SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals Skin Care Review: Healthy, Glowing skin!

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals skin care review.

PRICE: Moisturizing Cream and Nourishing Cream- P3,600.00; Body Lotion- P1,660.00; Hand Cream- P1,660.00; Foot Cream: P1,660.00
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The first time I encountered Dead Sea Salt- infused products was way back in 2011. I really loved the texture and most especially, the following wondrous effects I experienced through usage: smoothing, re-texturizing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating. I haven't used Dead Sea Salt in a while and when SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals skin care dropped by the door, I decided to give a 'good ol' friend' a try! :)

I have been using the range for a month and my skin looks healthier and more glowing!

SeeSea Dead Sea Minerals is a new player in the local beauty scene. The complete skin care and targeted facial care collections feature high quality, Paraben- free formulas powered by SEESEA Skincare Energizer complex (SSE) combined with various potent plant extracts, whitening ingredients, and Dead Sea Minerals. The range includes a foot cream, hand cream, body lotion, and two moisturizers.

But first, what's so special about Dead Sea Minerals? What is it?

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Actually a lake, the Dead Sea is considered the lowest point of the earth at about 1,412 meters below sea level; it lies between Israel, Jordan, and Palestine. The Dead Sea is said to be void of life that can be perceived by the naked eye (not entirely void of it because recent diving expeditions have shown that there are bacteria and microbes living at the bottom!) as it has 33.7% salinity and said to be 8.3 times saltier than the ocean.

But the water of the Dead Sea has life; it has been found that its waters contain 21 minerals and 12 of which you can't find in the ocean. These unique minerals are known to cure a myriad of skin disorders and provide therapeutic as well as skin benefits.

Dead Sea Minerals (or Maris Sal) are known for anti- aging, anti- acne, detoxifying, and purifying benefits, and heals eczema and psoriasis to name a few. Some even say that it has a direct positive effect on asthma. This is why a lot of skin care enthusiasts and even those who have found unsatisfactory help from medicine to cure skin ailments would plan a trip to the Dead Sea to swim in it and experience its healing benefits. However, not a lot are privileged to take such a trip of a lifetime and that's why Dead Sea Minerals- infused products exist. These minerals are precious ingredients and as with all precious ingredients, they don't come cheap.

Hope you enjoyed that little geology class. :D Going back to the products, here are the ingredients, my thoughts, and experience:

Top to Bottom: Nourishing Cream and Moisturizing Cream ingredients

The products have a gentle floral scent, which I believe is naturally- occurring due to the plant extracts in it. Both products come in a sturdy acrylic jar. I wish there were spatulas that came with them and the jars came in different colors/with a distinguishing label that would effectively differentiate the nourishing cream from the moisturizing one. If you had both, you would easily confuse the two.

L-R: Moisturizing Cream and Nourishing Cream

Moisturizing Cream is your day moisturizer; it has Vitamins A and E, moisturizing plant extracts plus UV filters; it doesn't differ too much from the other just by looking at the swatch, but if you feel it in person, it feels much lighter than the latter. It's a bit richer than most mainstream moisturizers that we know, but it's not heavy on the skin and absorbs fairly quickly.

Nourishing Cream, on the other hand, is a very emollient cream that is suitable for night time; can be used for day time for those with dry to really dry skin. It also has anti-aging ingredients like Retinol, which makes it ideal for more mature skin types. Unlike the Moisturizing Cream, it absorbs much slower and leaves enough moisture on the surface to last an entire night under cold air conditioning. Even if doesn't absorb that quickly, the cream doesn't feel slick nor greasy. I'd like to note that this cream is pretty thick and a small amount goes a long way. And since it's thick, what I love doing with it is softening up the texture between my palms before application.

Both products have a gentle floral scent.

Whitening hand cream ingredients

A hand cream is not always the first product in mind to launch for new beauty brands, but SeeSea is taking on the challenge! Great job for the company too because the hand is a part of the body after all-and the most exposed and used one at that-and it needs just as much TLC; it just makes the body care system feel much more holistic.

