Jordana Glow N Go and Sculpt N Go Review: A natural contour and strobe!

Jordana Glow N Go and Sculpt N Go review.

PRICE: Around P400.00 each
FROM: Free
OTHER LOCATION: Available in SM department stores


There are days when you want to shine bright like a diamond with the namesake Rihanna song on repeat in your head and be sculpted like a Kardashian, and there are days when you just want that low key sculpt and glow. For the latter days, there's a product I would suggest and it's Jordana Sculpt N Go and Glow N Go. Aside from giving you that natural sculpt and glow, these creamy, easy sticks can be used to touch up too!

Sculpt N Go and Glow N Go, new products from Jordana, come in three shades for light, medium, and warm skin tones. I like the variety of shades considering that this is a very affordable brand.

L-R: Deep and Radiant Glow

Deep and Radiant Glow are my shades of choice. I like that the sculpting shades have a neutral and taupe undertone, which prevents you from turning unfortunately orange. The highlighter stick in Radiant Glow is perfect for morenas because it has a gold tone to it that brings out the golden goddess that you really are.

P.S. I did not swatch the other shades because I'm planning to give them away to you guys one of these days. My momma taught me to share thine blessings!

The sticks glide on easily and quickly. Blends fairly easily and looks just natural light and shadow on the skin. Set it with powder to retain the naturalness of the look and top with complementing highlighter and contour powder to up that sculpt and glow.

I mentioned that you can use this as a touch up product. I noticed that the product sets into a semi- matte finish. I tried applying the highlighter stick on top of makeup after a couple of hours to retouch my glow and it worked; it didn't run off. However, I won't suggest the same technique for the sculpting stick.

Affordable, easy, great shade selections, and looks natural. Perfect indeed for those low key days!


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8 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Uso talaga ang highlighter ngayon at siyempre ang contour para sa maliit na face hehe.. hindi po ba siya malagkit compared sa powder? hindi pa kasi ako nakagamit ng stick na highlighter or contour kaya curious ako. 💐

  2. I've seen and swatched this at Jordana counters at SM few months back. I really like the highlighter it's easy to use just daab and blend with the fingers. This is a really chunky stick.

  3. I love the shade of contour stick. Hindi sya masyadong dark na dark and natural sya tignan ss face and I find it affordable compared sa ibang brands. �� love the highlighter sticks also ������

  4. I love the cute packaging! And also look how pigmented the contour stick is! WOW!

  5. You are really the best when it comes to endorsing products. When you post something new to me, I am also craving to buy it the next day hihi... These Jordana products is new to me and with me slowly liking the effect of a highlighter makes me wanna try this. One, this is very handy. Second, the shades are soo nice and lastly, very affordable. :)

  6. Lumalaban tlga quality ang Jordana at hindi over pricing. Mas maganda siguro kung 2 in 1 na sya contour and highlighter mgksma na sa isang stick.😊

  7. Wait what? I can touch up my glow with stick? Count me in.

  8. Affortable tapos kasyang kasya sa make up pouch pwedeng pwede nA d gaya ng palette na takaw space


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