Pink Sugar's New shades of All Day Coverage Foundation is getting inclusive!

In the age of inclusivity, a lot find it disappointing when brands stick to their old palette, especially when coming up with new foundation products or shades. Thankfully a lot of brands are finally diversifying their foundation shade selections so everyone can find their one, true fit. However, shade inclusivity is often seen in luxury foundation brands and locally, we have yet to see inclusivity in drugstore/department store beauty brands.

But one brand is stepping up to the challenge; Pink Sugar, one of my favorite affordable, Filipino beauty brands is going that inclusivity route with the launch of their two new shades of Our Lil' Secret All Day Coverage Foundation that are perfect for golden girls and deep- skinned ladies!

From 5 to 7! With the introduction of two new shades, All Day Coverage Foundation by Pink Sugar now comes in 7 shades.

I have reviewed this product previously and here's a LINK to the review.

Introducing Sienna and Deep Beige, the new shades of All Day Coverage Foundation!

Full fam swatch! My year- round shade is Medium Deep. However, I find it a little light on me after a beach trip and I think Deep Beige would be the perfect trip.

I just came back from a beach trip last weekend; I was not able to unleash the golden goddess in me (it was just a quick beach trip), but I got a bit darker. Let's swatch Deep Beige:

Bare skin

One layer of Deep Beige

Still a bit dark on me, but after my Australia vacation, I'm pretty sure I'll get darker because I booked a lot of nature tours.

Judging from the shade, it's actually not that bad as I can see myself wearing it, but I do wish that the undertone were yellow or neutral.

I noticed something with the foundation and I think it's gotten more pigmented!

P.S. You can mix and match the shades to customize your own shade.

With a little bit of makeup trick, Deep Beige adjusted to my skin tone! I like that my facial tone was unified with the rest of my body, making me look even more tan. The more tan, the better!

What do you think of the new shades of Pink Sugar All Day Coverage Foundation? I think it was a brave move!

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15 Lovely Thoughts

  1. Kudos to Pink Sugar for stepping up their game!! Hooray for all the morena girls out there!! New shades from a good quality foundation is coming their way!! It’s not that frequent that a brand releases new shades of foundation so thumbs up for Pink Sugar for that. ❤️

  2. Sayang parang ang dark nga nya sa skin pero in fairness dun sa unang layer maganda coverage. Slow ako sa mga undertone undertone pero ang galing mo miss Martha dahil sa final look nag blend na yung kulay. Maganda sya.

  3. Let me say first that I love your makeup look in the photo. I haven't tried this product but I'm amaze with the coverage even with just one layer for sure a little goes a long way. The shades selections are good for us Filipinas.

  4. I'm glad Pink Sugar has decided to expand their shade range. It's a bit on the extremes. I might have to mix two foundations together but overall, this is a major step for them. I'm all for embracing my morena skin but makeup brands here in the PH still have very limited shade ranges.

  5. Now THAT's perfect coverage <3
    Out of topic, I looooooove your hair! Stay pretty Ms. M.

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  6. Morenas rejoice! I got darker too and deep beige is perfect to adjust my current foundie.

  7. Morena loves! 😍😍😍 ganda ng aura mo dyan Ms. M! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  8. Oh my gosh, I love the fact that Pink Sugar now has two more shades for every Filipina skin type! This is great news indeed!! Ganda!

  9. Hope there will be more shades so that each skin type is covered. That will be even greater news!

  10. WOW! I can say that after learning that Pink Sugar is a local brand made by a foreigner and most shocking of all a man, I am impressed that they are really bringing the shades to match our skin tones. I also love how tiny the tube is, very travel friendly.

  11. Hindi p aq nkatry ng khit anung prdcts nila, even this one, but looks good po on you Ms. Martha, yup nun una mdyo dark nga po zang tgnan s inio pero ngwan nio p din ng paraan, amazed aq s gnun talent nio Ms. Martha you can fix any make up look Goddess at tlgng bgay s inio, lumbs ang pgka gnda ng morena nio. I hope n mkatry aq ng pink sugar someday!

  12. Good for the morena girls, may iba ng choice for foundation at local brand pa. Btw, love your makeup especially the kilay.

  13. It suits your skin and its flawlessly looking...seems like no foundation at all! I want to buy pinksugar foundation but i dont think there is a yellow tone from the choices...many youtubers also want this foundation..

  14. This is just one of the reasons why I friggin love Pink Sugar πŸ’•

  15. Looks really good on you ate Martha. I am really happy that pink sugar is formulating more foundation shades that will match more skin types.


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