The hand cream is a rich cream with a light floral fragrance. Just a small amount is enough because it emollient (but thankfully, not greasy) plus this will facilitate faster absorption into the skin. One thing I love about this hand cream is it has UV filters! Perfect!

Body Lotion ingredients

The body lotion is very moisturizing, but absorbs quickly enough. I love that it has Argan oil extract because it's really good for the skin. It has a soothing floral scent.

Okay by this time, can I say that I like the tube packaging of the body care products? They're so convenient and hygienic! FYI, I love this type of product packaging!

Foot Cream ingredients

Foot Cream, ah, one of the most essential body moisturizers in my regimen. My feet are always exposed, which makes them prone to calluses, dryness, and roughness, and a foot cream helps prevent those for me. 

The foot cream has a light cream texture and yields a light tingling sensation, making it a nice after shower treat before hitting the sack, most especially if you've had a long day.

Products come with a safety seal!

What are the effects? Check out my photo below:

My face around a month ago. Take note of the encircled parts of the photo.

Now this is my face a month after consistently using the creams, day and night. My cystic acne has disappeared (with the help of spot treatments too) and the marks have lightened up; the creams have whitening benefits in them, but I've experienced more of a brightening effect on my skin because it has almost cleared up the marks. Other effects I've experienced are:

1. Skin looks less stressed.
2. I don't know if it's just me, but my skin looks much better and healthier than in the last 3 months.
3. Skin looks much more transparent.
4. Skin looks bouncier and more youthful

Since all of the products have whitening benefits and have no considerable SPF for protection, I highly suggest you use these products in conjunction with a sunscreen.

The products are quite expensive, but given their rich consistencies, they will last you for quite a while, roughly around 6 months to 1 year.

Overall, I am very pleased with my experience with the products, most especially the face creams and foot cream; I highly recommend both! If you have dry skin and have anti-aging, anti-dullness, and nourishment concerns, you should give SeeSea products a try!

P.S. The products come in packages! Body Care Package (Foot Cream, Hand Cream, Body Lotion) is at P2,940.00, Complete Care Package (All products) is at P7,920.00, and Facial Skin Care Package (Facial Moisturizing and Nourishing Creams) is at P3,960.00.

Have you tried these products already?


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  1. Nakita ko to sa mall pero ang mahal kaya nagdalawang isip akong bilhin. Pero infairness malaki talaga ang help ng consistent skincare routine whether seesea products or not. pag-iipunan ko yung foot cream dahil yun ang need na need ko girl! 💐

  2. woo pricey !! Pero ganda po ng effect tlgang kitang kita po sa facr nio glowing

  3. I just wish they have trial size to see if it is "hiyang" on those with sensitive skin. Though considering you have tried this for three months, Ms. M I'm sold lol your skin looks real nice on photo!

  4. I've tried dead see products before and what I can say is mahal sila pero sobrang tumatagal ung products, ultimo sabon na kahit araw-arawin mo. I am curious and I'm thinking of trying because I am also suffering from cystic acne. I am also very interested with the foot cream but what do you like about the foot cream? Kahit ano kasing lotion or gel or hydration ang gawin ko, ung legs part ko, super dry, so weird kasi ung other parts naman ng katawan ko hindi ganon kadry.

  5. Good to know that you've found your perfect match when it comes sa facial though mahal sya hehehe pero it gives a best results and kitang kita naman ang best results.

  6. Oh my, ang ganda ng line na to. But ang mehel! HAHAHA But if promising ung results why not db?

  7. Ganda po ng effect sa face ninyo Ms. Martha! Glowing at freshy looks pa.

  8. Super love this! Bilis mag dry ng pimple using Nourishing Cream. Tas nakakaputi din ng face esp yung pimple marks. Price is worth it kasi halos 1 yr bago maubos 👍


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