Detail Makeover Baked Highlighter Peach Pie: Affordable, awesome strobing product!

Best recommendation I got from The Beauty Junkee's Unite! FB group!

Here's a review on Detail Makeover Baked Highlighter in Peach Pie.

PRICE: P279.00
FROM: Metro Department Store, Alabang Town Center
OTHER LOCATIONS: Available in all Detail Makeover counters


The Beauty Junkees Unite! is a beauty community I formed on Facebook; it's where I gather all #TBJBeshies and makeup and beauty lovers from all around the world to share their passion for makeup, showcase their artistry, and help out fellow TBJ Beshies with their beauty woes. It's really cool here in our community so I am inviting you to join! :)

I hang out at TBJ Unite all the time and I don't think it's doing my wallet any good LOL! Someone there raved about Detail Makeover Baked Highlighter in Peach Pie as their fave highlighter so I went out to try it because I'm into highlighting and strobing nowadays. For a very affordable highlighter, this one's really good and gives you a customized strobe!

DM's highlighters come in three shades; Peach Pie is the middle shade. Compact looks like MAC and looks pretty decent for an affordable product.

Just nitpicking here: the powder is not cleanly cut, but tbh, it's no biggie and doesn't affect its performance in any way. That's just the OC in me talking :p

The powder feels a bit powdery when upon swirling my finger on the pan, but it surprisingly applies smoothly! It's also very pigmented and not chalky!

Peach Pie is a peachy champagne shade. It doesn't have huge glitter, but instead, it's packed with micro shimmer.

Here's a strobe look; I layered the product twice here. Peach Pie brightens the skin tone and is effective at bringing out the areas that you have highlighted.

Here's an FB live screenshot (thanks to the person who took and sent this!) where I used the highlighter lightly all over my face. GURL LOOK AT THAT GLOW.

It has decent staying power and my face doesn't get glittery when I have it on. Just don't apply on the T-Zone especially if you have oily skin. ;)

Another awesome find in the drugstore! :)


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12 Lovely Thoughts

  1. I have swatched this Detail Makeover highlighter I can't remeber if this shade but for me it is pigmented for my liking it might show the textures and pores on my face. Plus I do have oily skin.

  2. pwede!!! this is a good find ah! very budget friendly and i love the glow! nakakaganda sa picture talaga!

  3. OMG! I have the one in Caramel Glaze, it looks good on women with warm undertones. Thank you for the shade reco Ms. M!

  4. This product is promising!! Gusto ko din! Yung wishlist ko pahaba ng pahaba! Salamat sa review Ms. M! At sa nag rave nito sa group! Mwah!

  5. Wow, I like how this product makes your skin glow! Gonna give it a try!

  6. Highlighted na highlighted nga po Ms. M hihihi is this a local brand po ba? Oily po kasi skin ko kaya mas maganda po sakin siguro yung more on matte powders noh ewan ko ba tumatagas talaga oil sa mukha ko hahaha. Pero mas okay naman po ang oily daw para di prone sa ageing.

  7. One word: Pak! DM has good transfer proof lippie too.

  8. Whoa! I've been trying to find a similar one from Catrice and Essence yet I can't find those in department stores. Luckily, we have a nearby Metro Dept store in Town! Can't wait to test this out. Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  9. I really haven't tried highlighting and strobing yet but I've seen a lot of posts about highlighters lately and I felt very left out! Will surely watch tutorials and start with affordable products like this one!


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