BEAUTY BULLETIN: Kris Jenner Momager, Target X Mickey Mouse, and many more!

Just a couple of amazing new, makeup releases from around the world!

The Jenners are now starting to prove that they're not only here to be celebrities, but also to be an empire. Seriously, these girls are making a killing not only with their names and faces, but also with their namesake brands!

The next Jenner to come out with a makeup line is none other than Kris Jenner with an aptly named line called "Momager". Kris is one of the powerful forces behind the fame of the Kardashians, thanks to her sheer grit and unapologetic persistence.

Momager is a makeup collection made in collaboration with Kylie Cosmetics. Check out the products below:

Momager Eyeshadow Palette

Momager Blush/Highlight palette

Momager Lipstick (gotta love that icon!)

Momager liquid lipstick minis

Momager lip liner

Over at Target, they have just launched a series of collaborations with brands featuring one of the most well- loved mouse in the world, Mickey.

Check out the affordable, adorable pieces in Target X Mickey Mouse collection!

L'Oreal X Mickey Mouse Lipstick

L'Oreal X MIckey Mouse Voluminous Mascara

L'Oreal X Mickey Mouse Infallible Eyeliner

Mickey Mouse X Junk Food Bath Bomb

Mickey Mouse X Junk Food Bath Lily

Mickey Mouse sheet masks, lip balm set, and hand sanitizer

Mickey Mouse Hand Creams

Mickey Mouse Bubble Bath

I deathly wish that these are available in Target Melbourne, Australia when I visit!

Smashbox collaborated with one of the most talented makeup artists who popularized the dripping lip look (as seen also in Kylie Jenner and Make Up For Ever's ambient makeup ads), lip artist Vlada Haggerty.

Smashbox + Vlada Petal Metal collection is a full- on color collection comprised of eyeshadow, primer, shimmer spray, highlighter, shimmer drops, eyeliner, and lip products. It's basically all your rose gold dreams have come to life.

Let's all take a moment to adore the highlighters of this collection; it's literally like a piece of art! I can't wait to get my hands on one specially because I love anything rose and rose gold!

The queen of high performance, audacious makeup, Kat Von D releases Kat Von D Brow Pomade and yes, it comes in rainbow colors! 

24- Hour Super Brow Long- Wear Pomade was created out of KVD's frustration on the lack of super pigmented brow products on the market that she always ends up using her Tattoo Liner to do her brows. As the name implies, KVD's new brow pomade is long- lasting, long- wearing, and comes in a variety of colors.

Which of these new beauty releases would you like to try?

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10 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Interesting! ! So many newn products to watch out for !!I like the Smashbox line

  2. ohhhhh myyyy!!!! I can’t even choose which amongst the three is the best collection! I love the Kardashians so please don’t judge me.. the colors that Kris also chose are awesome... and who does not love Mickey Mouse!!!! Its a legend already... and the vlada petal metal... the packaging is love!!!

  3. Whoa those are amazing rose gold collection.

  4. I'm gonna pass on the Kris Jenner collection. But I would love to try the mickey mouse make ups, smashbox and the brow pomade from KVD, OMG!

  5. Parang ang ganda ng shade nung Momager Lipstick. At ang cute ng Mickey Mouse collection.

  6. Yung sa smashbox at kat von da nakaka excite. Ang ganda sobra

  7. Lorealxmickey is cute....While smashbox is a bomb!Its for the women who wanted to be elite and classy..I wonder whats the price..hmm i wonder how to use that pomade.... uhm i dont wanna mention the jenners collection coz they are not eye catchers for me...sorry.. I hope you could swatch the smashbox Ms. Martha

  8. I'm having this sudden need of the Smashbox highlighters!

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  9. Woaaah! I am excited with Mickey Mouse collaboration because I am a huge fan of Mickey ever since! I love the bath items hopefully they can be also available locally. :D I read about Kat Von D eyeliner that went viral because of a women took a selfie even after she encountered an accident and her eyeliner stays put! AMAAAZZZIINNGG! I read how you raved about their foundation and hoping that their eyebrow pomade performs well. +10 for the different colors. I remember our topic on your workshop that if you have colored hair, brown is still the friendly color for everyone but it is up to us if we have pink hair and we want pink brows as well, Kat Von D just made it happen now. hehe

  10. 2018 is a great year for beauty there are so much releases so excited for them all. Especially the Kylie Cosmetics X Kris Jenner line. ❤


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