Makeup. I visited a branch and was amazed at how HUGE their cosmetics selection is; from base to brushes, you'll find in Daiso. It's very tempting to hoard especially since their prices are VERY affordable ranging from P68 to P108.00 only, but really? Is everything worth buying? What are the good and bad ones? I'll let you know below.

I purchased 11 products for a whopping more or less P980 only (le gasp!). I won't even be able to afford this much makeup with drugstore brands!

With P968, I was able to get the following:

1. 2 powder foundations (I got the black one because it's so Anna Sui! I love that brand!)- P88.00/each
2. Winmax Lipstick- P88.00
3. Elliptical Core Duo Brow Pencil- P88.00
4. Ellefar Eyeshadow Quad- P88.00
5. Magical Eyeliner Waterproof- P88.00
6. Impact Eyelashes- P88.00
7. Eyelash Glue- P88.00
8. Twin Side Mascara- P88.00
9. Ellefar Nose Powder Shadow- P88.00

Top to Bottom: Powder foundation 1 (black case), powder foundation 2 (silver case), Nose powder shadow (contour and highlight)

The powder foundation products are more of pressed powders in terms of texture and coverage. I tried wetting the powders, but to no avail. the powder foundation that came with a silver compact has a good shade for morenas and it's called Ecru, which I got. The powders have high fallout though so don't swirl your brush or sponge too hard on the pan.

I bought Nose Powder shadow for face contouring. The powders are not good: too chalky, too sheer, and the contouring powder comes off orange on my skin. The highlighter may look pigmented, but it's sheer when on the cheeks.

Top to bottom: Brow mascara, brow pencil, magical eyeliner

Brow mascara is a light, watery gel that yields light hold, but keeps brow in place; it doesn't last the whole day though, but if you have normal skin, it's great.

The brow pencil is DA BOMB. It has a semi- hard texture, making it great for light or heavy application, decently pigmented, and lasts the whole day, at least on me.

Magical eyeliner is very pigmented and has a unique texture: it's liquid, but a bit thicker than the usual liquid eyeliner. I like the texture because once applied, it 'sticks' on the skin and doesn't feel prone to smudging in case I slightly wiggle my hand or something. However, it doesn't dry up quickly and lids may feel sticky before while it's setting.

Here's the quad eyeshadow palette. As you can see, they're chalky and color payoff is sheer. You will need a concealer or primer, plus wetting your brush in between applications to work these products properly.

Daiso has a lot of lipstick products and what caught my eye was Winmax lipstick because it's cute. I got a rosy shade, but it ended up pastel pink on me. LOL. 

Here's a look I made with all the products I got.

Also, the false eyelashes are really nice: they're lightweight, have the right thickness, and fit my eyes perfectly. The lash glue, however, was a complete waste of money.

My opinion is Daiso has an equal amount of good and not so good makeups; you just have to find the good ones; as I mentioned, they have A LOT of products so to help you out, I would suggest go for the eye makeups like brow mascara, eyeliner, and most especially, the brow pencil; the brow pencil is awesome and it's P88 only GOSH! Just look for the pink brow pen that says "BROW PENCIL ELLIPTICAL CORE" on the body. As for the powders, I won't really recommend them. The lipstick is forgivable because there are a lot to choose from; I just think I didn't get a good shade.

Watch the live try on here:

Have you tried Daiso makeup? What are your thoughts and favorites?

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14 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I hoard their brow pencils when I see them! They have this sword-cut one and comes in a perfect shade for me (dark brown). It drastically shortens my morning prep time because the sword-cut makes it super easy to do brows.

  2. Lagi akonng napapadaan sa store nila and I must say na ang gaganda talaga ng mga products nila. Madalas na din ako mamili sa kanila pero hindi ko pa na ta try ang mga make up, thank you for the review maam, itatry ko yung mga products lalo na yung false eyelashes kasi yun talaga yung ginagamit ko :)

  3. I agree! Daiso has good brow pencils but with regards to their powders, I'd give it a pass. Their wet tissues are okay though haha. Okay na pang remove ng make-up.

  4. I love your reaction about the brow products..happiness indeed! Na achieve dn kahit papaano ang kilay goals! Kahit un iba failed!

  5. wow,its very nice to visit your site.nice article and video.thanks for sharing it.

  6. I remember buying make-up at Daiso way back college days due to its affordability. And i totally agree with the powder products.. better pa ang johnsons baby powder hehe. From then on, medyo iniiwasan ko na ang make-up section at Daiso. But I am now curious on the pencils!!! Will try one and will let you know the result. :)

  7. Would definitely love to try the browliner and mascara, pag napadaan ako sa Daiso humanda yan hahaha

  8. omg i am in love with their eyebrow pencils

  9. I am a daiso girl! I am hesitant lang to get their makeups so thank you for this! Alam ko na ang mga pwede kong mabili! Im planning to do daiso shoping na puro pampaganda lang soon!

  10. Thank you for the review, at least i know na what not to buy at daiso

  11. I was actually finding it hard to buy products with characters I can't read and understand. Hahaha. But with this review will definitely would try one. Hihi. I just buy housewares from Daiso and the first make up/ skincare item that I got is the nose pack which is about 88 pesos I guess if I am not mistaken. IT's packaging is white and black in a cow like skin which reminds me of Esfolio mask in milk.

  12. I hoard the lower lash falsies at Daiso because it is hard to find one.

  13. Need this! It's very hard to save up for high-end make up sometimes. Takes a little too long even for some drugstore brands. I think my generation is lucky because brands like Daiso, Mumuso, Miniso, Ximiso, and all kinds of SOs (hahahaha) are creating cheaper alternatives! Thanks for narrowing the items down to your most recommended ones! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  14. You got me curious with the Elliptical Core Duo Brow Pencil :)
    I have watched the vid and your reaction were really cute when you find the brow pencil effective on you. :) Will definitely check this out.


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