Late Christmas Haul for myself :)

The way I buy my presents for myself, I buy after Christmas because aside from sales, I find that I tend to be clearer with what I want to give myself when the holiday frenzy is finally over.

So these are my hauls and my two main Christmas gifts for myself. :)

I'm a Bare Bears lover so when I learned about the Miniso X Bare Bears merchandise, I got excited and rushed to my nearest branch and picked up the following: floor rug that's sooo cute and soft, I almost got all three colors, cable organizer, nose strips, eye mask, which I thought is a sleeping mask, but are actually disposable warm eye masks (it's like sheet masks, but for the eyes), and a journal. I also got a Miniso brow pencil just for trying. Who knows? It could be hidden gem.

I visited Mumuso and got a super cute Gorilla key chain. I picked up Fashion 21 Double Up Mascara because I read a lot of reviews are saying it's good.

My interest in Nars has been revived lately and a purchase was triggered after I watched a video of my idol, Wayne Goss, about Nars All Day Luminous Foundation so I got one! I also purchased Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer because I'm a full coverage concealer lover and a lot swear by this.

And for the main event:

TADAAA! I gifted myself for Christmas with an iPhone 7 Plus and Canon G7X Mark ii; these are my new investments for the year and for blogging and vlogging. My Sony A5000 and iPhone 6 got busted last year, thus new gadgets were really needed. I've been planning for these big purchases for quite a while now because as much as possible, I change gadgets every 3-5 years depending on how busted the unit is. I'm just glad that the purchase pushed through!

Finally, I purchased a screen protector for my iPhone, Halo camera case, and a plastic case for my iPhone. :)

What are your hauls lately? :)

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. wow! you bought everything you want madam! ako nag-iipon na din para sa december, mabili ko na din tlga ang regalong gusto ko para sa sarili ko hehe, di naman po sya bongga pero magagamit tlaga. Ang gaganda po ng mga nabili mo madam! bongga ung canon mo po ah! gusto ko din ng gnyan!

  2. I was able to get lahat ng nasa Christmas wishlist ko. One of them though was given by the brand, but the rest I bought for myself. Ang sarap sa feeling when you have rewarded yourself for all the hard work you've done throughout the year. All those pagtitipid at pagtitiyaga are worth it. Although, of course, I still make sure I still have some left for savings.

    As for gadgets, I change din every 2-3 years naman. I'm glad na I'm too kuripot to jump into the hype whenever a new phone or gadget is released. Hehe.

    Hope you had an awesome week, Martha! :D


  3. Yay! Cheers to the new gadgets! Definitely worth the wait and investment. For this year, since I am hooked with you hehe, I am trying to complete first my skin care routine then I am also replenishing my make-up and tools. :) You are really very helpful in terms of whats best and to pass. :)

  4. Congrats on your purchases Ms. Martha! Bare Bears are so cute <3

  5. Wow these are great stuff that you got. I am glad that you got yourself a new phone and a camera for your vlogging needs. Love also the beauty stuff that you got for yourself. You worked hard, and you deserve a reward! Cheers!


  7. I have the NARS Foundation, it really is for a long haul foundation just like KVD Lock it Foundation. However I want to know your thoughts on them. I love the Bare Bears x Miniso and gosshhh the Mat i love it! so cute!

  8. These are so rad! I think the We Bare Bears merch is sooooooooo cute huhu I like the fact that these items are all necessary and practical. Inspires me to become wiser when it comes to my purchases esp. if it's for me. Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!

  9. I bought an iphone 8plus and a lot more makeup and skincare 😂

  10. I don't really buy a gift for myself with any occasion but I just buy whenever I like something it's mostly clothings and skincare. Hihihi

  11. I always make sure that I get to buy things I want despite the need to save money. Guess at this way, I'll be able to reward myself every now and then. Plus, when I want something, I can't sleep until I'm able to buy it! hahahaha.

    But I'm a bit practical when it comes to gadgets. Like you, I also change phones at 3-5 years or only if my unit is busted already. Not the type to jump into the hype whenever new phone model got released. :)


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