Venus and Mars Miniature Pure Actives Collection: For the oil junkie + Review + Price

This affordable box contains a buffet of the most powerful oils in skin care!

Here's a review on Venus and Mars Miniature Pure Actives Collection.

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Facial oils are AMAZING. I'm a huge fan and it has been a skin care staple of mine; nothing gives me that nourished, moisturized feeling better than oils, plus they have a ton of benefits to boot! I love using a variety of oils for targeting my various concerns and to take advantage of more benefits too. However, facial oils can be a bit pricey, most especially if we're talking about exotic oils like Rosehip, Tsubaki, Tamanu, Emu, and Marula to name a few, those that provide extra benefits other than common vitamins and pleasurable effects to the skin like the carrier oils Argan, Jojoba, Olive, and Coconut.

How about getting some of the most prized exotic oils in a pretty box and bathing in their goodness and benefits without spending more than P3000? Ladies and gents, meet Venus and Mars Miniature Pure Actives Collection.

Pure Actives is the brand's range of exotic and carrier oils for general skin care use. VNM has put together five of their well- loved oils in 10ml bottles for trial, travel, and mixing.

Speaking of mixing, VNM also wants to introduce the art of oil fusion through this box. With this, you no longer have to commit spending for a full size and full price. You can experience a myriad of benefits just by mixing two or three of these oils in one application. As I said, I love trying out oils so, PERFECT!

I spoke with the owner of VNM, Jamie Tan, and she assured that the oils are being sourced from the most reputable suppliers to ensure that every drop is only made up of real oil extracts. Yes, there are good oils and bad oils in the world of skin care.

The oils included in the box are:

1. Rosehip (Exotic)- has fatty acids that helps improve tone, texture, and has anti-aging benefits to boot.
2. Brightening Love Plant Oil (Exotic)- for lightening hyperpigmentation
3. Tsubaki Oil (Exotic)- or Japanese Camellia. Great for moisturizing, and has Polyphenols that help minimize free radical damage
4. Emu Oil (Exotic)- anti- bacterial, anti-fungal, prevents irritation, great moisturizer
5. Argan Oil (Carrier)- rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids and a great moisturizer

Since these oils are natural, they're non- greasy at all! They absorb fairly quickly and leave my skin with the right amount of moisture.

I personally love using Emu Oil and would just add a few drops of the other oils for more benefits. However, don't get too much because it will take you a while to work them onto the skin. After all, it's oil!

Here are personal recipes that I use and make out of the oils:

When I'm breaking out: Emu, Argan
When my skin is dull: Argan, Rosehip, Tsubaki
When I have dark marks: Emu, Love Plant
For anti-aging benefits: Argan, Rosehip, Tsubaki

I love this box because I get a buffet of the finest oils nature has to offer; I use them on their own or to boost my other oils and skin care, plus I love how travel friendly they are. For skin care enthusiasts, this is a box that you definitely should consider getting because it has great value plus the oils will add more benefits to your existing products.

P.S. The bottles may be small, but a little drop goes a very long way!


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  1. I wish I could also afford all of them. I got the EMU oil from BeautyMNL and I have to say, I feel amazing just right after a few applications. Gusto ko na rin tuloy magipon for that buffet.

  2. I've wanted to try V&M's oils since i saw these sa BeautyMnl but haven't read any reviews about it yet. Good to know di sya sticky sa mukha. Is it somehow similar to Human Nature's sunflower oil? Yun pa lang natry ko na oil for the face and body hehe. Thanks for this Ms. M!

  3. VNM is ❤️. They make our oil dreams come true! and thanks to you mam coz I learned VNM from you. Too bad when I visited their stall last week grabe ubos yung ibang oils and products! But will just order online to know if this raved brand is really worth the hype hihi. sana din it will work for me!

  4. Wow! This is a must try for all beaty and skincare junkees like us! All we (budgetarianšŸ˜‚)have to do is save up for it. I think this is a good investment for our skin. Thanks for sharing your recipes and everything about this oils.

  5. Been using tea tree oil since the nth of time to treat my zits and I could say I've over looked the Emu.

  6. Your skin looks super radiant and glowy here! Wish I could afford all of this. Love the modern yet traditionally organic packaging! Thanks for this, Ms. Martha!


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