5 Weird Beauty Masks!

It all started with the photo of a girl trying out bubble mask that I saw on the Internet. And then I wondered, "what are the weirdest beauty masks I can find on the Internet?" And then the search began.

Here are five of the weirdest beauty masks I've seen!

Photo credit: trendr.dk


- The most hilarious mask I've seen to date! Bubble Masks use the concept of oxygenation where pockets within the bubble trap air and fusing it back into your skin to supposedly help circulation. I'd love to put this mask on on a drunk night with friends and for sure, we'll be laughing non- stop!

P.S. It's now your chance to become a marshmallow!

Photo credit: pinterest.com


- I've been seeing Butt Masks all around my insta these past few weeks. Is this a thing or is a brand trying to make it a thing? I don't know. I'm at odds with the product. Not really sure if there's a need for it, unless I decide to walk butt- naked down the street at least three times a week.

Photo credit: douglas.co


- I love Glamglow; they have amazing masks, but tbh, this looks a little too excessive..for the environment. Glitter mask is cute, instaworthy, and makes you feel like a star, but I definitely won't feel good knowing that the glitters get washed down into the ocean and are eventually swallowed by marine life. Because whatever goes into the ocean, goes back to you. To be perfectly blunt, if edible fishes swallow these glitters, you're highly likely to swallow them too.

But if these are made from proven food grade, safe-for-ingestion, ocean- friendly material, then let the party begin.

Photo credit: puretechnol.com


- The mask that left me asking so many questions. What's this thing for? Does it really pull out lodged oil and daily crap out of your pores? Does it contain metal and if yes, what are the implications of metal applied directly to your skin? Can it pull out negative people from your life too? Why the F is it so expensive?

Magnetic Mud Masks are becoming a thing nowadays. Madonna's pilot product in her first beauty brand is...yup, you guessed it; a $600 magnetic mud mask (WTF!). Apparently, magnetic mud masks help encourage cell turnover, lift the skin by inducing collagen production, and makes the skin appear visibly plump instantly. Sounds like what my 200-peso mud mask can do! LOL!

Magnetic healing is not new in the wellness field; it's being used in some medical procedures such as closing wounds, for example; nowadays, it's being explored in the realm of anti-aging skin care. However, there are not enough studies to back up the claims of various magnetic mask brands. Also, there are not enough studies conducted on a lot of ladies who can back up an astronomically- priced mud mask purchase right now.

But still, just for the fun of it, I want to try Magnetic Mud Masks and I won't say no if someone gives me one!

Photo credit: cosmic.com


- A Korean beauty creation. One brand that stands out is Tony Moly Mr. Smile Patch; I'm pretty sure there are other Korean brands out there that have come out with the same thing too.

I get it, laugh lines are not a laughing matter as overtime, pronounced LLs can make skin look dull, sagging, and tired. The laugh line mask is supposed to help stall this phenomenon, but I seriously think that you can do away with a regular sheet mask because it reaches that portion too, plus you can always slather creams on those parts anytime, any day. Do nature a favor and cut down mask usage by sticking to the good ol' sheet mask.

Have you tried any of these masks? What are your thoughts?

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11 Lovely Thoughts

  1. What people would do for beauty. Haha, the most sane in the list would be the laughing line mask. Though I would want to try it alone. :D

  2. This post kept me laughing hard Ms. Martha hahaha!!! Now ko lang narinig yung Magnetic Mud mask and laugh line mask... may ganun pala.. haha.. but yes, the weirdest is the butt mask hahaha!!! i think it is for the swimsuit models but what for diba?? as long as you are hygenic i think no need na for it. the bubble mask is something I would like to try.. try lang haha...

  3. Bet ko yung laugh line mask! Feeling ko kailangan ko nun after kong basahin ito kasi weird talaga ng beauty innovations ngayon.. lahat ng parte ng katawan na pwedeng lagyan ng mask eh push na push kahit weird talaga. Curious ako sa butt mask haha... ano kayang feels habang nakalagay at after iwash haha. Thank you girl napasaya moko today sa post mo. πŸ’

  4. I've seen the bubble mask and glitter mask from other beauty vloggers. But the mud mask particulary from e.l.f.brand appeals to me the most and I'm curious to try it's not that so expensive from Madonna's but sad to say it's not yet available here even on online shops. While the butt and laugh line mask..got me curious too and made me think for what..pqrang walang saysay para sa akin!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Hahaha i’m so curious what butt mask looks like on the face that I literally searched for it too. πŸ˜‚ The name’s so catchy though! Hahahaha. I’ve seen many reviews of the magnetic mask on YT and I’m curious as well of how it really works. Coz magnet meaning there is really some kind of metal with it. This is the first time I saw laugh line mask. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  6. I love Bubble masks! As for the others I am confused as well especially the butt masks? WHAT? lol

  7. I really want also to try the bubble mask and the glitter mask as well, out of curiosity LOL!


  8. D ko pa natry any of those..but i love to try bubble masks...

  9. Katuwa yung laugh line mask hehe. Gusto ko itry yung bubble mask.

  10. Bubble mask makes me think that you can do that with your foam cleanser (because they feel the same?)..Anyway I even saw preggy belly mask, boob sheet mask (that looks like a large nip tape without adhesive).

  11. Natawa ako dun sa butt mask para saakin para saan hahaha Saka pg inaapply to sa butt so haftnaked ka sa bahay nio tapos d kadin pede umupo ksi my mask hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ....
    Pero gusto kong itry ung bubble mask mukhang maganda at pangarap kong mging marsmallow hahaha


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