Banila Co Miss Water Mr. Oil Gel Cream and Water Beauty Complex Review

Banila Co Mr. Water Ms Oil SLM Gel Cream and Water Beauty Complex review.

PRICE: Cream- P1,000+; Essence- P900.00+
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If there's Mr. and Mrs. Smith, there's Ms. Water and Mr. Oil, Banila Co's super hydrating line that combines a water and oil complex to keep skin bouncy, healthy, and hydrated. I've been using this for quite a while now and the products are nice! Digging chok chok skin? Then this is the skin care line for you!

Miss Water and Mr. Oil is a three- piece skin care line that features the sheet mask, Water Beauty Complex essence, and Gel Cream. The nourishing, moisture- replenishing properties of this line are made possible by Natural Seed Oil Complex and Pink Flower complex (Rose, Lotus, Cherry Blossom, Waterlily). It features the Capsule Membrane and SLM technologies; the former refers to the wrapping of water and oil on the skin, which helps protect the it while the latter is the inclusion of seed oils and water in tiny capsules contained in the preparations, which help preserve the active ingredients.

Water Beauty Complex ingredients

Gel cream ingredients

The essence is a rich, clear, viscous liquid; I had to exert a little shaking effort the first time I used it, but once you empty it for a bit, fluid flows much more smoothly even with just a little shake, but not too much that you're having a spillfest.

Water Beauty Complex is a softening lotion, a pre-essence, emulsion, or post- toner; call it as you please. You can use it to bring back moisture to the skin after washing, as a regular toner, or  as a cream/moisturizer base.

Gel Cream is a rich gel cream; it's generally watery with only a hint of oil. It's pretty concentrated and you don't need a lot per use.

Both products have a light citrus floral scent and have tiny beads in them that burst as you work them on the skin; these supposedly contain the meat of the products, which are the natural oils and flower extracts. Encapsulating is a technique used to keep the active ingredients dormant before use to ensure that they're fresh.

After 1 month of usage

Will you look at that bouncy look...and also feel! The balanced mix of oil and water moisturizes and hydrates the skin sans oiliness and the 'fleeting' healthy feeling that you get from generally watery moisturizers. Water and oil work well together in providing lasting moisturizing benefits to the skin; when skin stays moisturized and hydrated longer, breakouts, dullness, and dryness are kept at bay longer too!

I am very pleased with the effects of these two products. Ms. Water and Mr. Oil Gel Cream and Water Beauty Complex is a duo that will give lasting hydrating and moisturizing benefits; they're great whether for day or night use, for almost all skin types, and if you want to achieve chok chok skin!


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  1. thank you for sharing sis! good job!

  2. The chok chok look na gusto ko talaga ma-achieve kaso ang hirap! pero sa Banila co the best ang clean it zero line nila kaya feeling ko maganda din to girl. 💐

  3. Your skin looks really good. Wonder if the oils will irritate my sensitive skin but I like how dewy and supple your skin looks.

    Amanda at

  4. I tried once or twice a watery gel type of moisturizer it feels great coz it easily absorbed by my oily skin and the feeling is refreshing. It's nice that even oily skin needs hydration and not having to feel sticky at all. I think this products gives that overall feeling and delivers more great results for a fine healthy looking skin.


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