Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette Pearl: Lighting Kit in a palette!

No ringlight? Bring it on. Whip out this palette and let there be light!

Here's a review on Smashbox X Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette Pearl.

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Big brands know it best that online beauty influencers are the way to go if you want to create a makeup product/range that has a personal touch and, let's be honest, will sell fast, thanks to eager fans. 

As such is the case of Smashbox and Casey Holmes: the big L.A. beauty brand and Youtube star collaborated to create a highlighter palette collection, with the latter describing the collab as a "dream come true". 

The Spotlight Palette by Casey Holmes series is your portable lighting a palette!


Spotlight Palette is a regular item of Smashbox, but this time, it is refreshed with Casey as she chose the new shades for the two palettes, Pearl and Gold. The packaging is new as well-the old palette comes in Smashbox's signature black palette while Casey's version is a gold rubber- like palette with graphics and a cute 3D effect to it.

L-R: Subtle Glow, Moderate Glow, Super Sparkle Glow

Subtle glow is a pale gold shade.
Moderate glow is a warm champagne shade.
Super Sparkle Glow is a peach pink shade with glitter.

L-R: subtle glow, moderate glow, super sparkle glow

The powders are smooth, but I can't say they're buttery, which is fine by me because it makes them all the more controllable.

The powders represent three degrees of glow; I like that the concept of this palette is based on the dynamics of light, which gives the user the choice between a light highlight, moderate highlight, and a megawatt highlight. Because not everyone wants a blinding strobe!

Can I just say that this highlighter photographs beautifully????

I find that Smashbox's makeups look amazing in photos and this highlighter palette is no different; well, no wonder it's like that because it's a brand founded by photographers!

The powders blend beautifully and seamlessly on the skin, giving it a wash of light. I like using Moderate Glow most of the time because the warm champagne tone flatters my skin (I applied it on my cheek bones, temples, top of brows, and dusted it lightly all over my skin in this photo). 

When night falls, I top it with Super Sparkle Glow for an intense glow (like the one I did on my cheeks in the photo). This shade is very pigmented and deposits an intense amount of glitter so use sparingly. I like using a fan brush or a small fluffy brush to control the coverage area of the powder. In the original palette, some didn't like how chunky the glitters were and how they just fell off and scatter around the skin; I did not experience these with this palette; the glitters may be chunky particularly for Super Sparkle Glow, but they stay put and don't scatter around the skin even after a few hours of wear. They must have improved the formula!

Staying power is very good; it lasts almost a whole day on me, about 8 hours on the very least. For oily skin, however, you may need to retouch during wear.

I really like this highlighting palette because of the three varying degrees of highlighting powders, plus the products look good in pictures and also, in real life. I've been reaching for this often! Spotlight Palette Pearl is good for fair to medium skin and Gold Pearl is good for medium to dark skin; I wish I got the latter, but Pearl works just about right for my skin tone!

Good news! This is a permanent product!


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  1. Wow na wow super radiant ng highlighter na ito maliwanag ang buhay super pigmented din

  2. Wow nice palette! Also the color pay off so bright and shinny plus the packaging - glorious! Love it.

  3. Your c zone is on poit amf all I can say is pak!

  4. Most women do not use a highlighter or maybe like me that does not know how to. This morning, my older cousin should me how highlighters works and tadaaaa! almost same same finish as with your picture! lakas makaganda!

  5. The highlighter looks good your skin tone, really gives a nice glow to your skin.

  6. Wow! Your look is very subtle and perfect! It's so mellow and warm and on point! I like the fact that their packaging is also suitable for their theme and objective for the product. Thanks, Ms. Martha!

  7. I'm in awe with your photo! You look so radiant there!


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